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Conception In 1992 Chicage, 15 year old Shivana gets pregnant by the married man upstairs Then she meets 19 year old Rasul and it seems life might change for the better for both of them.This is street lit meets literary fiction and both halves are successful The chapters in which the unborn fetus talks about its previous conceptions might seem pretentious, but darned if it doesn t work to really build on African American history And the Ending OMG the Ending I loved this book Gift booklist. In The Same Vein Of Kalisha Buckhanon S Critically Acclaimed Debut Novel Upstate, Again She Shares An Emotionally Beautiful Story About Today S Youth That Magnifies The Unforgettable Power Of Hope And The Human SpiritBuckhanon Takes Us To Chicago And Into The Life Of Fifteen Year Old Shivana Montgomery, Who Believes All Black Women Wind Up The Same Single And Raising Children Alone, Like Her Mother Until The Sudden Visit Of Her Beautiful And Free Spirited Aunt Jewel, Shivana Spends Her Days Desperately Struggling To Understand Life And The Growing Pains Of Her Environment When She Accidentally Becomes Pregnant By An Older Man And Must Decide What To Do, She Begins A Journey Towards Adulthood With Only A Mysterious Voice Inside To Guide Her When She Falls In Love With Rasul, A Teenager With Problems Of His Own, Together They Fight To Rise Above Their Circumstances And Move Toward A Positive Future Through The Voice Of The Unborn Child And A Narrative Sweeping From Slavery Onward, Buckhanon Narrates Shivana S Connection To A Past History Of Black Women Who Found Themselves At The Mercy Of Tragic Circumstances The ending is WRONG NONE OF THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN Sad Beautiful Sad Reminds me of my 5 years in Chicago, though unlike Shivana, the protagonist, I was on the white side of town noting the oft denied but clearly present segregation of the city for the first time when I got on the El on the wrong side of the track due to my lack of internal compass, only realizing I had done so when the last white person on the train was myself and I was being peered at by those who knew exactly where they were headed, wondering why I was still there Ms Buckhanon is certainly a talent Shivana, young, Black and cast off as a piece of waste by society this story, with the exception of the end, perhaps, happens all too frequently Another perspective, that of an embryo, is also part of the novel, lending an unusual, and yet somehow quite believable, compassionate and gentle tone. This is a weird one It s definitely the story of black girls in the 90s and the shit that goes through their lives What I love is that this book could only be written by a black woman It deals with intense subject matter in a way that only works if you re very familiar with what you re writing about It deals in subtleties and actualities of life without falling into steretypes in any way It s awesome The weird thing is that large portion of this book that takes place from am unborn character Not a fetus and not any political statement about abortions or anything but an conscious spirit thing that recounts the awful life of a slave woman and gives insight into the hard lives of pregnant black women in various circumstances It s done really really well. This book was and wasn t what I expected it to be if that makes sense I loved this book and couldn t put it down The reason it doesn t have a five star rating from me is that at first it was a bit confusing There is still one part I m confused by but I can t get into it without giving an awesome part of this story away I love Buckhanon s writing It s beautiful and the kind you want to take your time with It s not long winded descriptions which I absolutely can t stand, it s almost like poetry at some parts I can t say enough good things about this book Just go read it, you wont regret it Story of 15 year old Shivana who finds her self accidentally pregnant She shares her stress, fears and hardship of her new experience while seeking a resolution to this adult issue It was a pretty insightful story with an unexpected ending Review forthcoming I am super shaken up I haven t read a book this heartbreaking in quite a while I ll try to explain why with no spoilers but really, anyone who picks up this book should have seen all of it coming I just didn t until I sneaked a peek in the back This is the story of Shivana and her conceived baby Shivana is a 15 year old girl growing up in the early nineties on the South Side of Chicago She doesn t consider herself particularly pretty, and she has almost no friends besides Nakesha who is also harassed for her non specialness Shivana s father left her and her mother when Shivana was younger and Shivana s mother is difficult to get along with To top it off, Shivana babysits for a family in the building and the husband father of the home, is sleeping with her hint this is statutory rape Shivana knows that men ain t s but she kinda loves this guy anyway even though he s an ugly OLD man at that Well anyway, surprise surprise, because he doesn t use protection she ends up pregnant with his baby and Shivana must figure out what to do Meanwhile, her Aunt Jewel comes to town and she s as glamorous as Shivana can fathom living in New York, with a man she loves, away from the miseries associated with their neighborhood She idealizes Aunt Jewel and this is perhaps what arguably leads to her demise.The book is SAD No way around it I mentioned that the story is also about Shivana s conceived child right I guess we would call this personified fetus a child, yet it has never exited the womb This fetus has always been in the womb of dispossessed, unfortunate black women, throughout the history of time, and therefore due to some unhappy accident the fetus never makes it to labor The fetus hopes Shivana will be different, and seemingly attempts to convince her out of an abortion Both Shivana and the fetus feel better about their situations when they meet Rasul who has also struggled in his life but is overall a good guy.Now here s the thing Back to this book being sad I m not gonna give anything away At all But likethis book will actually rip your heart out and there is almost nothing of comfort in it at least not to me I liked the character of Shivana, though I sympathized with her and generally felt like she was smart but was just placed in an unfortunate scenarios The narration from her unborn child seemed to imply that Shivana was not nearly as smart as she thought she was, and that throughout she was actually making decisions that could cause her ultimate demise But I didn t think so I thought Shivana was doing the best she could with what she was given And the thing is, some annoying boot strap folks might say that she was playing victim and that she didn t make use of the few opportunities she was afforded I don t think anyone, unless they ve grown up in similar circumstances as a young black woman in America, could make such claims though I really felt for Shivana The thing about her and Rasul is, I was never quite sure what I was supposed to feel about him and it s never really revealed if Rasul lives up to the bad man stereotype or if he s actually good And besides acting as a love interest for Shivana, I felt this character fell a little flat The reason I m giving the text four stars is because the writing was GOOD It s probably some of the best writing I ve read in a while, and it s just about what the doctor ordered nice flowery writing with tons of metaphor my favorite The only thing that is leaving me uneasy is that I m not sure what to take from this book That bad things happen even when you have dreams That sometimes love isn t enough That poor circumstances will sully any attempts to pursue said dreams I don t even know but this book was sad and that s that. At the tender age of fifteen, Shivana already has her mind set on what the life of a black woman is She thinks that eventually all black women get stuck in the losing battle of getting pregnant by a man that never sticks around Shivana s own mother has followed the same path so that s all she s ever known Shivana is suddenly pushed into adulthood when she becomes pregnant by an older man She now has to make a decision on whether or not to keep the baby In this journey, Shivana also becomes friends with a troubled teen named Rasul who gives her life new meaning Will Shivana realize how precious her and her baby s lives are Kalisha Buckhanon created an extraordinarily haunting tale about an impressionable pregnant teen This is not your typical black teen mother type story What makes this story stand out is that readers not only get to see Shivana s side of the story, but you also get to see this story through the eyes of her unborn child You see how this unborn child s spirit has traveled through time to find Shivana and to show her how important it is to bring this child to life.

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