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Unauthorized Guide to Fire-king Glasswares During The S, The Anchor Hocking Glass Company, Of Lancaster, Ohio, Introduced A Colorful Kitchenware Line Known As Fire King This Pocket Size Guide Offers A Brief History, With OverFull Color Photographs, Updated Market Values, And Index Colorful Examples Of Dinnerware, Mugs, A Myriad Of Mixing Bowls From Splash Proof To Swedish Modern Styles Are Featured Along With A Large Selection Of Kitchenware And Ovenware Copper Lustre, Jade Ite, Sapphire Blue, And Turquoise Blue Glasswares Are All Well Represented

About the Author: Monica Lynn Clements

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Unauthorized Guide to Fire-king Glasswares , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Monica Lynn Clements auteurs dans le monde.

5 thoughts on “Unauthorized Guide to Fire-king Glasswares

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    I do not recommend this book to anyone, not even a seasoned collector The photography is terrible, meaning it s out of focus, dark, full of glare or horribly off color If you were a beginner collector looking at this book, you would be incline

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    This book stinks What a bummer There was one picture of azurite, a saucer, and 1 picture of rosite a swirl mixing bowl.Far from comprehensive, the prices were way off, many of the pictures are too dark to really see the color Many of the dates are miss

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    Not as helpful as a reference as any of my other pottery glassware books Crappy quality pictures and a very poor layout Looks like it was made on a copy machine.

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    I enjoy researching in this book

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    Useful tool

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