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The Candlestick Bible : From The Intelligent Trader Series (English Edition) Thank you I learned so much and enjoyed the book I purchased a 2nd copy to give to one of my friends The Candlestick Bible Is The Second Book In The The Intelligent Trader Series By Oleg A Pozhidaev The Candlestick Bible Goes Through Dozens Of Different Chart Patterns And Teaches Traders What To Look For, How To Analyze Them, And How To Place Profitable Trades Using These Patterns The Book Consists Of Four Main Parts Which Are Trend Line Patterns, Multi Candle Patterns, Single Candle Patterns, And Useful Indicators The Easy To Read Format And Explanations Will Allow Traders To Become Proficient In Reading Price Charts And Be Able To Tell Where Price Action Is Going Next At A Moment S Notice This Book Is A Must Read For Those Who Wish To Understand Candlestick Patterns And The Underlying Principles Behind The Patterns Which Allow For Profitable Trades Towards The End We Discuss Useful Indicators That Readers Can Add To Their Own Trading Toolbox The Indicators Covered Pair Extremely Well With Candlestick Technical Analysis StrategiesThe Patterns Covered In This Book Include Japanese Candlestick Patterns, Common Patterns Such As Head And Shoulders, Hammer Candles, TheDifferent Types Of Doji, Triangles, Channels, Pennants And Flags, Engulfing Candles, Belt Holds, And Many Other Easy To Use But Powerful Setups We Also Discuss Much Rarer And Lesser Known Candlestick Patterns Which Can Serve As Extremely Powerful Trade Setups Such As Tasuki Gaps, Star Patterns, And Many The Information Covered In The Final Chapters Will Detail Using Momentum Based Indicators, Fibonacciand Elliott Wave Based Studies, As Well As Other Powerful Trade Indicators Which Allow Professional Traders To Take Advantage Of The Average InvestorThis Book Is A Must Read For Those Who Wish To Compete Against Professional Traders And Take Their Skills To The Next Level Interesting basic information on trend reversal patterns and on the meaning of individual candles Ideal for the begining trader Pretty good book. I would not recommend this book to anyone There are mainly 3 reasons to it1 You would get better explanations than given in the book on Udemy by paying the same price2 The book length shown in the description says 216 or so pages, but actual book length is 108 pages printed twice Well Played 3 Very few examples given and it is all theory based We needcharts to understand different patterns. First the book is double printed Meaning pages 1 to 109 are the book and for some odd reason they printed the same content again with a duplicate table of contents on pages 111 216.Regardless, it s ok, not great More like if you stole someone s sticky notes on candle charts and sorted them.Also, I ticked this down a star because it often refers to color and when it does the colors on charts are very important The book is black and white Seriously.

About the Author: Oleg Pozhidaev

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Candlestick Bible : From The Intelligent Trader Series (English Edition) , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Oleg Pozhidaev auteurs dans le monde.

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