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Sloppy Firsts My Parents Suck Ass Banning Me From The Phone And Restricting My Computer Privileges Are The Most Tyrannical Parental Gestures I Can Think Of Don T They Realize That Hope S The Only One Who Keeps Me Sane I Don T See How Things Could Get Any Worse When Her Best Friend, Hope Weaver, Moves Away From Pineville, New Jersey, Hyperobservant Sixteen Year Old Jessica Darling Is Devastated A Fish Out Of Water At School And A Stranger At Home, Jessica Feels Lost Than Ever Now That The Only Person With Whom She Could Really Communicate Has Gone How Is She Supposed To Deal With The Boy And Shopping Crazy Girls At School, Her Dad S Obsession With Her Track Meets, Her Mother Salivating Over Big Sister Bethany S Lavish Wedding, And Her Nonexistent Love Life A Fresh, Funny, Utterly Compelling Fiction Debut By First Time Novelist Megan McCafferty, Sloppy Firsts Is An Insightful, True To Life Look At Jessica S Predicament As She Embarks On Another Year Of Teenage Torment From The Dark Days Of Hope S Departure Through Her Months As A Type A Personality Turned Insomniac To Her Completely Mixed Up Feelings About Marcus Flutie, The Intelligent And Mysterious Dreg Who Works His Way Into Her Heart Like A John Hughes For The Twenty First Century, Megan McCafferty Taps Into The Inherent Humor And Drama Of The Teen Experience This Poignant, Hilarious Novel Is Sure To Appeal To Readers Who Are Still Going Through It, As Well As Those Who Are Grateful That They Don T Have To Go Back And Grow Up All Over Again

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    If you haven t heard of the Jessica Darling Series before then well, you ve been living under a rock, that s what If, however, you re like me and have seen the gushing reviews for this all over the place and somehow never picked it up well

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    This was a really funny, feel good novel reminiscent of novels like Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging and other such hilariosity I d heard comparisons made between the two before but, I admit, I was reluctant to check it out, being sure that i

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    Oh boy So its, uh, been a while since I ve written a review Sorry about that everyone College and whatnot has kept me busy So what is it about Sloppy Firsts that inspired me to write Well, I loved it, for one Look at that rating Five stars, baby And th

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    Video full series review spoiler free the good stuff It hooked me, I couldn t put it down, it was very reminiscent of my high school experience, and I want to continue the series I enjoyed the nostalgia that is high school in the early 00s, and the diary format I can s

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    Absolutely loved it Jessica Darling has earned herself a spot on my list of favourite heroines She is smart and clever, witty and sarcastic, thinks too much about everything and anything I can relate to that pretty well and despite her pessimistic attitude and her quick judgemen

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    Re read 9 20 17 So upon re reading this forThrowback Thursday, my rating has gone down from 5 stars to 4 stars due to some pretty problematic elements that exist in this book slut shaming, slurs, cheating, etc These are things that I didn t notice back when I first read this book about a

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    Update 4 21 2010 After reading the sequel and thinking about Jessica for a while, I don t think I like her that much any A little too much negativity and snobbishness So take this review with a grain of salt.I have no idea why I haven t read this book before, because I certainly heard abou

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    Yep This is potentially the hardest review I ve ever written Why Because all I really want to do is vigorously pound on my keyboard with glee and happytears and EEEEEEE KLSA LFAWOPE 5jKOSAKOR WE _9 F S ASNKF WSETYW w t w_ %90 % 9 _ _ i 5m2 4ko56 2098305 U0264 JML ESAK PWAR WQ % NDVSDSDF Translation Holy Crap

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    Since I had to explain to my wife that my latest reading excursion was not in fact a between the sheets adventure with multiple terms for male and female genitalia, I might have reached my erotica novel quota for the month of May and possibly June as well In case you haven t already figured it out, this is not erotica

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    Megan McCafferty, you can t fool me Sloppy Firsts isn t a work of fiction It s McCafferty traveling back in time and stealing pages from my high school diary not the proper one I left behind for my mother and, okay, posterity because I had a heightened sense of self, but the real one I kept locked in my head, full of dou

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