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The High Lord Sonea Hat Viel Gelernt, Seit Sie Von Der Magiergilde Aufgenommen Wurde Doch Es Gibt Einiges, Das Sie Lieber Nie Erfahren H Tte Die Dinge, Die Sie In Dem Unterirdischen Gew Lbe Des Geheimnisvollen Gildenmeisters Akkarin Erblickt Hat Sonea F Rchtet, Dass Seine Zuneigung Nur Ein Hinterlistiges Spiel Sein K Nnte

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    This last book in the trilogy is the best by far I really enjoyed it I d recommend reading the trilogy together and in order, which is probably something normal people would do anyway I think while each one has a complete story arc, they form a much complex and satisfying whole all together Normally I advocate reading books haphazardly

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    I was so very, very disapointed with this ending, it was geniunely abismal, and I loved the second book, I though it was down to earth and just about right This, this piece of poorly plotted abomination ruined it, it s almost as if when she was writing it Canavan just thought Actually, do you know what Screw all the plot and tension I ve deci

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    Actual Rating 4.5I just could not stop read this one until it was finished I was like this from start to finish

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    It wasn t that complicated a plot, or that original a premise to be honest, much of the setting reminded me of Raymond E Feist s Krondor mixed with his magicians on Kelewan Regardless, I enjoyed reading the books and read them very quickly one a day, just about They re light, easy reads, in my opinion If you re looking for something long and epic, look

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    Find my review on BookNest.Eu which is an expanded version of this review Hope you enjoy He had given her too much He had given her everything The High Lord starts one year after the ending of the previous book in the series, so the immediate results of those events have already unfolded.I would say that The High Lord was the best of the series as I felt a

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    I started this series years and years ago About two years ago I bought the whole series so I could finally finish it I fell in love with this world again But, to be honest, my biggest motivation was the gay couple that I shipped without end.However, when I picked this book up back then it didn t really grip me and I lost interest in it around the 150 page mark I

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    I cannot even with the horrid heap of crap that this was.First of all, a bunch of people died for no reason Then, a bunch of storylines were left untied.And the absolute worst of all, for which Trudi Canavan should get repeatedly hit in the back of the neck with a book by Professor Snape, is that of all the couples she wrote that were constantly having sex and making

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    I enjoyed these books up until the end which ruined the whole thing for me.

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    MAJOR SPOILERS I m writing this review without reading the ones below I just finished reading the book, so you might realize I m still affected by a lot of what just happened It took a day to read each book, and every day I was and interested on the fates of Sonea, Rothen, Dannyl, Cery, and eventually, even perhaps than the rest, Akkarin Because of that, let me just inhale

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    Well I finished this book a few hours ago and I still have no words This book was a ride I LOVED the beginning, I was so immersed in the story I loved it to pieces But the ending WHY I hate those endings, I mean, there was no need Everything was so great already Why But, well, it was a great book I have to say, although, that I am now a little bit hesitant to pick Trudi Canavan s o

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