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Shadow of Night Picking Up From A Discovery Of Witchescliffhanger Ending, Shadow Of Night Takes Diana And Matthew On A Trip Through Time To Elizabethan London, Where They Are Plunged Into A World Of Spies, Magic, And A Coterie Of Matthew S Old Friends, The School Of Night As The Search For Ashmole Deepens And Diana Seeks Out A Witch To Tutor Her In Magic, The Net Of Matthew S Past Tightens Around Them, And They Embark On A Very Different And Vastly Dangerous Journey

About the Author: Deborah Harkness

My life has been a series of left turns that nevertheless took me in the right direction though it didn t always seem so at the time I went to college to be a theater major and ended up studying the Renaissance I went to grad school to become a college administrator and loved to teach so much I became a college professor instead I thought I wanted to be a Tudor Stuart historian, and found mys

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    Request to Readers of This Review who LOVED the book Please stop NOW do not read this review Based on the ridiculous repetitive comments left by lovers of this trilogy, many of you cannot handle opinions that do not conform to your own feel the need to call me stupid, tell me I have no right to read this book, other nonsense If you feel t

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    You gave your life to me Diana Bishop It s time to make use of it This is a hard review to write How do I sum up all the intense emotions and thoughts that this book conjured in me So please forgive me if this review is not worthy of the book for this was truly an incredible story and like the first book, one I will have to read again and again T

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    Worst Sequel Ever I loved Discovery of Witches and couldn t wait to dive into the sequel, particularly now that they have traveled back in time to Elizabethan England Unfortunately, this outing started out bad and just got worse Harkness punishes readers with endless dialogue between Matthew s incredibly boring friends, who there are, like six of and all six of th

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    My rating 2.5 of 5 starsShadow of Night picks up immediately after A Discovery of Witches ends and I do mean immediately with little to no refresher This was my second attempt at reading and I attribute my success at completing it solely because of this recap I found online which was an immense help with Matthew and Diana traveling back into the past to search for Ashmole

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    Cannot believe this book has 4 stars Have you read the same book I just suffered through actually listened to as a 24 hour long audiobook should have been my first warning I don t even want to read the 3rd book I m so turned off by this LONG, confusing sequel I can t imagine how she will be able to close the MANY loose ends she has floating out there And by the way, did anyone else

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    I was fairly eager to read Shadow of Night after reading Discovery of Witches I didn t hate it I didn t love it While I certainly had my qualms about the first book book you can read my review to see about that , my review of Shadow of Night is equally ambivalent, but for different reasons SPOILERS AHEAD First, the good Harkness finally utilizes her skills as an Elizabethan historian for t

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    So imagine you ve written a story about vampires and witches who hunt for a mysterious book full of power and life The story is set in the modern day with much of the action taking part in the city of Oxford along with many memorable scenes occurring in the Bodleian library It all sounds pretty decent Your central character slowly falls in love with a vampire the feelings are returned The two decide

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    I wish I could give this book than 3 stars To be honest it s receiving three only because I it piqued my interest just enough to finish it.I was so excited to read the second installment to Diana and Matthew s journey after reading The Discovery of Witches a couple of years ago and absolutely adoring the first book This book, I found, was too long with too many unnecessary characters Yes I became aware afte

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    This book was unbearable I wrote a really lengthy review then lost it before saving, but I have so many problems with this book that I honestly don t feel like writing them up again.I m just going to lay out some general reasons why you shouldn t read this book Most of the new characters are either boring or annoying Matthew also becomes immensely annoying with his constant desire to keep secrets and treat her like s

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    A few non spoilery things if you ve finished the first one you ll want to know before beginning this or things I wanted to know and needed my future self to tell me 1 95% of this takes place in the past.There are a few chapters that update you on what s going on in the present, but those were kind of dull, sooooo2 The time traveling will never make sense.It s best to just let this go The 16th century Matthew disappears while

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