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Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 20th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health I am halfway though and really enjoying this book This book has made me greater understanding of my body and how fertily works It will be helpful for women wanting to get pregnant and or preventing pregnancy the natural way Although it appears eneormous, it s an easy read. In Celebration Of Its Th Anniversary, A Thoroughly Revised And Expanded Edition Of The Leading Book On Fertility And Womens Reproductive HealthSince The Publication Of Taking Charge Of Your Fertility Two Decades Ago, Toni Weschler Has Taught A Whole New Generation Of Women How To Become Pregnant, Avoid Pregnancy Naturally And Gain Better Control Of Their Gynecological And Sexual Health By Taking Just A Couple Minutes A Day Using The Proven Fertility Awareness MethodNow, This Th Anniversary Edition Has Been Thoroughly Revised And Fully Updated With The Latest Medical Advances In Assisted Reproductive Technologies ART In Depth Coverage Of Womens Gynecological And Sexual Health New Illustrations, Photographs, And An Expanded Color Insert New Sample Charts An Expanded Appendix Six New Chapters Including Three Prevalent ConditionsEndometriosis, Ovarian Cysts AndPCOS Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones Preserving Your Future Fertility Miscarriages Idiopathic Infertility Causes Of Unusual BleedingClear And Comprehensive, Yet Warm And Approachable, Taking Charge Of Your Fertility Is One Of The Most Universally Lauded Health Books On The Market Today It Is An Essential Reference For Every Woman Of Reproductive Age This book is amazing Rediculously eye opening I wish I read it a long time ago So much information every girl should know about her body And even if you don t want to use the FAM method for birth control or pregnancy, it s just really useful to chart your cycle Please read it I plan on passing it to all the girls I know. This book was recommended to me by a friend who happens to be both a birth doula and fertility educator It is packed with so much great information but is easy to digest and there s even a little comedic relief here and there I would highly recommend this book not just for women looking to learn the fertility awareness method for contraception or pregnancy achievement but also as a tool to help educate young blossoming women about their bodies I would have liked to have had this information as a teen. Fascinating read, learned things about my body that I never knew Most importantly, I credit this book with helping us get pregnant I became pregnant after my first full month of tracking I know it s no guarantee for everyone, but definitely recommend this book. Full of very useful information all about my reproductive health I just had a baby so I m unable to put everything into practice yet but there s even sections for breastfeeding moms and I used to have irregular periods and pcos this is the reason I no longer wish to use hormonal birth control so I was glad to see information on that as well Like many of the reviews say, every woman should own this book I plan to pass it on to my sisters once I ve finished and mastered it s methods Incredible This book is absolutely a MUST HAVE for ALL women, regardless if you are trying to conceive The information in this book is unbelievable Things that ALL girls should be taught in school, but aren t We got the basics in school, but covers much than I even thought possible This book will undoubtedly be given to all of my daughters at one point during puberty, as I wish I had all of this information myself when I was younger A MUST READ Every woman and adolescent girl should read this book Learn about what is going on with your menstrual cycle, when you are and are not fertile each month and what is normal what to expect Take Charge indeed They don t teach you this in school.

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