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The World's Fittest Book: The Sunday Times Bestseller from the Strongman Swimmer I was really looking forward to this book because of Edgley s physical accomplishments in endurance He did things like walk a marathon while pulling a car, climb a rope enough times to reach the peak of Mount Everest and most recently, swim around Britain with a 100 lb log in tow These acts of endurance have created a sort of world s strongest endurance athlete aura, not to mention that he is always absolutely shredded at all times I ve heard on him on the London Real podcast and he is a nice, well spoken athlete fitness expert However, this book was a letdown in many ways Rather than simply talking about his accomplishments and how he trained for them, he does a poor job of trying to mix in tonnes of research in a very unorganized method It s hard to read and it s not very entertaining either He tries a subheading of How to Train for Anything Everything, Anywhere Everywhere which really wasn t the point of the book at all. Ross Edgley Is An Expert In The Fitness Industry, Was Listed In The World STop Fittest Men InBy Askmen The World S Biggest Men S Lifestyle Website , And Is Founder OfS Fastest Downloaded Training App PrimalWith Menshealth He S Been Dubbed, The World S Most Travelled Fitness Expert GQ,After Living And Learning From Some Of The Fittest People On The Planet For OverYears He S Been Involved In Every Area Of Sport, Fitness, And Nutrition Imaginable Ross Is Also Co Founder At Europe S Second Largest Online Sports Nutrition Brand THE PROTEIN WORKS , Writes For Range Of Publications Including GQ, Menshealth, Telegraph, Askmen, Mensfitness And And Has Amassed A Social Media Following Of Well Over A Half A Million People I m biased because this book literally spoke to my soul almost instantly and I didn t have much of a critical eye when it came to formatting, style, etc while reading.That being said, as a fitness professional of 7 years, I ve never found a book that spoke to the absolute importance of being your own experimenter and living through doing, trial and error a lost art of the 21st century.I recommend this book to people who are iconoclast and interested in living with everything they got Thank you, Ross The way the book was written allows it to be an easy exciting read without the half asleep head bob of the typical reseach only book in this genre Having worked in the fitness industy and studying biomechanics and mechmical engineering has given me an in depth knowledge of the science but no experience in real world application with athetes of the highest caliber and this is where i see this book being very valuable If you love fitness and would like to expand your knowledge to a level that one can only do by dedicating their life to training, traveling, and networking with the best of the best i highly recommend this book because Ross does it for you Informative and fun I m not sure if the author has a short attention span but the paragraphs rapidly jumped from topic to topic Some people might find this annoying but I was fine with it I would not describe this as a cover to cover reada reference book full of articles and anecdotes I took the information that was usefull to me and ignored the stuffed that was irrelevant to me That said I found alot of interesting information in the book and I quite liked the authors attitude and writing style But maybe not everyone cupcup of tea, I m a lifelong athlete competitor and avid learner, so I resonate w Ross s message TWFB combines personal memoir with science and action so we walk away inspired and full of how to s workouts I d highly recommend the hard copy, even if you re an audiobooker I know so muchabout training and physiology after having read the book GREAT read PS Ross loves philosophy and include a great deal of thought provoking quotes and references from some of the all time great thinkers. Not what I expected.it turned out to be .This book is a mix of a memoir, a fitness manual, and a de bunker of conventional fitness advice.This is about how Ross went around the world and learned about how people from different cultures and occupations lived and trained.An example of this is how he trained with the Royal Marines lets just say it put everything he did about to train to shame.Now this book does go into detail about how to train based on his travels and his mentors, but you ll be suprised when you see it I personally havent read anything like this since American Shaolin and am truly enjoying every bit of it.Ross thanks so much for writing this Its an awesome book that needed to come out sooner rather than later. This is beautiful book with thick, glossy pages and lots of photos, charts and graphs The author relates a number of his fitness adventures and how he trained for them Pros interesting stories and tons of fitness research and principles Cons the editor either has horrible ADD or was overwhelmed by the volume of material and did not want an 800 page book There are recipes in the middle of stories, stories with no pictures of main characters and workouts peppered throughout the book This might be intentional given the short attention span of most adults but I disliked the format Bottom line if you are committed to a fit lifestyle, you ll love this book.

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