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Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast When The Family Business Collapses, Beauty And Her Two Sisters Are Forced To Leave The City And Begin A New Life In The Countryside However, When Their Father Accepts Hospitality From The Elusive And Magical Beast, He Is Forced To Make A Terrible Promise To Send One Daughter To The Beast S Castle, With No Guarantee That She Will Be Seen Again Beauty Accepts The Challenge, And There Begins An Extraordinary Story Of Magic And Love That Overcomes All Boundaries This Is Another Spellbinding And Emotional Tale Embroidered Around A Fairytale From Robin McKinley, An Award Winning American Author This is a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast Robin McKinley s writing is fluid the descriptions of the castle, landscapes, and even clothes are clear and vivid horseback riding scenes and interactions with horses are reflective of the author s superior knowledge of the animals But other than that, there is hardly anything memorable about Beauty.I don t know about you, but expect any retelling to bring something new to the original story, some new layers, better understanding of the characters, intricate backgrounds Juliet Marillier s Daughter of the Forest is a great example of a retelling done right McKinley s Beauty doesn t bring anything fresh to the table except maybe that Beauty is not particularly beautiful in the beginning My other problem with the book is that Beauty s world before her arrival to the Beast s castle is very vaguely defined It s hard to even envision in what time her story is placed 16th, 17th, 18th century And finally, the ending of the book is anti climactic to say the least Everything happens so fast the Beast s transformation, love confessions, introduction of the Beast s story, Beauty s sudden realization of her well beauty, the wedding All of it is just crammed in the last 2 3 pages Disappointing and unsatisfying.Many of these negatives, however, can be forgiven if you keep in mind that this book is Robin McKinley s debut And the writing is lovely. Beauty is the youngest of three sisters Their mother has passed on and now they live with their father Beauty is an introvert and prefers reading books She has very low self esteem, dislikes her body, and feels that she doesn t measure up to her sisters attractiveness While she s quite clever, she wishes she could also be beautiful and have to offer like her sisters Hope and Grace who are both beautiful and kind.After their father loses all the family income, they re forced to move to a new place near a mysterious woods Ger, Hope s soon to be husband, will be a smith there and help to support their family After some time, news comes regarding one of their father s lost ships Their father plans a journey to discover what s left of it, but there are stories of the woods and Ger has told the tales about how it s unsafeThe story is the woods haunted No, not haunted enchanted The stream flows out of the forest, as you see, so likely it s enchanted to, if anything is The first smith well, tales vary Perhaps he was a wizard He was a good smith, but he disappeared one day He s the one built the house said he liked the forest, and a forge needs a stream close by, and most of the town gets its water by well The next smith the one that left two years ago dug the well we ve got now, to prevent the waters enchanting him but he didn t like the noises the forest made after dark Well, forests do make odd noises after dark Anyway, he left And they ve had some trouble finding someone else That s how we got this place so cheaply It s very good for what we had to spend When their father returns, he brings back a magic rose along with a story to go with it It is said that he must return one of his daughters to a Beast s castle or he will meet his death.I thought the writing in this book was exquisite, in fact, it was the writing that pulled me in It was just like reading a fairy tale as a child The story itself stays fairly true to the original with only a few changes so, it s quite predictable at times, which was fine It s rather slow the first half, and the story revolves around Beauty and her family mainly with how they re getting along in their new place of living Despite the slowness, I relished these parts because this family truly loves one another and takes care of each other, including the other sisters They all do their part and beauty may be timid, but she isn t lacking courage The Beast isn t even introduced until roughly half way through the story, which didn t bother me one bit I actually preferred the Beast in this book because he s very generous and kind offering beautiful clothing, delicious foods, books, and jewelry to Beauty There isn t anything he won t do for her In addition, he wants to share all of his wealth with her family and sends home thoughtful treasures to them all, most importantly, dreams about Beauty It s so heartwarming.My only issue was the ending which felt rushed and there just wasn t enough explanation of the enchantment Was beauty also changed to look beautiful like her mother , or was her self esteem just magically fixed Why couldn t she just stay the way she was, because the Beast loved her that way and from the very beginning felt that she was beautiful I wanted Beauty to gain self esteem naturally without this instant fix and surely not become remodeled by an enchantment whisking her away from her supposed ugliness It also seemed weird that when Beast changed back to a prince, he was then aged with gray streaked hair, while Beauty was not It was unclear what ages they were because Beauty was only in her teens and the Beast would now be in his forties These things niggled me Maybe I m missing something, but I did reread the ending twice and this was a similar situation previously with her mother and father s marriage Regardless, it s still a happy ending and I certainly won t tear the book apart and rate it low because the ending wasn t written the way I wanted it to be.Overall, I loved this retelling all the way to the end I m happy to have read it and will be on the lookout for books by Robin McKinley.4.5 You can also see this on my blog www.readrantrockandroll.com fairy tale retellings are fascinating i went through a datlow phase years ago, and i have read many others outside of her collections it is a comfortable pleasure for me so, since i am now going on an introduce myself to the fantasy genre expedition, this book seemed like the most logical entr e into it all beauty and the beast was never one of my favorite fairy tales i don t know why, particularly, but i usually preferred the ones that didn t have a corresponding disney movie which would unavoidably be playing in the back of my head as i was reading them, not to mention the songs the dreadful songsbut i really liked this adaptation.the best thing about this particular version is that mckinley changes the backstory a little bit in a way that makes it natural and a much better story overall.most fairy tales operate by isolating the main character the heroes and heroines are frequently orphans, or abandoned by their parents stepparents, friendless and forced to make their own way with the occasional animal or supernatural ally but in this retelling, beauty comes from a loving family she and her sisters are close, her father loves her deeply, she has a strong sense of community and duty the cinderella type, who stoically goes on sweeping and polishing while everyone around her abuses her and enslaves her while she just keeps turning the other cheek as though she is in a morphine daze i cannot get behind that kind of character, because they seem less human and symbolic they are empty in the original b and the b of course beauty would go to the beast what s she got to keep her where she is some shitty sisters and a weak father she does love her father in the original, but the rest of her life is pretty easy to leave behind but in this version, her decision is made out of love and sacrifice and she is giving up so much, that it makes her sympathetic, but not some doormat like so many others, doing good because they have been lobotomized sometime in their past her decision feels natural considering her background the sacrifice is greater than that of someone with nothing to lose this young woman has learned how to love and how to be nurturing from a support system that includes her family, but also includes her neighbors and everyone she meets along the way, in a natural nice girl way that is never treacly and she is no gentle delicate flower, either this girl is a perfect match for the beast.without that family oriented background, it is illogical that she would have learned how to be kind, how to be giving, how to care for the beast enough to bring him back to his true form there is no way i am putting a spoiler alert on this review, by the way DO YOU LIVE IN A HOLE i think that mckinley made absolutely the right choice by changing the parts she did, and her prose is beautiful and simple and a real treat to read and don t get me started on that library this is why we need booknerd heroines in our fairy tales so books like this can be written.i think i got muddled somewhere in the middle of all that, but never mind maybe the brain will make sense tomorrownope and if anyone can tell me the fairy tale collection my grandmother had when i was little, i would be so grateful.come to my blog I curse this book with a thousand crotch louse It s not I didn t like this book At least, I like the beginning for awhile But this book s plot was enough to drive me into a rant Getting out of the way the fact that the characterisation is great and the setting is stunning and all that shit, let s get into possibly McKinley s only, and truly great weakness, which is plotting and pacing.The book reads at the speed of an unhurried snail It starts a full 2.5ish years before Beauty even meets the Beast and shows no sincere interest in moving things along for the sake of actually telling the story Beauty spends a stunningly little amount of time with the Beast and when we actually meet him, most of that time is glossed over in narrative telling rather than showing ARE YOU TELLING ME I JUST SAT THROUGH 2.5 YEARS OF THIS GIRL S LIFE ONLY TO HAVE FIVE MINUTES WITH THE ACTUAL GREAT ROMANCE THIS FAIRYTALE IS FAMOUS FOR Then, right, the whole thing is wrapped up in about 20 pages It was infuriating I don t feel like Beauty s back story and life before the Beast helped us understand her motivations and character arc any great deal I felt like it was cumbersome for the sake of being cumbersome and wordy and artistic.I m so mad about this, that I m practically hopping I m hopping mad, I say

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