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მოგზაურობა ყარაბაღში .. Do lo je u pogre nom trenutku, zato trojka. 2,5Pubertetliju stavimo u Gruziju punu paravojnih snaga, korupcije, oru ja, droge Naravno da e dje ak biti izgubljen u onome to eli ili mo da ipak ne eli Sve to se naravno odvija da bi bilo lak e not pod utjecajem dima i ostalih opijata Sve u svemu jedna luda vo nja bez puno mozga, ali s puno sre e 90 90 , 30 ,. , 90 18 6 90 00 , 90 90 , 90 80% , 90 , 1992 , 20 , 24 . , II , It is surely an interesting book, that didn t quite grab me on first sight, but eventually unraveled in front of me and I now can say, that Journey to Karabakh is fantastic Maybe not entirely in its story, but definitely in its ideas.What is one s home Where you live or where you were born The place you are happy at It s an riveting question and Morchiladze captures it with the tale of the young georgian Gio, who struggles with those very questions on a journey through Azerbaijan Armenia, war riddled countries and at the end might not get an answer.My favourite part of the book is probably the depiction of this struggle and how Gio can t get a hold of the place he personally wants to be The people around him don t understand him, taking him for granted, but he also doesn t want to communicate with them It s a vicious circle and only in Gio s own catastrophe he can express this in some way Both sad and tragic Morchiladze uses the backdrop of the said region 1992 , unhinged by the collapse of the soviet union to find the very nature of identity and belonging.To make a greater effort to emphasize a possible metaphorical level as another review I ve read suggested , my knowlegde on this conflict back in 1992 and the cultural struggle and meaning is by far not enough, so I will leave it at that for know. I happened to be reading A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway at the same time as this book, so it was interesting to compare their different perspectives on war In Morchiladze s novel, the men seemed like grown boys playing with guns, and Giorgi s road trip at the beginning brought to mind Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas So, yes, Morchiladze s world is crazier than Hemingway s, but the former s prose was thankfully grounded enough for me to appreciate Giorgi s state at the end.

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1966, 1998 .