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Dreamer's Dictionary This Backlist Favorite, Selling Over Million Copies Since Its First Publication, Has Been Repackaged For A Dynamic New Look The Result Of Years Of Research, This Easy To Use Guide Tells How To Distinguish The Four Types Of Dreams, Identify Dream Symbols, And Understand Meanings Admirable New York Times This is my second copy of the same book as my original has been worn after 15 years of use This book is the only one I have found that is not filled with horrible omens of doom but good indicators of where you truly need to reflect on in life This is book also has most searchable words than I have found in any other book or pages online This is a must for anyone who interprets dreams. Of all dream books I have used, this one has been the most accurate All the ones based on psychiatry are balderdash This one has helped me to understand my stress and even predicted illness, strife, and challenges in my life It has allowed me to prepare and pray and even avoid making mistakes It also has helped me to let go of the stress of difficult dreams that make you wonder at your own capacity to think such strange things while you sleep Outstanding. I was looking for a book on dreams that I read years ago I thought this book might be similar to it Unfortunately after reading it I am really disappointed in it.It is nothing like the book I had read before Too many times the meanings are that you are going to come into good health, success, or financial gain No matter if it is a good dream or a nightmare These are things that you typically hear if you use a telephone psychic No I have not called one, friends here While I believe our dreams hold some insight to our subconscious mind I find this book to be too cookie cutter with It s explanations There were often times I would go and look up a symbol and it was not, even addressed in this book I certainty don t think that I am the first person to ever dream of the topics I am unable to recommend this book from my experience. It s been around since I was a kid and my mother swears that this has been the best she s come across She s not super into reading into everything and all the hockey pocky stuff, but she likes this one I have found myself picking it up or going over for coffee and taking a peek at some of my odd dreams I like it to honestly Her original one was so old and ratty that instead of buying her a birthday card I bought her this and wrote in the front cover instead Dream on dream lovers This book is an enduring classic It is packed with concise interpretations of just about any dream one could have This is the go to book for deciphering the meanings of dreams I ve purchased it twice, since my original copy was worn and battered from use Fun to use Filled with knowledge and insight.

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