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All Bets Are Off (Mountain Boys, #1) I really enjoyed this well written romance between Eli, a young college professor, and Ash, the Marine who takes his class as part of a move back to civilian life These guys were well portrayed in their similarities and differences, both likeable men, and very hot together The relationship progressed believably slowly on an emotional level, the plot was interesting but not melodramatic The implications of their quasi forbidden relationship between teacher and student varied a bit in the climax of the story, but the resolution was fairly satisfying. 4 stars I was really surprised by how much I liked this book A friend had recommended this book to me a while ago and having never read any book by Ms Labbe, I wasn t sure what I was expecting Nevertheless the student teacher romance between Ash and Eli is heart warming, adorable and a little kinky There is a little bit of slow burn and funny banter between the two MCs which I really liked, but I could have done without the freaky department head and the plot suspense However, I really enjoyed the story and the HEA at the end was pretty satisfying as well. It Only Takes One Night With Ash Gallagher To Make Eli Hollister Think He S Finally Met The Right Man At The Right Time Good Thing He Doesn T Bet On It, Because Ash Turns Out To Be A Student In Eli S Class At The Local College Eli Can T Deny He S Attracted, But Now It S Complicated He S Already In Enough Trouble With The Department Head, A Man Who Would Like To See Eli Denied His Tenure And FiredAsh Is Looking Forward To Taking His Life In A New Direction After Serving One Active Duty Stint In The Marine Corps And Another In The Reserves, He S Ready To Put His Military Life Behind Him The Last New Experience He D Planned For This Semester Was To Fall In Lust With His English Professor, But The Eli Resists, The Ash Is Determined To Have Him Then He Discovers Eli S Playing For Keeps, And Ash Is Only Interested In A Fling Or Is He Between These Two, When It Comes To Life And Love, All Bets Are Off 3.5 starssweet, short read The sex was a little dirtier than I usually see in this type of book, so it had that going for it view spoiler but I would have liked to see them use the kink drawer hide spoiler 3 3,5 starsA nice story with nice characters,a nice slow build up,nice settingeverything in the book was nice too nice.Ash falling asleep at his first date with Eli set the pace for the long story to come.Even with skipping all sex scenes I had trouble keeping attention.The few wake up calls didn t make the story move faster it always slowed down againnot my thing.With some serious editing and 100 pages less this could have been a much better bookIMO.But I would recommend it to readers who like their stories to be nice did I say nice even slow paced and not overly angsty. Marguerite Labbe s writing has never let me down, and this novel proves to be no exception It is a heartwarming M M romance, with a solid dash of mystery, a sprinkle or two of angst, humor and sex, all combining to produce a well rounded novel.Eli, a college professor, returns home from a hiking getaway, to find a new man helping out the local construction crew Ash, a former marine, now a reservist and student, catches Eli s attention, and a chance meeting a little while later, proves the attraction is mutual The chance meeting evolves into a hot date, a bet, and a retreat to Ash s apartment However, it seems fate has taken an interest in these two men, as Ash falls asleep after they finally get naked, leaving Ash gently snoring and Eli resigned to frustration Fate s interest is confirmed the next morning, as the start of a new semester finds Ash to be one of Eli s students, thus putting thought of anything sexual happening between the two on hold.From here, the story takes off College life, their pasts, their friends and their careers past, present and future all have key roles within the developing story Both characters are scarred by their pasts, and both find they need to let it go if they have any chance of a future together The characters have depth and are believable for the most part, even if I personally found Eli a bit annoying at times, as he clung a little too long to certain ideas and attitudes The pacing is pretty even throughout, until just before the end Here I felt it seemed a little rushed While all the plot threads are resolved, explained or tied up, personally, I felt it all came to conclusion rather quickly without the same level of the characters thoughts and emotion behind it as found throughout the rest of the novel This rushed feeling, and perhaps the over use of the bet scenario, is the reason it fails to get the full five stars In reality, though, they are minor quibbles, and the novel is certainly deserving of 4.5 stars 1.5 stars Thank fucking Christ it s over The rating slowly went lower and lower as I tried to force myself to finish this book Let s start at the beginning Both the guys on the cover are weird looking and I had a hard time not picturing them when reading the book Eli s supposedly sexy hair gave me the most trouble.Anyway, onto content The dialogue was ridiculously innuendo ridden Literally every single thing they said was some cheesy line And they never shut the fuck up I love dirty talk, but they didn t have dirty talk, they just had keep fucking talking the whole time talk.Something specific that annoyed the shit out of me was just the timing of them finally sleeping together view spoiler They held off the whole time so that if they were questioned they could honestly say that they were not sleeping together having an affair Then Ash finds a blackmail note for Eli about Eli having an affair with a student and they have sex before Ash tells him Now would be the exact time NOT to have sex ANd Eli wasn t mad that Ash made that decision without him hide spoiler 3.5 stars Slow paced, enjoyable romance set in a small town that follows Professor Eli and ex military now student Ash as they fall in love There s a few storylines in this book Eli s friend is desperately looking for easy money to help his sick Dad and Eli s creepy department head Britton wants to force him out of his job Ash too has a lot of things going on in his life He s searching for a place to call home after life in the armed services and feeling guilt at friends and comrades left behind But the author is able to weave these different threads together for a satisfying ending.I had one problem with the story that could have been my doing than the author s I felt like Eli had a total personality shift partway through the novel In the beginning he was this wild, bike riding, anti establishment guy, then we find out he s a Professor and he becomes this very tame person always worried about what others think I felt like I was reading about two different people.I liked the way the bad guys were handled No black and white here The author lets us in on their problems and hardships and we come to sympathise with them to a great extent Even Britton s bad behaviour is tempered by a revelation of illness at the end.I think most readers will like this gentle contemporary m m romance. 4.5 starsThis book was fun At first I thought it was going to be a predictable contemporary story but it turned out to be so much It had me laughing and tearing up with characters that are both likable and real I enjoyed both Eli and Ash so much The tension between these two is palpable and engaging They are so different Ash is in the Reserves, used to discipline and a set schedule He s rough and intense but extremely charming Eli is rebellious He s a nature person, taking walks everyday, going on hiking trips and such He s a calm, free spirit He hardly lets anyone get under his skin because he s so laid back but when he s angry, oh man, how his temper can light things on fire The way these two hit it off, though, is scorching Anticipation is a word they both love and it only builds onto the desire they already have for each other By the end of the story, I really felt like I knew these characters and they just felt completely real to me, their love felt real to me.I loved that this book revolved around bets They are both stubborn, betting men but they keep their word and pay up when they lose Although, in their case when they lose it s like winning But just the fact that they make betting into a fun, enjoyable but hot game made it amusing While the story features the fact that Ash is Eli s student and how they find out after they start their relationship , I really liked the fact that both guys knew it was a dangerous game they were playing by allowing their relationship to stay physical when they found out their strange situation Both men agree to take things slow and as such, the intensity between them builds, they grow to know each other, they fall in love not because of the sex but because of who the are and the best part is we get to see it instead of being told Another thing I loved is how they both understand each other s reservations They never forced each other into doing or saying something they didn t absolutely want to unless it was important to push a topic and I liked how they were both there for each other when it mattered most That we were shown all this which is why this story appealed to me so much The side characters are a hoot, too Jabbers, Eli s beagle, was a joy to read about because the dog featured such a big part of the story with his howls and bays Lu and the other characters in Amwich s small community gave me a few great laughs that made this story the perfect amount of sweet and light.My only issue is that I felt like the ending was a little open ended I was hoping after such a struggle between Eli and Ash s feelings we d get a set ending but while it s a definite HEA, I still have questions about what will happen next between these two lovebirds.Overall, an amazing story I enjoyed this one immensely I fell in love with Ash and Eli and how they clashed and melded together Their chemistry is definitely worth the read alone but the plot and what they have to go through made the book fantastic Plus, just the fact that Ash is a ginger and Eli is a verbal rambler made this story great from the get go Definitely recommended. A beautifully, sweet story with a little bit of kink I absolutely loved Eli and Ash s story It had a lot of the things I love in a romance A slooooow progression to I love you A hot book nerd A sexy marine A cute pup Lots of sexual tension Lots of sexy betting A little kinky sex Lots of dirty talk It did NOT have any of the things I hate in a romance No dream sex No cheating No stupid breakup near the end No insta love No sex before 40%almost My favorite line I ve been thinking about cuffing you to the oh shit handle and going down on you I m giving this book 5 stars because I cannot list one thing that I didn t love about it I want contemporaries from Marguerite Labbe

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Marguerite has been accused of being eccentric and a shade neurotic, both of which she freely admits to, but her muse has OCD tendencies, so who can blame her Her husband and son do an excellent job keeping her toeing the line, though Together with her co author Fae Sutherland, Marguerite has found a shared passion for beautiful men with smart mouths When she s not working hard on writing new m

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