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Boardwalk Empire No, this isn t a pot boiler full of sex, violence and perfect looking people That s the highly entertaining, fiction based on fact TV series, and this is not the novelization of that show.What this is is the whole history of Atlantic City, from its founding as a health resort, its success mainly as a resort for working class folk from Philadelphia, its golden age under Nucky Johnson NOT Thompson , its post prohibition fall that continued for decades, and its rebirth as a casino resort town.What is especially interesting is the chapter on Atlantic City s African American community Nearly the entire work staff of the town was black, and lived under conditions that differed little from the plantations of the the pre Civil War South It s a sad and remarkable story.Johnson knows his subject and tells his story with farskill than most historians do if you read adult history books you ll know what I mean And I skimmed a great deal of the latter half of this book especially everything involving that nasty bastard Donald Trump where the narrative lags But if the TV series has piqued your curiosity about Atlantic City, this is worth looking into. Bound City of SwingSunPost Weekly September 16, 2010 John Hoodhttp bit.ly 90vmwPGetting with the Book behind Boardwalk EmpireThe 500 Club, Paradise Caf , Club Harlem, Little Belmont, The Bath and Turf Club, the Cliquot Club just saying names of these fabled swing spots evokes an era of high vice and low blows These were gambling dens, before the era of casinos, yet run wide open Why Because in Prohibition era Atlantic City, what was once vice was now habit and it wouldn t be broken for anything, let alone a little inconvenience like law.As you ve undoubtedly heard by now that wild time in the ol beachfront town is about to be brought back to life by HBO in the series Boardwalk Empire Executive produced by Martin Scorcese who directed the first episode and overseen by EmmyAward winning writer Terence Winter of The Sopranos , Boardwalk Empire promises to be the It series of the season And there s not a TV viewer in all the land who isn t duly thrilled by the prospect.But like many a cool concept to make its way to screens big and small, Boardwalk Empire springs from somewhere else In this case it s Nelson Johnson s same named book, which rings with the subtitle The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City.Unlike the series, Johnson s book runs the gamut of Atlantic City s riveting history, from the time the sandbar was nothingthan a gleam in a man named Jonathan Pitney s riled eye, to the time when the bottom basically fell outta the sky, and hard times had once again descended upon the descendants of the Pineys who first made this inhospitable place home.But the highlight of the book and the subject of the series is the stretch that spanned from Prohibition to The Great Depression, when everything went, and it all went under the watchful eye of one Enoch Nucky Johnson.Renamed Thompson for the series and played by great Steve Buscemi , Nucky Johnson was the kinda boss of which legends are made A pal to both President Harding he delivered the New Jersey delegation at the Republican Convention and Al Capone he arranged a mob conference in May of 1929 , Nucky was known as a man who could get things done, and make everyone a lotta loot while doing so Ever with a dame on his arm and a thug by his side, Nucky ruled with a combination of charm and hubris that over shown and out shadowed even The Commodore who d bequeathed him his spot No one stood between Nucky and his objectives, because Nucky s objectives benefitted everyone And virtually everyone made out like proverbial bandits.Everyone but a certain William Randolph Hearst, that is The story is that Nucky had hit on a chick at the Silver Slipper Saloon, a chick that just so happened to be a favorite of Hearst s When the womanizing newspaper magnate found out about it, he used his broadsheets to run a series of exposes detailing the crime and corruption under Nucky s reign Nucky countered by banning all of Hearst s newspapers Then Willy Boy really got mad, and he enlisted J Edgar Hoover and his G men in a quest to get even.It took some time five years or so , and it took some finagling like I said, no one wanted to speak out against their benefactor , but the Feds did finally make their case, and Nucky went down for tax evasion.It s a dynamite tale, about as tall as they get, and one that has no shortage of drama Why else would Scorcese et al get involved More though, it s the kinda story that revealsabout ourselves and our origins than many a mere history ever could, no matter how factually written.Medford Press originally published Boardwalk Empire back in 2002, and parent company Plexus has just dropped a TV tie in that includes a Terence Winter forward, a new afterword by the author, and a slew of color photos that ll put you right back into the time While you re though you d be wise to get your mitts on J Louis Yamplowsky s A Boardwalk Story, a novel set in the waning days of The Great Depression Unlike Empire, this Story is centered around a reclusive mystic, and a charismatic pitchman and mathematical savant, rather than the gangsters and machine bosses that concern HBO Taken in tandem however, they represent a once upon a time that was, simply, unlike any other ever.See you on the Boardwalk, baby This is the book the HBO series used for its basis Contrary to popular myth, Atlantic City was not a summer playground for the rich but rather a working class getaway that catered to every illicit whim Brothels and gambling flourished, but Prohibition really made Atlantic City famous and rich Under Nucky Johnson, the Commodore s successor, anything nominally illegal elsewhere could be had in Atlantic City A naughty time at an affordable price The short history of Atlantic City presented at the beginning of the book is really quite interesting The land was bought up originally to develop a health spa, but then, in order to make it accessible a railroad was required to get people from New York and Philadelphia But in order to compete with Cape May, summer playground of the rich, they tried to appeal to the working man so prices had to remain low Soon there were four railroads delivering customers in spite of swarms of green flies and mosquitoes that sometimes drove horses crazy not to mention people To serve customers cheaply, labor costs had to be kept low, and poor southern blacks who had suffered as slaves and were then abused after Reconstruction was destroyed politically, migrated to Atlantic City to fill the jobs Whites wanted nothing to do with them socially and soon the city was segregated into white and black ghettos The irony of it all was cruel to Blacks They earned a respectable wage, could vote, and own property They performed the most personal of services and were entrusted with important responsibilities, but they were barred from restaurants, amusement piers, and booths were denied shopping privileges by most stores were admitted to hotels only as workers were segregated in clinics and hospitals and could only bathe in one section of the beach, but even then had to wait until after dark Louis Kuehnle, otherwise known as the Commodore, was soon running the town, but in a wise, if corrupt, manner He focused on infrastructure, building water and transportation systems that functioned well, and paving the streets Commodore understood that Atlantic City s business owners would gladly sacrifice honest government for a profitable summer and he gave them what they wanted Kuehnle protected the rackets from prosecution and worked with the tourist industry to ensure its success In exchange, the community let him call the shots Unfortunately, following the election of Woodrow Wilson, the Presbyterian antithesis to anything fun and later president, to the NJ governorship cramped things Wilson was a crusader who saw things in black and white Impersonal in his relations, he attracted supporters in much the same way people latch on to an abstract principle His attorney general went after election fraud and that resulted in Kuehnle s imprisonment, opening the way for Nucky Johnson who was farcorrupt and evencontrolling Johnson got himself appointed City Treasurer, a non elective office, which he held for decades and which held the key to all graft The 18th amendment played right into the hands of Nucky and all during Prohibition booze flowed freely and openly as Atlantic City became a huge transit port for liquor.Johnson had a gift for understanding people, their desires, and needs He managed to control the city to such an extent that virtually everyone owed their jobs to him Crucial to his power and the control of the Republican organization, he learned how to manipulate Atlantic City s Black population He continued the Commodore s private welfare system, but the assistance he gave Johnson went beyond what Kuehnle had done for blacks come the winter he was their savior Long stretches of unemployment in the off season could be devastating Johnson saw to it that the Northside had food, clothing, coal, and medical care If your kid needed a winter coat, all you had to do was ask maybe it wouldn t fit but it was warm If the grocer cut off your credit, the ward leader told you where to shop on the party s tab The same was true if someone needed a doctor or a prescription filled Corruption as good government. Mane knyga kiek nuvyl miau skaityti tik d l per i r to Boardwalk Empire serialo, bet apie tuos laikus knygoje tik nedidel dalis Pa iai knygai tikrai toli iki gero istorinio veikalo, tiesiog paprastai ir gan blankiai papasakota, kas vyko metai i met Lyg mokyklos istorijos vadov lyje gim tas, padar an , tada at jos tas, nugal jo ir dar va t ir t.t Daug kur nor t si pla iau apie pagrindinius mones ir kur kas ma iau apie antraeilius O dabar pavard i primin ta imtai, bet kokia i to nauda. Boardwalk Empire is an interesting, and enjoyable, if rather uneven, read Victims of this, most recent, recession economy will undoubtedly be interested to know that Atlantic City s initial development and success was brought on, not by the nation s wealthiest vacations, but rather, by blue collar workers and wage earners, eager for a weekend getaway they could afford The resort s unique and complicated relationship with minority workers during that time, also makes for rather fascinating reading.Of course, the book s heart really lies in its description of Atlantic City s heyday, during the 1920 s, a.k.a the reign of Nucky Johnson It is definitely no accident that THIS is the portion of the book Terrence Winter chose to develop into an HBO series Fans of the series will undoubtedly recognize some of their favorite colorful characters from the show, in their historic doppelgangers The Nucky chapter of the book is chock full of interesting anecdotes, in depth character analyses, and shocking connections between organized crime and political and economic success on the Boardwalk I suspect an entire book could have been written about this portion of Atlantic City s history alone For this reader, in fact, a narrative focus limited to the 20 s would have been preferable, to this slightly over ambitious complete historical overview I can t help but wonder how manyinteresting stories were discarded, so that the author could finish his historical analysis of the City.Things took a turn for the dull, toward the center of the book, which chronicled Atlantic City s admittedly mundane history between the 1950 s and the 1970 s The author s faithful recapturing of each and every important political figure who reigned supreme in Atlantic City during that time, became extremely tedious Eventually, the various commissioners, gamers, crooks, and politicians identities all seemed to merge, and become indistinguishable from one another As a result of this reader s lack of identification with these characters, their individual stories began to seem uninteresting and unremarkable.Toward the middle of the book, the author also seemed to develop this odd narrative technique of introducing a random character into the story, and then never mentioning him or her again I found that a bit distracting.Fortunately, the book picked up steam in its final sections The Donald Trump segment of the story, in particular, was fascinating, and extremely well written This chapter too, I think, could have easily been developed into its own book.In conclusion, I think this was a case of a talented writer, who did a spectacular amount of research, and then, simply bit offthan he could chew in its retelling I would probably recommend that readers focus on the early portions of the book, and the Trump chapter, and skim the rest. If you are planning to read this book for supplemental background for the HBO show, don t bother This book isof a concise history of the city than a focus piece on Nucky and the players of that time Only roughly 3 chapters cover the Nucky era and there s no depth at all A few quotes here and a 3 sentence Al Capone story there The only depth is spent on descriptions of attempted indictments and trials It really doesn t do much to expound on the players of the time or specifics of the criminal aspects If you want a broad history of Atlantic City and its politics, then you might like this. In Boardwalk Empire, Atlantic City Springs To Life In All Its Garish Splendor Author Nelson Johnson Traces AC From Its Birth As A Quiet Seaside Health Resort, Through The Notorious Backroom Politics And Power Struggles, To The City S Rebirth As An Entertainment And Gambling Mecca Where Anything Goes Atlantic City has quite a history, from the rocky beginnings to its colourful characters like Louis Commodore Kuehnle and Enoch Nucky Johnson Boardwalk Empire by Nelson Johnson subtitle The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City tells the history of this US city While this book inspired the current HBO series of the same name, this is not a reason to read this The HBO show tells the story of a fictional character based on Nucky Johnson called Nucky Thompson in the show If you were to base a show on this non fiction book it would turn outlike House of Cards.There was a big chapter of Boardwalk Empire devoted to Nucky Johnson, who was an interesting guy If you know the plot of the HBO series you might be aware of the type of character Nucky was, despite being only loosely based on him His rise to power came thanks to the Volstead Act, but he wasn t just a mob boss, he was a political powerhouse Corruption never seemed so complex and scary using the Republican Party to control the city all the while using extortion to fund the party This technique helped control Atlantic City, keeping it corrupt well into the modern era.While the history of Atlantic City is fascinating, it is sad to see just how big of an impact organised crime had on a growing city I have an interest in the Volstead Act and how prohibition helped organised crime get a foothold in America Boardwalk Empire shed some interesting insights into the cultural impact it had on a large scale.I have started a new phase in my reading life where I ve become very interested in non fiction While Boardwalk Empire wasn t the greatest book, there was a lot to learn about politics and organised crime This period of time interests me and I plan to read a whole lotreading on the Volstead Act and organised crime, so I need recommendations If you know good non fiction books on these topics let me know.This review originally appeared on my blog I m sure that readers of in depth, detailed political history will find this book fascinating from cover to cover Because I am not quite the in depth political history scholar , I didn t find the entire book so much fascinating as I found it to be long winded.That said, there were in depth parts of the book I did like These were the parts that focusedon the characters I was familiar with as a fan of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire It was interesting to find out how Atlantic City started as an empty stretch of fly ridden sand and became the backdrop for an empire I enjoyed reading about Louis The Commodore Kuehnle and how he set the stage for inspiring future politicians and power brokers.I enjoyed reading about Nucky Johnson, the basis for the Boardwalk Empire character of Nucky Thompson The author does a great job detailing how Johnson came to power and how he simultaneously exploited and helped fellow politicians, gangsters, shop owners, the poor, and pretty much anyone else in his path The fact that Johnson held power so completely and in a steel grip did not diminish the respect, admiration, and loyalty that throngs of people had for him no small feat I also enjoyed reading about Johnson s successor, Hap Farley and how Farley came to power I suppose I started to feel bogged down sometime after that and found myself first skimming text, then skipping ahead several chapters altogether I would encourage fans of Boardwalk Empire to give this book a try, as it does have a lot to offer Just be warned that you may find your eyes glazing over after a while. So Let s talk about this book Because my book club picked this book because the show is based on it and, well, let s just say there are only about two chapters of this book that the show is based on So if you re going into this because you want to learnabout the background of the show, uh, you re not really going to find it Yes, you will get some good information But the show fills in a lot of blanks since this is basically just a basic overview of the history of Atlantic City.You will, however, learn a lot about the history of Atlantic City in this book and that is super interesting I live nowhere near Atlantic City and have never been there even though I do want to go, someday so my knowledge of it comes entirely from television So this book is definitely helpful for people like me who either think of it as the roaring 20 s city, as displayed in Boardwalk Empire, or the Vegas of the East, as it is now commonly known or as can be seen in episodes of shows like How I Met Your Mother Bridging the gap between those two, as this book does, was honestly fascinating.Unfortunately, though, my entire problem with this book is that that history is written in basically the driest manner possible I fell asleep several times while reading this book, even though I was fascinated by the information it was presenting And I originally read 30 pages of this book back in June of 2016 and didn t actually have the inspiration to get back to finishing it until now And even then it s only because I m trying to catch up with my book club clean off my currently reading shelf So It s not actually a book that inspires you to finish it unless you Really, Really Have a Hankering to Learn a Lot About Atlantic City But for people like me who were just interested in the show it, uh, wasn t exactly what I was looking for.So none of this is to say it s a really bad book It s just I wish the information had been presented a little bit differently For people like me Who apparently get bored very easily.But, anyway, I m so glad to finally be done with this book and I am glad I knowabout Atlantic City I do hope to visit it someday and this book will definitely help with seeing how its changed Atlantic City really does have a fascinating history and from someone who grew up in a town centered around tourism, it s always fascinating to see how others have fared So If you are curious about the history of Atlantic City, I do recommend this one But if you re just interested in learningabout the background of the show, um, this isn t it and I would probably look elsewhere.

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Nelson Johnson, whose family s presence in Atlantic County predates the founding of Atlantic City, is a lifelong resident of Hammonton, New Jersey He practiced law for 30 years and was active in Atlantic City and Atlantic County politics through much of that period.As attorney for the Atlantic City Planning Board at the time of the approvals for many of the casinos, Johnson was inspired first to make sense of Atlantic City and later to write an objective political history The interviews, research, and writing involved in preparing