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Song of Marwey (The Summoning, #0.50) From The Moment She Sees Pascal Raston, Marwey Famil Feels The Song Between Them And Knows Their Connection Is Unlike Any Other She Will Experience A Castle Soldier, Pascal Is Determined To Fulfill His Dreams And Become A Marshall But He Never Planned On The Possibility Of Meeting Someone Like MarweyAs Dangerous Monsters Invade The Land, Threatening Lives And Freedom, These Two Young People Must Choose Between Love And The Careful Plans They Have Made For Their Lives Will Pascal Give In To The Bond They Share, Or Is His Dedication To His Sword Powerful Than Marwey Suspects This is a book about a girl who is used to getting everything she wants getting again what she wants What a surprising twist.Also she is very irritating and whiny. Ah, Marwey and Pascal They have always seemed like such an adorable couple in the Summoning series It was great to see how they started, so young and still needing to learn how to be It makes me want to read the whole series over again. I enjoyed this little prequel I would like to read the rest of this series

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