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Planned Collapse of Americanism: Pres. Trumps Biggest Challenge (English Edition) A few years ago a friend, who has since passed away, described an organization she belonged to At the time I thought she was describing some dream or delusion, maybe a novel she read You know, you listen to a friend ramble while your mind takes a walk and enjoys the scenery Well, this book brought all of my friend s message back What she had been describing was a Fabian Society meeting she had attended in Los Angeles Now I can put together so many of my friends strange comments and her outlook on life to see that she was indeed under the influence of this cult It s a shock, realizing something that seems totally bizarre is real and standing right in front of you.Equally devasting is the message in the book regarding our financial status The Federal Reserve, IRS, banking systems, credit and debt we are at the edge of a precipice with strong winds at our back Not just you and I as individuals, but our nation, America, is toppling.The book is difficult to read, the information is hard to grasp I am reminded of an episode of Big Bang Theory, Amy is staring into space and Leonard says I thought you were reading Amy replies, I was, now I m thinking about what I read In my opinion, Mr Glinka is so very passionate about his information that he goes overboard by underlining passages and repeating himself The book needs a strong editor.The information contained is real, although you really don t want to believe We, as an affected people need to be informed, then work on an action plan to combat this menace Is it too late This Is The Controversial Book That The Fake News Media, Liberals And Deep State Increasingly Don T Want You To Read Completely Re Edited For The Enemies Of Liberty Slam This Politically Incorrect Book And Try To Pull It Down With Hate Filled Reviews This Is All These Have For Cover, Pulling Out All The Stops To Slam Anyone, Including President Trump For Not Being On Board With False Promises Of Globalism And Liberalism Going Back Over Years, Glinka Show Readers The Exact Methods That The Far Left In American Politics Have Changed The Most Moral Country In The World Into What We Witness Today The Media And Washington Elites Know Fully Well That These Uncomfortable, Historical Truths Will Pull The Covers Off Their Long Running Big Plans For Americanism Yes, This Is A Politically Incorrect Book Filled With Inconvenient Truths Tied To Hundreds Of Fascinating, Even Scary Misconceptions About How Washington And The Deep State Really Operate If You Think You Are Up To Date And Aware On Politics And How Our Country Operates, So Be Ready To Be Absolutely Shocked Both Political Sides Are Hit Hard In This Book For Good Reasons Exposed Are Over A Hundred Different Ways That Our Sinister And Corrupted Elites Within The System Deceive And Rob Us Everyday Of Our Due Glinka Explains What Must Be Done To Reverse Course Before The American Dream Is Forever Beyond Reach Exposed Is The Single Hidden Factor That Gives License To Leaders On Both Sides Of The Political Aisle To Lie, Cheat And Cause Infighting In Order To Distract The Public Of Their True Motives Who Really Are These Who Are Waging A Huge And Silent Coup, Completely Bent On Destroying True Americanism Explained Is Why President Trump Just Might Endure The Same Fate As JFK And Abe Lincoln Who Were Boat Rockers Of Their Own Time This Writer Unveils Exactly WHO The Purveyors Of America S Immense Debts, Unjustly Wars, Dumbed Down Education System Really Are Revealed Are Hidden Proofs Exposing How Their Corruptions Go Unnoticed By Most Explained Incredibly Well Are The Corrupted, Illegal And Stealthy Secrets Behind The Un Federal Reserve, Our Fake News Outlets, Failed Schooling, Engineered Booms And Busts, Bad Trade Agreements And So Much After Years Of Intensive Research, He Has Dug Up Hundreds Of Little Known Nuggets To Prove The Deep States True Goals For Society Once The Reader Takes In The Documented And Timeless Quotes Safety And Security EVEN If It Translates Into Willful Compliance In Times Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act This Is Required Reading, Especially For The Young Who Must Learn To Adapt To The Current Reality Of The New Anti God, Pro Satanist World They Are Entering Even With All This, The Author Amazingly Reveals That The Best Of America Is Set To Take Place If Citizens Become Far Enlightened, Pro Active And Demanding Of Their Representatives If You Are Open Minded And Can Deal With Uncomfortable Truths, Get Ready For A Wild, Educational And Informative Political Hayride Like You Ve Never Been On Before Your Kids, Your Family All Depend On You To Know The Real, Untold Story Of American Politics And The Possibility Of The New World Order This book is one that Every red blooded American should read There has been over 100 years of attack to our Nation its been slow process but now its coming faster because those who have been doing it are now at a time where they could lose what all they have started or spring the very trap that they have to change or country forever and how to stop it and take our country back This is a must read Glinka has put a lot of time in to this book and there could be a followup book later The book was written by an unknown author who was published by If I had known this information, I would not have purchased the book Returning it is too much trouble How does publish books non fiction without checking the credentials of the author How accurate is the data without a review by professionals in the field This is not fiction, the author proports that the information is accurate and his predictions are possible His credentials are not compromised because there does not appear to be any information about who he is besides some pictures of him all his relatives namesakes and the books he is selling on regarding the same topic. When you purchase a book, you would like to learn at least one thing from the endeavor This book is simply a regurgitation of many Nothing new nothing learned A complete waste of time.

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