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John Keats : The Complete Poems I Think I Shall Be Among The English Poets After My Death, John Keats Soberly Prophesied In As He Started Writing The Blankverse Epic Hyperion Today He Endures As The Archetypal Romantic Genius Who Explored The Limits Of The Imagination And Celebrated The Pleasures Of The Senses But Suffered A Tragic Early Death Edmund Wilson Counted Him As One Of The Half Dozen Greatest English Writers, And T S Eliot Has Paid Tribute To The Shakespearean Quality Of Keats S Greatness Indeed, His Work Has Survived Better Than That Of Any Of His Contemporaries The Devaluation Of Romantic Poetry That Began Early In This Century This Modern Library Edition Contains All Of Keats S Magnificent Verse Lamia, Isabella, And The Eve Of St Agnes His Sonnets And Odes The Allegorical Romance Endymionand The Five Act Poetic Tragedy Otho The Great Presented As Well Are The Famous Posthumous And Fugitive Poems, Including The Fragmentary The Eve Of Saint Mark And The Great La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Perhaps The Most Distinguished Literary Ballad In The Language No One Else In English Poetry, Save Shakespeare, Has In Expression Quite The Fascinating Felicity Of Keats, His Perception Of Loveliness, Said Matthew Arnold In The Faculty Of Naturalistic Interpretation, In What We Call Natural Magic, He Ranks With Shakespeare

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    It is said that the poem To Autumn marks the end of poetic career of Keats.He died at 25, writing poetry for only about 5 odd years But I think he wrote enough, to exist in the hearts of poetry lovers world wide, forever.A collection of wonderfully composed, natural, sensual and emotional imagery of A romantic poet Lines from Final stanza of To Autumn..W

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    I have a true soft spot for the Romantics, and Keats especially His poems manage to be both beautifully structured at the same time they re achingly full of feeling It s quite a dizzying combination.

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    I m going to come right out and say that I m not usually a huge poetry fan Except in the epic sense where it s actually basically a novel, Byron, or Shakespeare But I make a huge exception for Keats I adore Keats All of Keats You can t show me a poem of Keats that I wouldn t like This stuff is so heartbreakingly beautiful sometimes, I can hardly stand it If anyone else

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    On first looking into Chapman s Homer Bj rneboe s Bestialitetens historieMUCH have I travell d in the realms of gold, And many goodly states and kingdoms seen Round many western islands have I been Which bards in fealty to Apollo hold Oft of one wide expanse had I been told That deep brow d Homer ruled as his demesne Yet did I never breathe its pure serene Till I heard Chapman

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    Oh what can ail thee, knight at arms, Alone and palely loitering The sedge has withered from the lake, And no birds sing.Oh what can ail thee, knight at arms, So haggard and so woe begone The squirrel s granary is full, And the harvest s done.I see a lily on thy brow, With anguish moist and fever dew,And on thy cheeks a fading rose Fast withereth too.I met a lady in the meads, Full

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    I taught Keats in Intro to Poetry courses for 35 years, and in 1986 appeared contributed to the script in an Oscar nominated film, Keats and His Nightingale, originally to be titled Blind Date, but another by that title just edged us out As a bird whistler, I also acted the nightingale I played him as a Woodthrush see R Frost s Come In on a Wood Thrush In my companion essay to the film, I arg

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    Every morning I would wake at 7am just to read this work of genius.Keats was the Romantic poet who cared most about art and beauty He didn t allow himself to get mixed up in religion and politics But in quiet ways, he did comment on political, religious, aesthetic, and sexual beliefs, sometimes in ways that were less traditional than his poetic style Above all, he was supremely conscious of beauty in

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    LamiaI was a woman, let me have once A woman s shape, and charming as before I love a youth of Corinth O the bliss Give me my woman s form, and place me where he is Stoop, Hermes, let me breathe upon thy brow, And thou shalt see thy sweet nymph even now

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    This book contains all of John Keats poems It s really only 480ish pages if you don t count the note and appendix and intros.I still find it amazing Keats wrote all these poems before he was 25 Sadly, he died too young, but I d imagine we d have poems if he lived longer.Only thing I ll say about this edition is it s not as well set up as Penguins other poetry books It was hard to tell looking at he index which poem

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    Ah Keats, truest literary love of my life At least once or twice a year I feel the need to get lost in this book for a little while, and it always feels like having tea and a deep, tearful discussion with a dear friend It also takes me back to my wonderful memories of studying in England, and all the time I spent belatedly stalking Keats walking along the path in Winchester where he composed To Autumn, visiting his home in H

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