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The Stone Demon After Being Tricked Into Opening The Doorway To The Demon Realm By Aliette, The Wood Queen, Donna Underwood Is Faced With A Terrible Ultimatum From The Newly Released Demon Hordes They Demand That The Alchemists Deliver The Philosopher S Stone, Or Their Reaper Storm Will Plunge The World Into A Devastating Modern Day Dark AgeDonna Is Sent To London, England, Where She Must Complete Her Alchemist S Training And Learn How To Recreate The Stone But Time Is Running Out Between Facing The Vengeful Demon King, Demian, And Collecting The Stone S Elements, Donna Realizes She Must Give Her Own Life In Order To Succeed And This Time, Even Braving Death May Not Be Enough To Save The World

About the Author: Karen Mahoney

www.mothtales.comIn my varied career I ve been a professional Tarot reader, a college counsellor, a dating agency consultant and a bookseller Ever since I was six years old what I really wanted to be was Wonder Woman, but have instead settled for being a writer which is the best job of all

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    Ms Mahoney epitomizes the ideal conclusion to a trilogy with The Stone Demon Thankfully void of loose ends, neither was each and every situation systematically closed out, as if checking off a list Admittedly, some resolutions and explanations are needed and answers were provided in a very satisfactory way, with an

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    Quests are usually long winded things Heroes tend to find them difficult, often taking months, years some pursue theirs for a lifetime.Donna Underwood usually completes hers in 2 days or less.It took me two books to figure this out, it was so well hidden, but I ve figured out that Donna is a Mary Sue It skipped over my mi

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    2.5 stars Spoilers Meh, it wasn t bad but it certainly wasn t good I was bored through most of the book Nothing interesting really happened, I found most of the characters dull bar Navin and that statue demon who were rather entertaining Anyway, Donna the heroine is with the Order a secret society of alchemists that Donna is a p

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    3.5 starsThe Stone Demon is the third and final book in the Iron Witch trilogy so this review may contain spoilers for the first two books The story picks up not long after the end if the last book and there is very little recapping so I really would recommend reading this series in order Donna has been sent to London as a punishment f

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    Original review from Sugarscape.com I always feel nervous when I come to the final book in a trilogy that I love will it live up to the first books in the series Will the characters that I ve grown to love get the happy ending that they deserve Luckily, in The Stone Demon the final book in the Iron Witch trilogy Karen Mahoney does not disappo

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    I really did enjoy reading this series I loved the storyline and the character of Nav was my absolute favorite.But what I liked most is that THIS WAS NOT A TEENAGE LOVE STORY Not really, not like Ash Megan, Clary Jace It s a story about a young girl Donna who was born with an amazing gift, trying to live her life while working her wa

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    I gave up I didn t even finish this book It was soooo slow and frankly Donna s inner monologue was tedious I just skipped to the end to see what happened Not surprised about Xan s father the clues were there as soon as he appeared on the page Was I supposed to be surprised Losing the last bits of the elixir of life and opening a door to the demon world on

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    I can not wait for this book to come out Hopefully there will be Donna and Xan The last book didn t exactly end on a cliff hanger but close enough for me I think Donna s power will unfold even .

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    After being tricked by Aliette into opening the door for the demons to return to Earth, Donna has two days to create the philospher s stone the demon king is demanding or else he ll destroy London and her home town Donna is pretty much on her own since the alchemist s have said it is an impossible challenge and are gathering forces to fight a war with the demons.Donna d

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    Full review at finishing the whole trilogy, I am sorry to say that the thing that got me most excited about it were the covers They all look dark and enchanting, this one especially so The gown the girl was wearing was gorgeous, with a hauntingly beautiful background It coincided with the masquerade ball Demian invited Donna to In terms of accuracy though, the other cover righ

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