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The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories (Penguin Classics Hardcover) (English Edition) I really like Japanese literature so I m always trying to read new authors and books These stories were very well chosen, I discovered new authors and absolutely LOVED Filling Up with Sugar , The Tale of the House of Physics and Factory Town. Contents Japan And The West The Story Of Tomoda And Matsunaga By Jun Ichir Tanizaki Behind The Prison By Kaf Nagai ChapterFrom Sanshir By Natsume Sseki Loyal Warriors The Last Testament Of Okitsu Yagoemon By Gai Mori Patriotism By Yukio Mishima Men And Women Flames By Yko Tsushima In The Box By Taeko Kno Fading Flowers By Kenji Nakagami Bee Honey By Banana Yoshimoto The Smile Of A Mountain Witch By Minako Ohba A Bond For Two LifetimesGleanings By Fumiko Enchi Nature And Memory Peaches By Abe Akira The Tale Of The House Of Physics By Yko Ogawa Unforgettable People By Doppo Kunikida The Girl From Ipanema By Haruki Murakami Modern Life And Other Nonsense Closet LLB By Kji Uno Mr English By Keita Genji Factory Town By Minoru Betsuyaku Dreams Of Love, Etc By Mieko Kawakami Shoulder Top Secretary By Shin Ichi Hoshi Dread Hell Screen By Rynosuke Akutagawa Filling Up With Sugar By Yten Sawanishi Kudan By Hyakken Uchida Disasters, Natural And Man Made The Great Earthquake By Rynosuke Akutagawa Hiroshima, City Of Doom By Yko Ta Insects By Yichi Seirai The Silver Fifty Sen Pieces By Yasunari Kawabata American Hijiki By Akiyuki Nosaka Pink By Tomoyuki Hoshino UFO In Kushiro By Haruki Murakami Hiyoriyama By Kazumi Saeki Planting By Aoko Matsuda Same As Always By Yya SatThe Following Is From Theintroduction To The Penguin Book Of Japanese Short Stories From Seppuku To MeltdownI Once Heard The Story That When Jazz Drummer Buddy Rich Was Being Admitted To A Hospital, The Nurse At The Front Desk Asked Him If He Had Any Allergies Only To Country And Western Music, He Replied In My Case, My Only Allergy Is To Japans So Called I Novelthe Form Of Autobiographical Writing That Has Been At The Forefront Of Japans Modern Fiction Since The Turn Of The Th CenturyTo Tell The Truth, From My Teens To My Early Twenties, I Read Hardly Any Japanese Fiction And For A Long While I Was Convinced That, With A Few Exceptions, Early Modern And Contemporary Japanese Literature Was Simply Boring There Were Many Reasons For This, But Foremost Among Them May Be That The Novels And Stories We Were Assigned To Read In School Were Pretty Bad My I Novel Allergy Was Also Quite Strong Back Then These Days, To Be Sure, It Has Become Less Intense , And Since You Cant Hope Either To Make Your Way Through Or To Understand Modern Japanese Literature If Youre Going To Avoid Its Constitutional Predisposition To Producing I Novels, I Made A Conscious Effort While Young To Avoid Getting Anywhere Near Japanese Literature Reading Is, Of Course, A Supremely Personaleven Selfishactivity Each Person Consumes Reading Matter In Accordance With His Or Her Own Likes And Dislikes, Which No One Else Can Pronounce Simply To Be Right Or Wrong, Proper Or Warped People Have An Innate Right To Read The Books They Want To Read And Avoid The Books They Dont Want To Read It Is One Of The Few Precious Liberties Granted To Us In This Largely Unfree World Though, To Be Sure, Many Situations Arise That Complicate The Matter At The Same Time, However, Viewed In Purely Dietary Terms, A Balanced Intake Of Information And Knowledge Plays An Important Role In The Formation Of A Persons Intellect And Character, And Though No One Has The Right To Criticize Me For Having Spent A Lifetime Consuming Books In My Own Lopsided Way, I Cant Help Feeling That Its Nothing To Be Proud Of Having Become A Japanese Novelist Once And For All , I May Have Something Of A Problem On My Hands In Saying That I Know Hardly Anything About Japanese Fictionwhich Is A Little Different From Buddy Rich Saying He Doesnt Listen To Country And Western Music This Is Why, After Passing The Age Of , I Made An Effort To Read As Much Japanese Fiction As I Could, Thanks To Which I Discovered Quite A Number Of Truly Interesting Works Later In Life But Recall Very Few From Those Impressionable Teen Years I Spent In The S At The Urging Of Friends, I Read Several Works By E Kenzabur B, Who Was The Young Peoples Hero In Those Days I Remember Having Read Classic Figures Such As Akutagawa RynosukeAnd Natsume SsekiBack Then, But I Was Never Able To Warm To Such Supposedly Representative Japanese Literary Giants As Shiga Naoya, Kawabata YasunariOr Mishima YukioFor Some Reason I Cant Put My Finger On, I Was Never Able To Keep Myself Immersed In Their Style Id Often Give Up Partway Through A Work And Toss It Aside They And I Were Probably Just Temperamentally Incompatible Unfortunately, It Seems, They Were Not Novelists For Me I Dont Mean To Call Into Question, Of Course, Their Talent Or The Importance Their Works What Should Be Called Into Question, I Suspect, Is My Own Lack Of Understanding Speaking Personally, Then, I Learned Practically Nothing About Novelistic Technique From My Japanese Predecessors I Had To Discover On My Own How One Goes About Writing Fiction This Was Probably A Good Thing In The Sense That I Didnt Have A Lot Of Baggage To Carry With MeI WasWhen I Debuted As An Author, And AlmostYears Have Shot By In The Meantime Hard As That Is To Believe , But I Confess That, With Only A Few Exceptions, I Have Not Kept Close Tabs On Young Authors Who Have Followed Me Into The Literary World This Is Not To Say That I Have Been Avoiding Their Works Or Have No Interest In Them, Just That I Have Been Narrowly Focused, Heart And Soul, On Doing What I Want To Do Rather Than Making The Effort To Read And Learn From Other Peoples Writings James Joyce Said Something To The Effect That Imagination Is Memory, And He Was Absolutely Right Our Memories The Wellspring Of Imagination Take Shape While We Are Young, And Once We Pass A Certain Age, Its Rare For Them To Undergo Any Major Change All Of This May Add Up To Nothing Than A Long Winded Excuse For Why I Know So Little Or Next To Nothing About Modern And Contemporary Japanese Fiction I Hope I Have Made Myself Clear On That Point And If Im Not Mistaken, I Would Guess That Most Readers Of This Book Of English Translations Know As Little About Modern And Contemporary Japanese Fiction As I Do Or Nothing At All At Least In My Approach Here, Id Like To Go On That Assumption Which Is Why, In This Introduction, I Am Not Standing A Step Above You As Your Guide To Japanese Literature But Taking A Position On The Same Level As You So That Together We Can Think About How Best To Approach This Anthology Lets Just Say That You Are Being Guided Through A Foreign Town By Someone Who Lives In The Country And Speaks The Language But Who Doesnt Know That Much About The Geography Or History To Tell You The Truth, Im Reading Most Of The Stories Included Here For The First Time In My Life I Had Previously Read Only Six Of The Thirty Threeincluding My Own And Many Of The Rest I Had Never Even Heard Of Im Not Making Excuses, But This Has Enabled Me To Encounter The Works With A Fresh Attitude Devoid Of Suppositions Or Bias Or Attachments, Which May Be All To The Good Its Always An Interesting Experience To Chance Upon The Unknown If I Hadnt Had This Opportunity Which Is To Say, If I Hadnt Had This Task Presented To Me , I Might Never Have Come Across These Works One Thing I Would Like You To Keep In Mind Is That The Works Collected Here Are By No Means All Universally Recognized Modern Masterpieces Some, Of Course, Could Be Characterized As Representative Works, But, Frankly, They Are Far Outnumbered By Stories Which Are Not We Also Find Here Quite Old Works And Very New Works Arranged Literally Side By Side Like An IPod And A Gramophone On The Same Shelf Of A Record Store The Only Way To Find Out What The Editor Had In Mind When He Made This Selection Is To Ask The Man Himself, But In Any Case An Individually Edited Anthology Like This Tends To Give Priority To The Editors Intentions And Taste Over Generalized Principles Of Impartiality And Conventional Practice, And We Have To Make Our Way Through The Book Following His Lead Another Point To Keep In Mind Is That, While The Book Includes A Number Of Stories Translated Here For The First Time, The Choice Of Works Has Been Largely Limited To Pieces That Have Already Appeared In English In Any Case, This Is Certainly An Unconventional Selection Of Works By An Unusual Assortment Of Writers Seeing This Line Up, The Average Japanese Reader Might Find Him Or Herself Puzzled Why Is Thisstory In Here And Why Is That Onemissing This Is Precisely Why Reading Through This Collection Has Been So Fresh And Interesting For Someone Like Me With My Spotty Background In Japanese Literature Now And Then Id Be Quite Astounded At The Different And Strangely Compelling Ways The Fiction Of My Own Country Could Be Grasped Above All, I Found My Curiosity Piqued Whats Coming Next Japan Has Long Had A Custom Of Selling Fukubukuro Literally, Good Luck Bags Or Lucky Grab Bags On New Years Day, Sealed Bags Offered By Retailers With No Indication Of What They Contain One Bag Will Normally Hold An Odd Mix Of Items, The Combined Value Of Which Is Guaranteed To Be Far Than The Bags Selling Price People Have Been Known To Wait In Long Queues At Major Department Stores For These Popular Mystery Bargains To Go On Sale, And To Fight Over The Chance To Buy Them, Anticipating The Annual Thrill Of Taking Them Home And Discovering Whats Inside Probably Than The Satisfaction Of Getting A Bargain, Its The Mystery That Must Make These Grab Bags So Irresistible I Myself Have Never Bought One The Comparison May Not Be Apt, But The Fukubukurowas The First Thing That Popped Into My Mind When I Finished Reading This Book, Which Offers The Same Kind Of Mysterious And Unpredictably Rewarding Experience I Hope Readers Will Open The Bag And Enjoy What They Find InsideAn Exhilarating Glimpse Into Japanese Literature Patti Smith, Via InstagramReading Through This Collection Has Been So Fresh And Interesting Now And Then Id Be Quite Astounded At The Different And Strangely Compelling Ways The Fiction Of My Own Country Could Be Grasped Unpredictably Rewarding Haruki Murakami, From The IntroductionAssembled By Longtime Haruki Murakami Translator Jay Rubin And Blessed With An Introduction By Murakami Himself , This HandsomePage Tome Is Cleverly Organized By Theme Rather Than Chronology, Giving The Book A Stronger Sense Of Cohesion Than If It Had Started In The Th Century And Ended With Stories From Today You Might Encounter A Witch, Or A Devastating Earthquake, Or The Girl From Ipanema GQ, TheBest Books Of With Everything From Ritual Suicides To Cows With Human Faces, The Penguin Book Of Japanese Short Storiesis Bizarre, Exotic And Memorably Gory The Daily MailHighly Recommended TheSpectatorAfeast Of Literature Its A Literature Lovers Dream, Page After Page Of Memorable Writing, Stories That Leave A Lasting Impression Yet Can Be Fully Absorbed In One Sitting Its One Anthology That Will Surely Find A Life Outside The Classroom, Offering Up The Living, Vital World Of Japanese Literature In All Its Diversity And With A True Taste For Excellence The Japan TimesSuperb Impressive A Fascinating Collection Of Short Stories From All Periods And From Several Authors Who All Too Rarely Make It Into English Translation Offers A Perfect Balance Of The Classic, Along With The Unsettling And Innovatively Modern All The Traditional Literary Superstars Are Here, But There Are Also Stories Which Resonate With Contemporary Experience The Result Is A Superb Collection Of Diverse Voices Whose Stories Are Both Intellectually And Emotionally Rewarding PopMatters An Excellent New Collection That Pushes Boundaries And Makes Some Noise International Examiner This a wonderful collection of short stories and the editor Jay Rubin did a good job of organizing the short stories into various categories Murakami Haruki did a good job with his introduction as well as his two short stories included I read this on my I phone normally waiting while my wife shopped or I had a few moments to kill waiting for someone I had no problem reading the e version of the stories As another reviewer stated there is no need to read these stories in order and in fact I did not do this I picked stories at first based on length and interest from the title I enjoyed reading these stories and highly recommend this collection. I enjoyed all of them including Tale of the House of Physics The best short story that I have read in the past year. You don t need to read this from beginning to end It is not a conventional collection of stories that should be rushed through You can read the stories of this book in any order Take your time Jay Rubin did an excellent job editing this collection using interesting topic headings such as NATURE AND MEMORY, MODERN LIFE AND OTHER NONSENSE, and DREAD Murakami has written a worthy and interesting introduction Excellent book If you want to get your feet wet reading Japanese authors, this is a good place to start Although the lion s share of stories are those translated by Jay Rubin, there is enough translated by others to give a well rounded look at what is available out there in the world of Japanese fiction From here, the sky is the limit

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