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אותו הים 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 249 , 260 1000% , view spoiler,,, zenless zenhide spoiler Nadia Danon Is Dead, Of Cancer Her Widower, Albert, A Tax Accountant, Comforted By His Old Friend And Colleague Bettine, Is Trying To Put His Life Back Together His Son, Enrico, Has Gone Off To Lose Or Find Himself In Tibet The Son S Girlfriend, Dita, Is A Filmmaker Back In Israel, Where She Is Making Friendly, Daughterly Overtures To Albert His Response Is Less Platonic Meanwhile, Dita Has Another Lover Giggy May Be Crass, But At Least He S Uncomplicated And A Passionate But Mildly Repellent Film Producer Lusts After Her Too Through These Intersecting Triangles Of Desire And Love, Theirs Are The Voices And The Stories BOOK JACKET Narimi,NarimiRomanzo dalla struttura assai particolare prosa e poesia si intrecciano, si alternano nel racconto e l autore,ha un duplice ruolo, sia osservatore che attore osserva,delinea con tratti sapienti i personaggi,rincorrendone i pensieri e i desideri e, ad un certo punto,entra nella storia stessa, dialogando con loro,prendendo parte alla narrazione.C un assenza e diversi modi di comprenderla e di superarla c il dolore ,incalcolabile,del signor Danon, ragioniere che fa sempre conti e bilanci,che diviene insonnia,stanchezza,solitudine e quello di Rico,il figlio,che diviene fuga ,ansiosa ricerca di un nuovo senso di s attraverso il viaggio,tra le montagne del Tibet.In tutti i personaggi c l incapacit di comunicare,il senso di lontananza,di separazione tra il s e cio che si ama, persona reale o virtualeVite parallele,che per pochi istanti si incrociano,fugacemente, per poi restare ognuno con i propri silenzi Fuori il mare,liscio,freddo,lastra di vetro nera,liquidit corrente e, in giardino,il canto di un usignoloNarimi,Narimi Le pagine piu belle sono quelle di poesia delicate,intrise di dolcezza e di malinconiaqua e la invece ,in alcuni passaggi ,si fa fatica a capire nota culinaria non facile immaginare caff e bastoncini salati o th con formaggi salati e olive piccanti,per chi di solito preferisce un buon rosso corposo Ever since the first time I read this, it has become the book by which all other books are judged Oz s verse has such a melancholic beauty to it Still not a book for everyone, but if it s a book for you, you will never forget it. No, this was not for me This reads as a collection of related poems that strung together are meant to tell a story Some of the lines were pretty and did have me thinking, but most of the time I was just confused Poems are intermixed with sections of prose poetry Some of the poems have lines that rhyme, but the rhymes were silly, simplistic other words would have made sense The poetry made the story disjointed and hard to understand.The book s central character is a sixty year old man living in Tel Aviv, Israel His wife has died His son has gone off to find himself in Tibet The son s girlfriend remains She doesn t care she s independent The telling flips back and forth between Israel, Tibet and then Siri Lanka All of them are sleeping with than one person Neither the story nor the writing did anything for me In addition, I did not I like the audiobook narration by Elijah Alexander The tempo is uneven one minute fast and the next slow and drawn out The whole performance was, in my view, unprofessional.Book I have read by Amos Oz, in order of preference A Tale of Love and Darkness 4 starsMy Michael 4 starsPanther In The Basement 4 starsJudas 3 starsThe Same Sea 1 star A captivating story, of a widower and his son, trying to come to terms with and find meaning in the loss of his wife mother It is all the poignant as Oz pours out his soul, he himself losing his mother at a young age.It is an interesting hybrid, experimental novel, utilising different formats, views and devices It may not be to everyone s taste but Oz s style and prose are recognisable A pale, opaline mist is rolling slowly upwards a filmy nightdress on the curve of the mountain Some of the regional cultural references are so inviting Sometimes the taste of these strong olives cured slowly in oil, with cloves of garlic, bay leaves and chillies an lemon and salt, conjures a whiff of a bygone age rocky crannies, goats, shade and the sound of pipes, the tune of the breath of primeval times The chill of a cave, a hidden cottage in a vineyard, a lodge in a garden, a slice of barley bread and well water You are from there You have lost your way Here is exile Your death will come, and lay a knowing hand on your shoulder Come, it s time to go home.I find the ending a bit wanting but get the sense that the author himself has already reached some degree of resolution.Prose Poetry Epistolary Play Narrative Journal.Motley Eclectic.Intentional or Disorganized.Creative or Lazy.Albert Rico Father son.Loss Grief Catharsis.Remembrance Nostalgia.Searching for Lost.Searching for Love.Father s defeat.Son s retreat.Dita entreats.Bettine Maria Giggy The Replacements.Dubi The Repulsive.Narrator interjects.Author injects himself, even his family, into the story.Albert Bettine Two sixty year old widowed and lonely Like Our souls at night.Dita Albert Mutual Substitutes.Temptation Seduction Consolation.Bettine Dita Interloper Jealousy.Memories of Nadia Nadia s memories.Allusions References.Religious Spiritual Mystical.Observations Yearnings Sayings.Incomplete No resolution.Life remembered Life resumed.Was it all a dream One who has come through fire and water, his early promise has come to nothing It has not come easily to him He has come to blows He has not come up in the world nor has he come into money He has come to grief, has come down to his last crust Now he has come to judgment, and at last he has come to terms. A novel told in a mixture of poetry and prose a novel approach, I dare say However, I came to understand why novels and poetry stand apart as two different forms, and although they borrow heavily from each other, the fusion of the two into the same sea leaves one quite at sea The author enters the minds of a group of people in Israel a widowed father, his soul searching son, the son s stay behind girlfriend and her lovers, the son s pick up girlfriend while on the road, the father s wannabe girlfriend who is herself a widow, the matriarch while she is alive and dead, and most interestingly, the author himself, who as the narrator mixes freely with his characters and dissects their lives.Nothing much happens in this book other than for the narrator offering us rich insights into each of the characters through set pieces of poetry or short prose Their relationships to each other, their desires or loss of desire in the case of the widower , memories, angst and feelings are laid bare in lyrical language Oz takes us into taboo places the father s lust for his son s girlfriend, the girlfriend s reciprocation, the son s anger at his mother dying on him I felt the author was enjoying himself not only in taking tea with his characters and spying on them but also in playing with words At times I had difficulty identifying some of the voices as they blur amongst each other Given the style selected, there is not a lot of movement, other than for the son s peregrinations through South Asia which are elegantly rendered.Is this one of my favourite novels No Is this the best book of poetry I ve read No Is it the best work of experimental fiction I ve read Perhaps I was left hanging, wondering how much impactful this novel would have been had Oz, given his flair for language and his fearlessness to plumb character, decided to write it as a conventional novel, replete with a story line that would have seen some of the conflicts resolved how much further could he have travelled with this book that way Yes, then perhaps I would have cast a favourable vote. In fondo ognuno condannato ad aspettare la propria morte nell isolamento di una gabbia Anche tu, che cosa credi, con i tuoi vagabondaggi e la tua ossessione di andare lontano e accumulare esperienze, in fondo non fai che trascinarti dietro la tua gabbia da un angolo all altro dello zoo Confesso che ho molto peccato, perch a leggere questo libricino a met tra prosa e poesia, fatto di suggestioni leggere, riferimenti paesaggistici il mare sopra tutti , languori e sentimenti, ho pensato facilmente a Baricco E mi dolgo dei miei peccati La verit che scrivere un libro che mescoli prosa e poesia, nell assoluta anarchia di forma e struttura, sempre impresa ardua, si finisce sempre col suscitare occhiatacce di sospetto e scetticismo E anche vero che un libro del genere non chiede solo di esser letto vuole essere ascoltato Scrivere versi a caso, in un apparente confusione, alla portata di tutti, ma Amos Oz va ben oltre Nella profonda umanit dei personaggi, nelle spirali chiuse dei loro sentimenti, nelle frequenti incursioni autobiografiche dello scrivente allo stesso modo de Una storia di a e di tenebra si cela il cuore pulsante e vivo di questa opera.E un libro che vuole esser letto piano, con dolcezza, assaporato, riletto, che negli ampi spazi bianchi lascia al lettore la possibilit di riflettere, di inserirvi quasi la sua personale narrazione Se riuscite a superare il facile ostacolo della sua forma apparentemente artificiosa, dell assenza di struttura, vi aprir il suo cuore Come con il mare, non avete che da spezzarne la superficie ed immergervi in profondit. 2009. This is a rare and special sort of read An entire story is told through short poems I would recommend this book to anyone who loves words Beautiful imagery some of it referenced from the Bible It is a translation from the original Hebrew I cannot imagine it could be lovely A widower awaits his son who has gone wandering A boy leaves his parents one living, the other dead and is haunted by both their ghosts His girlfriend stays with his father the widower and creates the story Nirit s Love The narrator steps in and out of the story unexpectedly, but okay, no spoilers This book inspired a few poems that I m proud of Described as mythic, a GREAT book To think I found it at a Booksale

About the Author: Amos Oz

Amos Oz Hebrew born Amos Klausner was an Israeli writer, novelist, journalist and intellectual He was also a professor of literature at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba He was regarded as Israel s most famous living author.Oz s work has been published in 42 languages in 43 countries, and has received many honours and awards, among them the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Pr

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