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Charm School not a bad book,although it doesn t make to the list of my TOP favourite books. I love this book I must have read it like 50 times by now I love being girly so I d love to go to charm school but I get why Bonnie might not want to After all, not everyone likes pink and cute things I like that Bonnie tells the other girls that they can have fun and don t always have to be perfect especially that they can eat the nice things they named themselves after I think that s an immportant message I think teenagers are told what we shouldn t eat too often haha, off I go again gomen Anyway, I would recommend this book to anyone in the preteen young teen age group It s silly and fun for older girls too. Bonny Does Not Want To Go To Charm School, No Matter How Much Mum Needs Her To Take A One Day Class And It S Just As Bad As She Has Feared Worse, In Fact For Charm School Is Filled With Awful, Scratchy, Self Obsessed Girls Who Are Prepared To Do Almost Anything To Win The Much Coveted Glistening Tiara Love a throwback read This was one of my favourites as a child and I can see why I was and to a point remain definitely a Bonny. I really liked the core theme of this book It centres around Bonny who joins a group of girls who are obsessed with how they look and what they wear None of these things matter to Bonny as she believes life is than just being decorative Even though the other girls do their best to make Bonny feel as though she is worthless for not being like them, she takes control of the situation and helps them realise their own worth This is an excellent book for reinforcing the message that life is for living and should, most of all, be fun. I loved it because it s answer to the Curls ad Purls girls was to have fun I like that Anne Fine didn t delve too much into media and why girls see themselves the way they do, because it would have seemed to simplistic and trite, especially as everyhting happens in one day Instead, the girls are encouraged to have fun instead of sitting at the mirror all the day I liked Bonnie very much because she was so candid and improper without being annoying This book is really funny, and still makes me laugh. It s a little bit heavy handed unusual for Anne Fine but intended for younger readers, I suppose.She s very good at catching people s characters in dialogue Stroke it on gently, dear, Mrs Opalene was telling Pearl Don t scrape away at Araminta s precious face I think that the two words that make this line effective are dear and precious.Mrs Opaline, by the way, runs the charm school and is A large, round, glittering lady. I have heard of Anne Fine as she is quite a traditional author but this book was far from her greatest work Personally I found the main character annoying and the rest of the characters with no reason for being The writing was a drag too with lots of narrative words instead of description I didn t enjoy the storyline at all so overall a bit disappointed really However I will say that for younger children, age 6, they might enjoy it but I don t recommend it. Cute children s book This book is for younger readers, but I used to enjoy it and reading it for a throwback was fun I related to Bonny, and the overall message that it s most important to have fun was good The different ways the performances went were fun to read too.

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