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Noël aux quatre coins du monde The Twelve Trans Realist Prose Sketches In Christmas At The Four Corners Of The Earth Take The Reader To Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Bahia, Rotterdam, China, New Mexico, New Zealand, The Ardennes Forest, And The South Atlantic OceanWorking Together They Are Antithesis To Sentimental Christmas Stories

About the Author: Blaise Cendrars

Fr d ric Louis Sauser, better known as Blaise Cendrars, was a Swiss novelist and poet naturalized French in 1916 He was a writer of considerable influence in the modernist movement.His father, an inventor businessman, was Swiss, his mother Scottish He spent his childhood in Alexandria, Naples, Brindisi, Neuch tel, and numerous other places, while accompanying his father, who endlessly pursued bu

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    If I could live the life of anyone else, I might choose Blaise Cendrars , minus losing an arm in WWI.He hung with Cocteau, Henry Miller, Picasso, Modigliani, Coco Chanel, et al., traveled the world and wrote This book can be read in a half hour, and mostly just made me want to be him.

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    I was going to read all of Blaise Cendrars, but his time has passed I have one comprehensive book of poetry to read, then I m done with him I did pick up some interesting tidbits in the footnotes which often happens The idea of pays du tendre or land of heart s desire The obscure writer Mademoiselle d

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    This is a short but wonderful book wherein, as the title states, Cendrars describes Christmases he s encountered on some of his many travels to locales exotic and not so exotic Its my understanding that these short tales were originally broadcast as radio pieces His descriptions are full of the adventurous,

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    At times a bit violent, this is still a Christmas perspective that I find deeply comforting I ve got an affinity happening here Some kind of yuletide continuity Alright Keep it tight, it ain t worth the fight.

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