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Full Battle Rattle by Changiz Lahidji Feb 2018 , 291 pp.Hey, a really fine, enjoyable read If you missed reading the above book jacket blurb, this is the military autobiography of U.S Army Master Sergeant Changiz Lahidji who served on Special Forces A teams longer than anyone in history, completing over a hundred combat missions in Afghanistan He also happens to be the first Muslim Green Beret This subject was what I was interested in learning did the author, who spent so much time participating and fighting in Muslim related battles, did he have anything to explain from a Muslim perspective about why so many Muslim sects were are so bent on killing one another throughout the Middle East Why are Sunni Muslims fighting against Shiite Muslims in Iraq, Syria Lebanon vs Hizbollah vs al Quida Sadly, he offered no insights of their religious differences This may be in part, as he explained, that while growing up in Iran during the 1970s that his family didn t attend any Muslim services at the mosques He grew up in a pretty much of a secular oriented family.After serving in the Iranian Special Forces, in during the early 1970s, Changiz fled to the U.S and eventually joined the U.S Special Forces In 1980 he entered Tehran on a one man mission to spy on Iranian soldiers guarding the US Embassy where 52 US diplomats were being held hostage Three years later, he was in Beirut, Lebanon when a suicide car bomb exploded in front of the US Embassy killing 83 people Weeks after that, he was shot by Hezbollah terrorists on a night mission In Operation Iraqi Freedom, he led a convoy that was ambushed on its way to Fallujah He was clearing houses in Mogadishu, Somalia on October, 1993 when a US Black Hawk helicopter was shot down 50 feet away from him in the incident that inspired Black Hawk Down In 2002, he dressed as a farmer and snuck into Eastern Afghanistan and located Osama Bin Laden for the CIA Later, he assisted the N.Y.C Police Dept., and the FBI with his Farsi, Pashtu, Arabic Dari language knowledge Did I fail to mention that he also served in Laos, Pakistan, Kuwait, Haiti and a couple of other countries While the author has recounted some of his military exploits, perhaps due to either space limitations or security restrictions, he doesn t recount most of his military operations He recounted his HALO HAHO LALO parachute experiences, including the harrowing times when anther jumper accidently fell into his open parachute, and then later survived with a shattered femur during another drop which took 15 months to recover from p 103 112 Also, trained in carrying around a backpack SADM nuke p 69.While in the Sudan, he bumped into ex Pres Carter and briefly recounted both their roles in the failed U.S rescue of American embassy personnel when several military helicopters and aircraft bumped into one another on the ground during a sandstorm in Iran p.224.It wasn t all work and no play I love jumping from planes almost as much as sex, and tried to do both as often as possible p 111.Is this a 4 star or a 5 star book It s not heavily into theorizing about grand statecraft insights about the U.S military ops in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere it s the I was there , boots on the ground reflections of an enlisted soldier who survived many battles blood dripped down my cheeks to my neck and chest p 267 type of stories Okay, a 5 star salute to a fine, patriotic American born in Iran. I read the book being an amateur military historian and am torn in which direction I would rate it ON hand you have a very interesting story of what our country is based on, foreign national coming over for a better life, joins the military has unique abilities for a unique mission and spend years fulfilling what we and Hollywood writes moves about then you have a convenient history of Forrest Gump magnitude of coincidences of being every where except Panama over the years I found facts to be easily discovered and new ones like an SF team on mission in Mogadishu getting to a chopper crash site first when it is not mentioned in any writings, or movies I found multiple editing problems with inconsistencies in what group he was in He went from 5th to 1st switching back on a weekly basis CPT the SGT then back Over and out on a radio Pure Hollywood I personally canvassed many SF vets including some on the need to know on Desert Eagle Claw and they never heard of him I tried a internet search and only found articles relating to the book Now you can spend years in Black Ops World and stay hidden but that is the glory of it I am not accusing the author of anything , just reading the book left a salty taste in my mouth Hope it is all true , not the work of a terp or embellishment and the co writer sucked in Still a good read Received my copy today of Full Battle Rattle During my years in Special Forces it was an honor to have known and served with a wild man and friend Changiz Lahidji, who had a distinguished career in Special Forces He served 24 years on SF Teams and is one of the few who really has been there and done that, from Iran.Afghan.His Bio book has just been released and reveals an uncommon Special Forces Soldier, beginning with being born in Iran, and being a Patriot to the United States.If you are interested in real behind the scenes history of a Special Forces Soldier, this is it. I had the honor of serving with MSG Changiz Lahidji for 2 years on an ODA in 1st Bn, 1st Special Forces Group, in Okinawa Japan To say that he is a character is an understatement The book is well written but reads best if you have served in the Army and better if you have served in Special Forces If not then you may have trouble understanding some of the terms and nuances that are portrayed by Changiz Non the less it is still a plethora of knowledge, information and little known facts about the authors contribution to the worlds conflict s over the last few decades. With OverCombat Missions AndYears As A Green Beret, Changiz Lahidji Is An Expert In Military Operations Full Battle Rattle Is The Legendary Audiobook Memoir Of A Soldier Who Served America In Every War After Vietnam Master Sergeant Changiz Lahidji Served On Special Forces A Teams Longer Than Anyone In History, Completing Over A Hundred Combat Missions In Afghanistan Changiz Is A Special Forces Legend He Also Happens To Be The First Muslim Green Beret Changiz Served This Country Starting With Operation Eagle Claw In , When He Entered Tehran On A One Man Mission To Spy On Iranian Soldiers Guarding The US Embassy WhereUS Diplomats Were Being Held Hostage Three Years Later He Was In Beirut, Lebanon, When A Suicide Car Bomb Exploded In Front Of The US Embassy, KillingPeople Weeks After That He Was Shot By Hezbollah Terrorists On A Night Mission In Operation Iraqi Freedom, He Led A Convoy That Was Ambushed On Its Way To Fallujah He Was Clearing Houses In Mogadishu, Somalia, In OctoberWhen A US Black Hawk Helicopter Was Shot DownFeet Away From Him In The Incident That Inspired Black Hawk Down InHe Dressed As A Farmer And Snuck Into Eastern Afghanistan And Located Osama Bin Laden For The CIA Along The Way, Changiz Earned Numerous Commendations, Including The Special Forces Legion Of Merit, Purple Hearts, And Many Others Last Year He Was Nominated For Induction In Military Intelligence Hall Of Fame And Cited As The Finest Noncommissioned Officer To Ever Serve In Special Forces Written With Ralph Pezzullo, Changiz S Story Is An Amazing Audiobook Of Perseverance And Courage, Of Combat And One Man S Love For His Adopted Country Wow What a life this guy has had A true patriot Opened my eyes to the spectrum of what our elite soldiers are asked to do A fun and easy read. Made it to page 63 and quit Don t know if it was lost in translation with writers or what Had difficulty with graduation from jump school made you a Ranger several references before page 63 Ask anyone with a Ranger tab and they would be insulted Once he said he was a sergeant and next couple of pages he was back to corporal I guess because he was from Iran he did not have to serve his time on a B team before getting on an ODA The timeline skips around so much that it was not an interesting read I ve never heard of a doctor, medic, EMT etc., jerk a broken leg straight after a halo landing Sorry Just can t finish it. Full Battle Rattle: My Story as the Longest-Serving Special Forces A-Team Soldier in American History

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En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Full Battle Rattle: My Story as the Longest-Serving Special Forces A-Team Soldier in American History , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Ralph Pezzullo auteurs dans le monde.

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