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The Night Stalkers While I enjoyed each of the stories within this book, I found the overall format a little jarring Since each chapter was about a completely different op or group of people, each chapter was like starting a whole new book In addition, within each chapter, the story would jump from one group of people to another This all made it somewhat difficult to get into the flow of each story and to get to know or feel for the individuals However, it was still worth reading to learn the amazing skill and heroics of these individuals In particular, I really enjoyed the chapter on the guys who set up all the logistics and servicing fuel, ammo, rockets, etc to support the SOAR ops This was a new and educational section that really makes you appreciate all the effort that goes into any spec op I also found the information on the medical rescue support really interesting, particularly as a mission trainer myself for space operations. Hands down the best book on military aviation I ve ever read The authors do a fantastic job of spinning the tales, keeping it interesting and fast paced. This is an excellently organized and engaging history of the Night Stalkers outfit As a chronological anthology, many of the stories offer heroic glimpses into famous missions, such as those in Mogadishu and at Robert s Ridge Other, less well known missions are described in vivid detail so that the reader listener can properly understand the gravity of the military actions.The authors word choice is perfect His adjectives are punchy I listened to this book on Audible and often lost track of where I was and what I was doing due to the exquisite descriptions and brilliant narration.I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in special operations. If you have any interest in Army Aviation then this is the book for you Army pilots, development of aircraft and tactics, it s a great book Recently I have just read the novel Night Stalkers by Michael J Durant and Steven Hartov It was a great novel, but it wasn t much of a novel as muchit was a collection of biographies These biographies were all of a elite group of super militiamen and women They are part of a group known as the Night Stalkers orofficially known as the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Airborne This high ranking group of men and women are known for flying fairly close to the ground and in very severe conditions They are trained to fly at night with no moon and even trained to fly in extreme winds This was a good book, the first thing that influenced me to read this book was the book cover and jacket After reading the book jacket I wanted to knowabout this group and what they do indetail.The title was eye catching and I thought that it was something that might hold my interest But when I started to read the story I thought totally different of the cover It wasn t exactly how I thought it would be It was a lotdescriptive about the intense moments that took place on the battlegrounds then what I thought it would be.I thought that it would explain what training they had to go through and what type of experience was needed to get into this elite crew The overall theme and purpose of this book was to influence the reader about this amazing group that does so much to jump in the action any important time they are needed The author does an wonderful job of putting in pictures at the middle of the story The pictures are all of either the type of helicopters the group rides or a character from the story It enhances the reader s vision on what they are reading From my perspective anyway It tremendously helps to see what the author is trying to tell us, as a reader It also helps that the author was actually a former decorated Night Stalker himself He tells the story as if he were actually there as everything was going on He portrayed the action and battle scenes very well Probably from former experience in the position He makes it feel hyper realistic As if again both the reader and the author were sitting by one of the though aviator wearing men and women in combat But one small flaw to this very enjoyable and whole novel The military terms used could sometimes be a struggle to the reader There was a glossary or all the terms in the back of the book but I found myself having to turn back to the glossary every chapter or so to find out what a term meant It wasn t to much of a struggle, but it was still an easy fixable obstacle that I found myself facing If I could change one thing a this book I would change jumping around from each character It would have been great to have maybe a little less characters in the story To understand the bookit would have been simpler to read itat one time then to read it every so often Because if you would have forgotten a character you might have to turn back the page and read from where you left off Finally I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys military stories and anyone who has an interest in joining the military I say this, because it showed me kinda the dark side of the military Never before has a heard a story of how someone lost their left thumb or how the felt the metal of their helicopter being ripped as they were flying it To conclude this novel was a great one and I would read anything similar to it Just to maybe get a different way of reading the story then how it was setup in this one. Enjoyed this look into TF 160 s history, operations, and pilots Book took the format of a series of vignettes told by pilots illustrating operations the unit has been involved in over its history. very interesting,, if you want to know about combat missions,, great reading Until 1980, Special Forces Delta, SEALs, Rangers, Green Berets relied on ad hoc transportation from other units to get to every operation That led to disaster in 1980, when the failed Iranian hostage rescue left hulks of five helicopters in the Iranian desert The U.S Army decided to do it right the next time, resulting in the creation of SOAR, the Special Operations Aviation Regiment, a highly trained, aggressive unit of helicopter pilots and crew Durant In the Company of Heroes and coauthors recount half a dozen SOAR missions from Grenada in 1983 and Panama in 1989 to Afghanistan and Iraq today, all with abundant fireworks and casualties However, in this account, bravery occurs only on our side, while opponents are gleefully cackling comic book villains blown to smithereens by America s deadly firepower Readers who wonder why our magnificent troops are assailing, say, the Panamanian army, which no one would mistake for the Wehrmacht, have picked up the wrong book It s written for those who love vivid tales of battlefield heroics and seek noinsight from books than they do from video games.Three authors, all army veterans, join forces for this history of their service s Special Aviation Regiment Founded in the 1970s, the unit received a boost from the Iran hostage fiasco It first went to war in Grenada in 1983 and since then has flown, usually by night, hence the name Night Stalkers, everywhere army special ops troops have needed to be delivered and supported Durant and coauthor Robert L Johnson are veterans of the regiment itself, so they can retell, vividly but discreetly, what it feels like to go into action against what are frequently blood chilling odds Sometimes the Stalkers use state of the art stealth helicopters, in whose development the regiment played a significant role at other times, they useconventional birds and rely on darkness and skill The book s action scenes are numerous and spine tingling, its portraits of men living a life of danger absorbing, and the regiment s sadly long roll of honor distinctly moving. From time to time, I didn t like the tone of this book, because it felt the author was glorifying the characters in the book a little too much That said howdver, it is a good read on how this unit was formed, and some of the highlights of their intensive and traumatic missions that they had to complete. From The Authors Of The Bestselling In The Company Of Heroes Come The Thrilling, Never Before Heard Stories Of The Army S Elite Aviation Unit, The Most Daring And Professional Helicopter Crews In The World In His First Book, Michael Durant Told His Harrowing Tale Of Being Shot Down In His Blackhawk Over Mogadishu And Held Captive By A Somali Warlord It Was A Remarkable Account, Particularly Because Special Operations Pilots Are Notoriously Reticent They Don T Talk About Their Missions, At Least Not To Anyone Outside Their Small Community But Now, With The Publication Of The Night Stalkers, Durant And Steven Hartov Shed A Fascinating Light On These Mysterious Super Commandos And Take Readers Into A World They Have Only Imagined From Iran To Grenada To Iraq, The Th SOAR A Has Been At The Point Of The Spear And In The Thick Of Combat, Delivering And Supporting Delta Operators, Rangers, And SEAL Teams To Any Target, At Any Point On The Globe, In All Weather Night Or Day Simply Put, They Are The Best Of The Best, And Here For The First Time Are Their Hair Raising True Stories Of Battle, Capture, Victory, And Loss

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