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The Book of the Law Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law This Oft Misunderstood Phrase, Which Forms The Basis For Crowley S Practice Of Magick, Is Found In The Book Of The Law Allegedly Dictated To Crowley In Cairo, Egypt Between Noon And Pm On Three Successive Days In April , The Book Of The Law Is The Source Book And Key For Crowley S Philosophy And Or Religion, Thelema

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    This is Crowley s revelation, and it shaped everything he did after receiving it As a review, this can only be my personal experience with the Book of the Law as a philosophical spiritual system 90% of the Book of the Law really jives with me The central axiom, Do

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    A good friend who is super into the occult and weird new agey stuff loaned me a copy of this It s consistently interesting, but never appeals to me on an ethical or moral level The guy was obviously either out of his mind or high as FUCK when he wrote it I mean, dude claims

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    I read the passages in this book often There are truly some enlightened and beautiful words written here No doubt people without esoteric knowledge will be confused and most likely repelled by this book But it wasn t written for them Despite his flaws, Crowley was a forward think

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    This is the book that most often quoted by people interested in Aleister Crowley, and it certainly deserves to be read As far as understood, I cannot imagine a translation they do exist, by the way that would make any sense to anyone other than Crowley There is, however, a hidden mean

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    First off I have no idea how to properly rate this book My best guess is I shouldn t have used this as my introduction to Crowley s work I read it over the scope of two nights while drinking Guinness late at night I think this is a book I will have to come back to, maybe when my knowledge

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    There are books about magick and then there are books that _are_ magick.This is one of the latter.I recommend everyone read it through at least once Then never trust anyone who wants to speak with you about it Including me.Seriously.

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    Chapter I IntroductionSpoilers alert The first spoiler, this book is crap This book was, in regards to its mythos, Not spoken by Crowley himself , rather it takes place in one of Mr Crowley s drug induced trips He and his recently married wife whom married after the first date and said yes to avoid

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    La biograf a de Crowley que se adjunta a este libro es tanto o m s larga que el propio El libro de la Ley , un manifiesto lis rgico que el mismo autor asegura fue dictado por el Diablo Hay en cada uno de estos puntos prescriptivos de tono prof tico una potente poes a involuntaria que escapa incluso a las

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