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The Deep If I hadn t read the others I rate it five stars but to me it was a let down after Ingo and the Tide Knot. Loving this series with each book Can t wait to read The Crossing of Ingo. This book is the third book in the Ingo series by Helen Dun It focuses on a young girl along with her brother Sapphire Connor who are part Mer and part Human Their father, a Mer, has returned to the underwater world of Ingo and is remarried with a new son The I read this, the I wanted to read the first two books which I haven t to find out exactly how they learned they were part mer and how the father chose to return to Ingo and leave his family behind The book is titled The Deep and the jacket information says that she ll travel to the deep and confront a great evil which threatens borth worlds But, the actual trip to the deep and confronting the Kraken only comprised 50 pages of the 330 page book I expected action I would say that the book is mostly about Sapphire coming to grips with the fact that her father has left and created a new home for himself and accepting that she s a part of both worlds If you re expecting a lot of action, then you ll be disappointed, but, if you like getting into someone s thoughts and learning who they are, then you ll really like this book I liked it, but, I just thought there d be action. What the Helen, that was the absolute, flat out, most suckish ending to a novel, EVER Much less a TRILOGY I wait and wait and wait for this book, LOVING the previous two books, start reading this and being SO excited, loving it, the plot gets as interesting as it could get, and my curiosity as to WHAT WILL HAPPEN reaches its peak, and the book stops.I don t mean it ends.IT STOPS This was a load of crap, and I am thoroughly pissed. Wasn t really my cup of tea Maybe if I d read the others first. Slesai juga akhirnya baca ini buku Hmm di awal2 agak bikin bosen,dan banyak karakter baru yg muncul yg bikin puyeng hapalinnya, dan juga monster Kraken disini ternyata rada meleset dari bayanganku, adegan battle yg kupikir bakal epic gimana gitu ternyata melempem gitu doang Tapi masih tertolong dengan keseluruhan cerita yg terselesaikan dengan rapi , well 3,3 Over all the book is fairly entertaining but the beginning is a little slow If you like fantasy type series then this could be the series for you However if you don t like slow starts this book might not be for you Even in the third book they still introduce all the characters even though they have been in all the other books if this is your first read of the series you still get to meet all the characters One bad thing about this book is that you can predict the ending from the start of the book If you are a fan of the series however this is a good read for you This author does a really good job of using sensory details so you can picture the scenery in your mind As well as keeping you interested when you get past the slow start So over all this book might stick out to some people but not so much for me. After the near miss of the last book, with the Tide Knot breaking, now there is another threat to both worlds of Ingo and of Air This time, the Kraken is awake can t help remembering the Pirates of the Caribbean s Kraken and Davy Jones The Mer then have two choices sacrifice a couple of children or sending someone to the Deep to put the Kraken to sleep again Because Sapphy can survive the Deep, she gets asked to go there and save the world again.This was a bit of a slow book, and it ended being about Mer politics and Sapphy being torn between the two worlds than the actual defeating of the Kraken I also don t like how easily she yields to something she knows is wrong and will worry her mom Not to mention Sadie, her yellow labrador that is a bit of a pet peeve for me there is no such thing as a golden labrador They only come in yellow, chocolate and black And Connor changed way too much and way too fast after getting Elvira s talisman I think this will be the end of this series for me, at least for now. This is the third book in the Ingo series However, it is enough of a complete story that it can be read easily as a stand alone book Dun does an excellent job balancing the concept of a young girl struggling to live in two worlds Sapphire, the protagonist, has blood that is mixed with both human Earth and Air and Mer Sea Her brother is mixed as well, but the Earth is strong in him and he is not pulled as strongly to the ocean as Sapphire The main plot is rooted in the previous books but explained well and describes how Sapphire has the ability to go to the Deep a place even the Mer cannot go in order to convince the mythical Kraken to return to sleep and stop tormenting the oceans and the inhabitants thereof The place Sapphire longs to be is called Ingo, and she has a very strong, arrogant yet playful Mer friend named Faro who tempts her to choose Ingo as her final home However, Sapphire is pulled to Earth by her mother, friends and love of her dog.Although this is a large book, it is easy to read and the subject matter is suited to tweens who still love to imagine about Mer people, and are interested in friends, pets and the simple pleasures of life There are some mild love themes, but nothing is overly done and a tween audience could relate.The strongest element of this book is the imaginative way the author paints the picture of both Ingo and the shoreline surrounding it She creates a world that is so enthralling one could easily imagine the pull Sapphire feels towards it and the struggle she has balancing her two lives Dun s familiarity with mythological creatures and concepts is subtly woven into the plot as well.There are five books total in the series to date Ingo, The Tide Knot, The Deep, The Crossing of Ingo, and I believe a fifth is either in the works or recently release. The Third Spellbinding Story About Sapphy And Conor S Adventures In The Powerful And Dangerous Underwater World Of Ingo A Devastating Flood Has Torn Through The Worlds Of Air And Ingo, And Now, Deep In The Ocean, A Monster Is Stirring Mer Legend Says That Only Those With Dual Blood Half Mer, Half Human Can Overcome The Kraken Sapphy Must Return To The Deep, With The Help Of Her Friend The Whale, And Face This Terrifying Creature And Her Brother Conor And Mer Friend Faro Will Not Let Her Go Alone

About the Author: Helen Dunmore

I was born in December 1952, in Yorkshire, the second of four children My father was the eldest of twelve, and this extended family has no doubt had a strong influence on my life, as have my own children In a large family you hear a great many stories You also come to understand very early that stories hold quite different meanings for different listeners, and can be recast from many viewpoints

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