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The Whored's Prayer Branded Back Stabbed Bloodthirsty Ready For One Kiss Of The Knife Some Ax Murderers Are Nicer Than Joseph Merchant Or So He D Have His Law Proteges Think Maybe That S Why Lawyer Turned Escort Leila Can T Say No To Him She S Got A Thing For Men With KnivesJoseph Bought Leila S Services For The Whole Of Their New York Business Trip The They Explore Their Darker Desires, The Joseph Pushes For Something Other Than Their Paid Arrangementand Charlotte, Leila S Dirty Secret And Escort Alter Ego, Is Helpless To Resist Now Leila Has A Shot At An Amazing Career, A Boyfriend As Twisted As She Is, And For The First Time, She Starts To Accept Her Submissive, Polyamorous SelfBut Somebody Knows About Her Escort Work Than She Bargained For Someone Who S Not Afraid To Abuse Her Secrets To Get What They Want And If Their Blackmail Succeeds, Leila Will Lose EverythingWARNING Contains Non Consent Roleplay That Ll Make You Check Your Locks, And A Girl Who S Sold Than Her Body To A Man Who Ll Take All Of It And Then Some

About the Author: Lucy V. Morgan

V Morgan writes sharp contemporary fiction, usually with a liberal splatter of filth She is the author of the dark, hot KNIVES FLOWERS duo and the stand alones TWISTED SUMMER and BEAUTIFUL MESS.In her new adult parody, TOUSLE ME, Lucy pays homage to her genre in the best way she knows how by mocking it mercilessly.Lucy lives in England, where she also works as an editor She spends her spare time consuming lebkuchen, working through her TBR pile, and pretending she s an urban fantasy heroine in body combat classes.

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    1 2 Breaking Joseph, book 2 of 2 The conclusion of Leila s erotic journey orchestrated by her boss Joseph, the Chairman of the Whored He looked every inch the wolf, groomed and stuffed into a suit Books in Knives Flowers series should be read in order Book 1 Breaking LeilaBook 2 Breaking Joseph In Breaking Leila book 1 law intern Leila Vaughn, Lei Lei aka Charlotte s side job as an escort was discovered by her boss, the mysterious and sinister law firm partner, Josep

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    4.25 StarsWith the powerful ending of Breaking Leila, it seems as though Leila and Joseph have finally pierced through their barriers however, as Breaking Joseph opens, there are still layers of complex feelings that must be shattered in order for them to move forward As such, the second and final book in this series is heavily character driven and delves into Leila s acceptance of herself The plot arc continues to rise throughout part two into an even compelling story Tell m

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    THREE STARS I just finished recently and have been on the fence about how I should rate this one but I kept flip flopping between a 2.5 to 4 so I guess this is it.Let me explain.The first book in the series focuses on Leila coming to terms with her two worlds colliding friends of prim tax lawyer meet the rambunctious life of Charlotte, Leila s call girl counter part The second book in the series starts off right where the first one left off and we get to see Leila and Joseph s relat

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    Forbidden Romance With A Hint Of DarknessThis second book in the Knives Flowers series picks up the story of Leila, where the first book left off This time around, Leila is decisive and seems to know who she wants There is far less flip flopping between Joseph and Matt, thankfully.Just as you start to think that everything has finally worked out for Leila, a big wrench is thrown into the plans Suddenly, Leila s career, and everything she s worked so hard for is in jeopardy Spiteful actions

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    I don t know if I should hate that it s over or be happy for the ending was spectacular That was such an emotional ride god damn Joseph and Leila. That happily ever was definitely deserved.And honestly, Fuck Isobel and Poppy.THAT WAS SO DAMN INTENSE WOW.I think Matt deserves an applause, for he was a dick but he came through in the end and did what was right.I just only wish Aidan also had a happily ever after 5 FUCKING BRILLIANT, HEART BREAKING, FINALLY HAPPY ENDING STARS

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    And the sequel is just as good as the first book I really liked how Lucy V Morgan kept the consistency of her story and her characters and in the end didn t change them That takes courage and I love that The story loved it too, brcause it worked so well Full review to come

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    What an amazing series review to come

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    I wanted him with something than abandon conviction Now, this other emotion blossomed and it gave depth to my desire I wanted to know every inch of him, to be his living map and his willing canvas I d never thought of love as a want to submit, and yet there I was, surrendered before I d even touched him, and something other than my pulse uttered the command.I couldn t love this book Incredibly written, incredibly smutty, incredibly funny, incredibly heartfelt going to my favorites shelf, that s for sure Breaking Jos

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    I think I loved this one even than the first I loved watching Leila and Joseph grow individually and as a couple I loved everything about Joseph He not only accepted her for who she was, but helped to accept herself.Everyone should have a Joseph in their life.

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    Ever since she got involved with Joseph Merchant, Leila s life has dramatically altered She has become his personal prostitute after his discovery of her side job as Charlotte the prostitute and has spent months enjoying debauched sex with the Chairman of the Whored himself Since her break up with Matt, Joseph has been less discrete about their affair, showing her off to his oldest friends and work colleges with a devil may care attitude that is at odds with the reality of the situation No one must know what Leila is, what she does

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