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The Stories of Ray Bradbury 3.75 All right I m not going to sit here and say I read this whole thing, because I didn t However, I read the majority of it and from what I read, it was pretty good Now, I m not much of a short story reader because I love getting to know characters and their backgrounds and whatnot s, and you just can t do that with short stories Regardless, there were a few really good one s in here that actually made me feel concerned for the characters So that was cool On the flip side, there were a handful of stories that were not for me And I mean they were so very boring I almost felt like I was reading something dreadful for school So yes, those particular stories are to blame for the non whole 4 stars, because they were truly quite terrible.Overall, this is definitely something I will pick up from time to time, because why not, and I recommend it to those who enjoy quick reads If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Walter Mitty The Stories of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury Original Review, 1980 11 16 There are two ways to look at the work of Ray Bradbury One is to remember how it was to return to the old friends of youth, when these stories were beautiful, perceptive and spoke of important things The other is to look at them as they are now elegant, but a little shallow obvious sentimentalized To do the latter is to deny the child still within us Not to do it is to deny the child s long struggle to become an adult What to do Bradbury peers quizzically out of the jacket photo, and, startlingly, displays a strong resemblance to James Thurber s customary expression. This has many good stories in it although some are better than others Some of the science fiction tales are still enjoyable while others haven t held up as well over time For instance the stories set on Mars convey a feeling of desolation and insidious, insanity inducing weirdness which still works for me, in spite of details which may have been proven wrong by subsequent scientific discovery The Venus stories, on the other hand, are a little too out to left field this planet is presented as a giant hyperactive ian rainforest But many of the stories which take place down here on the home planet are just as interesting There are a few recurring themes and it s interesting to see what Bradbury does with them There is a preoccupation with machines which in later science fiction would be called androids, and these are used to explore what it is exactly that makes us human There are people who get stuck in eternal youth, which, it seems, is not all it s cracked up to be There is some exploration of deep seated human depravity children and even babies can be ruthless killers, teenagers harbour festering resentments and adults try to perpetrate the perfect crime There are zombies, vampires and other monsters lurking on the fringes of society It is possible to travel backwards and forwards through time, and even across dimensions but let the traveler beware, for the results may be bizarre Not all is doom and gloom, however There are some light and funny stories, such as the one about the hen who lays oracular eggs, or the the one about the young man obsessed with chocolate Ray Bradbury was a man of great vision who looked not only up, down and all around, but also within His writings attest to a certain nostalgia for the past and intense speculations about the possibilities of the future. It s been a long time since I remember reading the work of a writer who writes like no other person So many writers are like Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Joyce Carol Oates, etc, and we read them because we ve run out of the real thing Ray Bradbury is only like himself He puts things in a way no one else could put them Primarily, his creativity and his prose glimmers real He is the reason I was drawn to read in the first place to visit other worlds The story that blew me away the most, however, was this insignificant portrayal of a few moments of fear, The Night A boy doesn t come home on time, and his mother spends about ten minutes wondering where he is, but this time brings her face to face with the great chasm of fear in the unknown that we all face But this isthan death This summer night wading deep in time and stars and warm eternity It is an essence of all the things you will ever feel or see or hear in your life again, being brought steadily home to you all at once The essential impact of life s loneliness crushes your beginning to tremble body Mother is alone, too She cannot look to the sanctity of marriage, the protection of her family s love, she cannot look to the United States Constitution or the City Police, she cannot look anywhere in this very instant, save into her heart, and there she ll find nothing but uncontrollable repugnance and a will to fear In this instant it is an individual problem seeking an individual solution You must accept being alone and work on from here For once, all I can say is Wow. When I was halfway through I was ready to name Ray Bradbury as the best American short story writer There are over 800 pages of short stories here I sampled the last third of them. I started reading this book nearly a month back It is a chunkster at nearly 900 pages, but still I didn t think it would take so long But I refused to give up or get distracted by other shiny new books, and I persisted Yesterday, when I read the last word, on the last page, I was very happy and thrilled I have always thought that Ray Bradbury was a science fiction writer I hadn t read any of his stories or books when I thought that Then one of my friends who was a huge fan of Bradbury introduced Dandelion Wine to me I read it and I loved it and it immediately found a place on my list of favourite books It was the most beautiful evocation of summer that I have ever read Then I thought that Bradbury wrote science fiction and stories about small town America Then someone told me about Fahrenheit 451 Then I thought Okay Bradbury writes science fiction small town America dystopia Then I read this book And now I realize that whatever I thought about Bradbury was wrong He was a writer who refused to get slotted into one genre, refused to be pigeon holed He wrote about anything and everything which caught his fancy and he defied other s attempts to classify his stories This book has 100 stories, all selected by Ray Bradbury himself There is science fiction, there are stories of small town America But there are also horror stories, stories about vampires, dinosaur stories, noir crime stories, detective stories, murder mysteries, love stories, family stories, Irish stories, Mexican stories Even the science fiction is diverse the regular space travel stuff is there, there are Martian stories, there are time travel stories, there are stories of dinosaurs and strange sea creatures, and other stories which are hard to classify There are science fiction stories which offer commentary on our modern networked world in which we are connected all the time through social media Bradbury wrote that story decades back, before the advent of the smartphone and the internet, and the insights the story offers are amazing This story is called The Murderer The Irish stories show beautiful aspects of Irish culture and how people took pleasure and got happiness from the small things when their country was going through a tough time My favourite Irish story was The Anthem Sprinters There were many stories which bore a close resemblance to longer novels by other authors and movies, which came later I am wondering whether these authors and movie makers were inspired by Bradbury s stories The Small Assassin looked remarkably similar to the movie The Omen , but without the religious connotations I liked most of the stories in the book and it is impossible to write about them all So, I am giving below a brief description of some of my favourites The Night It is the first story in the book and Bradbury hits the ball straight out of the park, in the first story itself It is about the fear of the night, the fear of the dark, that many of us have, when we are children It is very scary It had one of my favourite passages which went like this You realize you are alone You and your mother Her hand trembles Her hand trembles Your belief in your private world is shattered You feel Mother tremble Why Is she, too, doubtful But she is bigger, stronger,intelligent than yourself, isn t she Does she, too, feel that intangible menace, that groping out of darkness, that crouching malignancy down below Is there, then, no strength in growing up no solace in being an adult no sanctuary in life no flesh citadel strong enough to withstand the scrabbling assault of midnights Doubts flush you Homecoming There is a strange family who look like humans during normal times We are never told what they are, but we suspect that they are vampires They are having a great gathering and celebration and all their relatives are visiting There are all kinds of creatures among their relatives The youngest member of the family, Timothy, is different from the rest He sleeps during the night, is awake during the day, eats normal food How this outsider lives his life in a family filled with people who have strange powers forms the rest of the story The Scythe It is a story in which a man and his family, who are struggling to make ends meet, find a house in the middle of nowhere, with everything they want, and a document which says that the house and surrounding lands belong to them now But, of course, nothing comes for free in life, and there is a deep horror lurking there in the house and around Kaleidoscope A rocket explodes and the astronauts inside are thrown out in different directions They have a short period of radio time left, before they lose contact, and in that time they start discussing the meaning of life and they start saying nice things and mean things to each other What starts as a science fiction story, ends up becoming a story which asks the big questions about life and it is incredibly beautiful The Veldt A couple get a futuristic playroom for their kids But when the playroom door is closed, it looks like something scary has stepped into the room, like a real life version of Jumanji.The Fire Balloons A group of priests go to Mars to meet Martians and initiate them into the ways of religion But they are in for a surprise.The Fog Horn A beautiful science fiction story which is also a love story It is one of my alltime favourites and one of Bradbury s finest Please do read it You can find it here and Farewell A beautiful story of a boy who doesn t grow up The Great Wide World Over There A story of a middle aged woman who can t read and write, who discovers the pleasures of receiving letters Very beautiful I cried after I read the story The Small Assassin A story about a newborn baby who is fully aware of his surroundings, doesn t have any moral sense of right and wrong, hates his parents for bringing him into the world, and tries to hurt them Very scary Very similar to The Omen.Calling Mexico A story about an old man in his last days, who tries to bring back his past with a small act Very beautiful and poignant.The Day it Rained Forever A story about three old men who are waiting for the rain and then something happens You have to read the story to find out what happened The Town Where No One Got Off A travelling salesman gets off the train, one day, at a town where no one gets off Surprising things happen then A very interesting, philosophical noir crime story The Anthem Sprinters A beautiful depiction of Irish culture.The One Who Waits A very scary science fiction story And the narrator I can t tell youThe Terrible Conflagration up at the Place a story about a few young men who want to burn down an Irish lord s house What happens is beautiful and charming.Tomorrow s Child A couple have a child But the child has an unusual appearance can t tell youWhat happens after that you have to read and find out A beautiful story about parents and children, family and love I Sing the Body Electric in which the narrator talks about his unusual grandma She is one of my favourite grandma characters ever A Story of Love a beautiful, unusual live story.The Better Part of Wisdom another beautiful, unusual love story What is left unsaid is so beautiful I don t think I would have understood this story when I was in my teens Interval in Sunlight it describes the life of a couple and how the husband harasses the wife everyday, with every word he speaks It made me angryandas I read the story I hated that husband character But the way Bradbury makes it all look so real it is scary Full marks to him I loved The Stories of Ray Bradbury It was 894 pages of pure reading pleasure There is something in it for everyone I am glad I finally read it If you get a chance do read it. Drunk, And In Charge Of A Bicycle Introduction By Ray Bradbury The Night Homecoming Uncle Einar The Traveler The Lake The Coffin The Crowd The Scythe There Was An Old Woman There Will Come Soft Rains Mars Is Heaven The Silent Towns The Earth Men The Off Season The Million Year Picnic The Fox And The Forest Kaleidoscope The Rocket Man Marionettes, Inc No Particular Night Or Morning The City The Fire Balloons The Last Night Of The World The Veldt The Long Rain The Great Fire The Wilderness A Sound Of Thunder The Murderer The April Witch Invisible Boy The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind The Fog Horn The Black Black And White Game Embroidery The Golden Apples Of The Sun Powerhouse Hail And Farewell The Great Wide World Over There The Playground Skeleton The Man Upstairs Touched With Fire The Emissary The Jar The Small Assasin The Next In Line Jack In The Box The Leave Taking Exorcism The Happiness Machine Calling Mexico The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed The Strawberry Window A Scent Of Sarsaparilla The Picasso Summer The Day It Rained Forever A Medicine For Melancholy The Shoreline At Sunset Fever Dream The Town Where No One Got Off All Summer In A Day Frost And Fire The Anthem Sprinters And So Died Riabouchinska Boys Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar The Vacation The Illustrated Woman Some Live Like Lazarus The Best Of All Possible Worlds The One Who Waits Tyrannosaurus Rex The Screaming Woman The Terrible Conflagration Up At The Place Night Call, Collect The Tombling Day The Haunting Of The New Tomorrow S Child I Sing The Body Electric The Women The Inspired Chicken Motel Yes, We Ll Gather At The River Have I Got A Chocolate Bar For You A Story Of Love The Parrot Who Met Papa The October Game Punishment Without Crime A Piece Of Wood The Blue Bottle Long After Midnight The Utterly Perfect Murder The Better Part Of Wisdom Interval In Sunlight The Black Ferris Farewell Summer McGillahee S Brat The Aqueduct Gotcha The End Of The Beginning Ray Bradbury is my favorite author His use of descriptive language and non conventional character development and plot are what makes him to be one of the best science fiction writers of all time.The Stories of Ray Bradbury captures the very essence of what makes him so brilliant The book features a methodical mix of both long and short stories that give the reader great choice A Bradbury short story can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour to read Bradbury,than any other author I ve ever read, paints a picture in my mind about the events in the book He,than any other author I ve ever read, leaves the reader completely satisfied with the visual and sensory aspects of the story while at the same time leaving us begging forof his quirky, deliciously flawed characters His use of character and plot dynamic bends what is acceptable for literature, often spiting the traditional exposition conflict climax resolution format of most literary accounts There Will Come Soft Rains, for instance, features no human characters It describes a house run entirely by robots, and its daily routine Over the course of time, the reader deduces that the owners are dead due to a nuclear war, and the slow realization is where Bradbury applies the concept of plot I cannot recommend this book highly enough His ability to apply his signature style to each story while maintaining complete individuality for each one is unprecedented Bradbury can sayin a short story than most authors do in an entire novel. I m ashamed to confess that I ve never read Farenheit 451. My seventh grader made a video book report for class, and viewing it is as far as I ve gotten These stories are SO GOOD I mof a science fiction is a metaphor for our times reader than a lightyears and technology science fiction reader, and I didn t know what to expect Stylistically, his writing is just beautiful Many times, I caught my breath at a turn of phrase, a heart wrenchingly familiar characterization, a sentence that makes you go ooh, and then you stop and read it over again As for the science fiction aspect you can t really pigeonhole Ray Bradbury, the man was a storymaking machine So, yes, in this book, people land on Mars, but it s what they do once they get to Mars that makes the story matter to us He creates situations familiar to us from our lives, or from the headlines he writes about the loneliness and isolation of being far away from home, about being forced into exile, about being the last person left on the planet But these are also stories about hope and family and friendship, even if they are often flavored with the anxiety of the nuclear age There were stories that made me think, stories that made me smile, and there were stories that made my the hairs at the back of my neck rise and stand at attention Go read it An old housemate I had scratched with an indelible marker a paragraph out a story called Kaleidoscope on his bedroom wall What s that I asked He showed me this gigantic book I read the story Men were drifting into the oblivion of space as it began One of the men told the captain how he had betrayed him, and now there was nothing either of them could do about it Another struggled to fasten the valve on his wrist because a meteor had calmly ripped away his left hand One man had gone mad on impact while another nearby sacrificed precious energy to reach him and put a hole in his glass face When the story begins, you learn immediately every character is doomed to die I was feverish as I read Dialogue ensued through a shared channel that some wished they could shut off, and words heated their tempers as everything drifted further and further I was locked in from then on Through odd circumstances I obtained the book that once belonged to someone else I have read most of the 100 stories in its covers and have never experienced fiction like Bradbury s The stories are whimsical and charming with their humor, or often captively mysterious Bradbury s prose like stories never fall away from their theories into pieces Though absolute in their fiction, they remain attatched to the reality of their individual circumstances.

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Ray Douglas Bradbury, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet, was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938 Although his formal education ended there, he became a student of life, selling newspapers on L.A street corners from 1938 to 1942, spending his nights in the public library and his days at