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DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman Explore The Powers Of DC Comics Greatest Characters Like Never Before Through Stunning Anatomical Cutaways And In Depth Commentary From The Dark Knight Concerned About The Threat That So Called Metahumans May Pose To The World, Batman Has Begun Compiling A Detailed Dossier On Their Incredible Physiology And Abilities From Villains Like Killer Croc, Bane, And Brainiac, To Batman S Own Comrades, Including Superman And Cyborg, The File Brings Together The Dark Knight S Fascinating Personal Theories On The Unique Anatomical Composition Of These Formidable Individuals Using Beautifully Illustrated Anatomical Cross Sections Depicting Twelve Different DC Characters, The Book, Told From Batman S Unique Perspective, Will Explore How These Metahumans Physical Makeup Differs Significantly From That Of The Average Person

8 thoughts on “DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman

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    It s interesting, written from Batman s perspective as he studies some of the meta humans of the DC universe and their physiology

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    Good read

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    Amazing book.

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    Awesome product

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    I love this book.

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    The book was all it says and , the art is done very well, a must have for DC fans

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    Its amazing the art work is brilliant and crisp

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    Really cool concept,very detailed.

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