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Mrs. Chiang's Szechwan Cookbook When Published In , Mrs Chiang S Szechwan Cookbook Was The First Authentic Szechwan Cookbook To Appear In The United StatesThe Book Was The Result Of Ellen And John Schrecker Studying Chinese Culture In Taiwan, During Which They Met Mrs Chiang Jung Feng, A Superb Chinese Szechwan Cook The Tastes And Textures Of Her Dishes Were Always Clear And Bright She Was A Master Of The Zhen Wer Or True Taste The Result Of Continual Care, Attention To Detail And Practice Subsequently, Mrs Chiang Came Home With Them To New JerseySzechwan Cooking Is A Highly Spiced, Yet Subtle Cuisine Although The Recipes In The Book Are Considered Peasant Food Good Hearty Home Cooking Even The Poorest Peasants Eat Extraordinary Food, Giving Them The Nickname Of Good Eating DevilsThe Book Contains Chiang Jung Feng S Childhood Memories Of Her Mother S Fragrant Szechwan Kitchen That Evoke The Spirit As Well As The Taste Of Home Cooking Her Mother Was A Superlative Cook Who Understood Very Well That Her Daughter S Fortune Depended On Her Skill In The Kitchen And Taught Her Well Their Household Raised Most Of Their Own Food, Butchered Their Own Pigs, And Made Their Own Soy Sauce And VinegarThe Book Was Written By Ellen Schrecker, The Hundreds Of Recipes Were By Chiang Jung Feng And Tested In The Schrecker New Jersey Kitchen, And Translation Was Provided By John Schrecker The recipes are great and uniquely detailed However, there are very few photos and the recipes call for a tremendous amount of oil The first time we cook a recipe, we start out cutting the recommended amount of oil in half.That said, we have nevertheless made great use of it We have cooked 13 if the recipes within three months Every single one was a winner You can t say that about many cookbooks. Long ago I had this in hardcover, and a housemate left it on the stove and turned an electric burner on under it Drama ensued, but everything turned out alright except the book was ruined and she said years ago mind you she couldn t find a replacement copy.Get this It s delightful I really don t enjoy the tone of the author, who is colonial as all get out, but the recipes and techniques are fantastic.Worth it just for the wonton soup recipe You will become highly suspect of most wontons after this, lol.We used to have wonton parties and I d teach my friends to make them, and put them up in freezer bags So good Really good spicy recipes Includes detailed instructions on making various spicy sauces, which you could combine with any meat or veggies you like or have around the kitchen Get a cooking shovel as recommended in the book, it s a great tool.

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