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Reached After Leaving Society To Desperately Seek The Rising, And Each Other, Cassia And Ky Have Found What They Were Looking For, But At The Cost Of Losing Each Other Yet Again Cassia Is Assigned Undercover In Central City, Ky Outside The Borders, An Airship Pilot With Indie Xander Is A Medic, With A Secret All Too Soon, Everything Shifts Again

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    In a word, dull Dull and boring MINOR SPOILERS What should have been a bigger event in this book the Rising fighting the Society ended up being nothing At first I honestly thought that maybe my book was missing several chapters you know, the chapters where som

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    as i was posing for this, i was thinking to myself, how fitting this truly is like being trapped in a bubble, because even though i was only eh about the first one, and definitely thumbs down about the second one, i am totally going to have to read the third one to see

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads Revised edition DNF this is not one of my normal reviews, I cannot provide such detailed review as this book was read ages ago Additionally, this is not an ARC I know I read it before y all but I guess that is because Australia got it earlier.No

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    Team Xander all the way This book is going to be epic Loved the first two books can t wait for this one.P.S I don t get why everyone loves Ky and thinks he is the dangerous one I think he is safe No one who has been through what he has is dangerous He didn t want to join the rebellion I do

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    Was it wrong for me to actually hope that there would be some sort of improvement in the last book of the Matched trilogy Maybe Maybe not. Reached, for me, was every bit of what I did NOT want a final book to be.Here are four things I did not like about it, in honor of the four

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    I m a sucker for red covers 3

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    El piloto la poeta El doctor Hay flujo y reflujo Partidas y llegadas Vuelos y ca das Canciones y silencios Manos tendidas y manos estrechadas.

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    I m secretly hoping that the cover will be Cassia standing outside the sphere in the red dress Ky drew her in Update Well, she s not quite OUT of the sphere, but she sure is in a red dress FINISHED REVIEW 3.5 stars I m conflicted I think Matched is still the best of the trilogy.I liked the multiple points of view, and found myse

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    Actual rating 2.5 stars.This series, based on synopsis, had so much potential and seemed to be tailor made for my particular interests What was delivered, however, was an exciting sub plot centering around a tedious, teenage romance.In my reviews for this series I have not given enough credit to how absolutely stunning the writing is It h

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    My Full Review Even though I wasn t the biggest fan of Matched, I read Crossed, which suffered from Middle Book Syndrome, in my opinion However, I still held some hope for the final book in this trilogy, and I dislike leaving things unfinished especially series so I picked up the last book While Reached was definitely better than its predecessor, i

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