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The Pied Piper of Hamelin Robert Browning S Famous Verse Retelling Of The Medieval Legend Of The Pied Piper Is Renowned For Its Humor And Vivid Wordplay When The Selfish Townspeople Of Hamelin Refuse To Pay The Piper For Spiriting Away The Hordes Of Rats That Had Plagued Them, He Exacts His Revenge By Luring Away Their Greatest Treasure, The Children Of The TownExcerpt From The Pied Piper Of Hamelin The Pied Piper Of Hamelin I Hamelin Town S In Brunswick, By Famous Hanover City The River Weser, Deep And Wide, Washes Its Wall On The Southern Side A Pleasanter Spot You Never Spied But, When Begins My Ditty, Almost Five Hundred Years Ago, To See The Townsfolk Suffer SoFrom Vermin, Was A Pity

About the Author: Robert Browning

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, professing that he loved her poetry and her In 1846, the couple eloped to Europe, eventually settling in Florence in 1847 They had a son Pen.Upon

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    Wow, this has a harsh ending Maybe I don t remember the story, but I thought the kids came back Not in this one If you have kids who are terrified of losing their parents, I would suggest skipping this story I hope the townsfolk fire the mayor after his greed lost the town their kids.At least the kids went to a heaven lik

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    This is one of those stories I sort of remembered, having heard it many years ago But reading it now in Robert Brownings prose not only brought its all vividly back to life but also brought added depth that I didn t remember.The story is a retelling of the medieval tale of how the Pied Piper rid the city of rats only to be

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    While I indeed and definitely much enjoy Robert Browning s verse, I do wonder if the at times rather heavy satiric and social criticism of The Pied Piper of Hamelin might in fact be a bit of a potential comprehension issue for younger children as an adult, it sure tickles my proverbial fancy, but as a child, I am not sure I w

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    Excellent, vivid, brilliant One of the earliest works I read, first as Grimms tales and then as this poem, I was something in class V or VI, I guess, it left the strongest impression on me While the Grimms tales version inspired me to write my very first work of fiction at age 7 yrs, a poem about a princess with 7 pet rats or s

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    I looked around on the FreeBooks app I bought and wandered across Browning s shorter poems The rhyme schemes entertain with exquisite grace I want of this classic poet

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    3.5 stars The poem, on its own, is an interesting and rhythmic piece of folklore As a children s book, however, I don t really think it works It certainly isn t a fun poem and I believe there are many other wonderful ways to introduce children to the world of poetry I feel that the language in the poem would be incredibly difficult for

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    There are a few versions of Browning s THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN available, so if you like the text you might want to pick and choose your edition based on the illustrations.I think traditionally this text gets taught at secondary school, however, I can t see any reason why a year five or six class shouldn t be introduced to it The plot

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    The legend of the lost children of Hamelin Hameln has been retold many times, from Goethe s 1803 poem Der Rattenf nger , to the legend of Die Kinder zu Hameln, to be found in the collection of the Brothers Grimm English speakers however, are probably most familiar with Robert Browning s poem, The Pied Piper of Hamelin

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