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How to Be a Footballer Very Funny On Almost Every Page, Wonderfully Self Deprecating And Very Sharp On The Ludicrous Behaviour Of The Modern Player Sunday TimesThe Funniest Man In British Sport Metro A Sunday Times Sports Book Of The Year Shortlisted For The National Book Awards Longlisted For The Telegraph Sports Book Awards Autobiography Of The Year You Become A Footballer Because You Love Football And Then You Are A Footballer, And You Re Suddenly In The Strangest, Most Baffling World Of All A World Where One Team Mate Comes To Training In A Bright Red Suit With Matching Top Hat, Cane And Glasses, Without Any Actual Glass In Them, And Another Has So Many Sports Cars They Forget They Have Left A Porsche At The Train Station Even When Their Surname Is Incorporated In The Registration PlateSo Walk With Me Into The Dressing Room, To Find Out Which Players Refuse To Touch A Football Before A Game, To Discover Why A Load Of Millionaires Never Have Any Shower Gel, And To Hear What Cristiano Ronaldo Says When He Looks At Himself In The Mirror We Will Go Into Post Match Interviews, Make Fools Of Ourselves On Social Media And Try To Ensure That We Never Again PayFor A Haircut That Should Have Cost A Tenner We Ll Be Coached And Cajoled By Harry Redknapp, Upset Rafa Benitez And Be Soothed By The Sound Of An Accordion Played By Sven Goran Eriksson S Assistant Tord Grip There Will Be Some Very Bad Music And Some Very Bad DecisionsI Am Peter Crouch This Is How To Be A Footballer Shall We Can T Get Enough Of Crouch Tune Into That Peter Crouch Podcast On RadioLive I don t usually review the books I ve read onbut I read this book on the plane on the way back from a holiday in Canada and I was actually weeping with suppressed laughter much to the consternation of the person sitting next to me who, I think, was slightly worried that I might be having some sort of mental health episode.A small masterpiece and one of the best books about football I ve ever read and I have read many Crouchy is one of a line of tall centre forwards I have loved at Liverpool Tony Hately, John Toshack Okay, three His sense of humour hits the mark for me A man who sees the funny side of life He describes a world of rich young men who excel on a football pitch and flounder without a ball at their feet People so rich they can fritter thousands on cars, booze, houses, women and cars and laugh about it.There is something small missing in Crouchy s writing style A littlestorytelling, the big build up, is missing It s like he shortens the story he s telling because he has another lined up That said it is a smashing read and a lovely guided tour behind the scenes of premiership football clubs.So now I know how to be a footballer I just need to grow 9 , he able to smash in a great volley, control a ball blasted at me by Stevie Gerrard and do the robot dance if I score Perhaps I ll stick to walking football. This is the funniest book about football I ve ever read.David Squires cartoon funny.

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