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Geek Love Geek Love Is The Story Of The Binewskis, A Carny Family Whose Mater And Paterfamilias Set Out With The Help Of Amphetamine, Arsenic, And Radioisotopes To Breed Their Own Exhibit Of Human Oddities There S Arturo The Aquaboy, Who Has Flippers For Limbs And A Megalomaniac Ambition Worthy Of Genghis Khan Iphy And Elly, The Lissome Siamese Twins Albino Hunchback Oly, And The Outwardly Normal Chick, Whose Mysterious Gifts Make Him The Family S Most Precious And Dangerous AssetAs The Binewskis Take Their Act Across The Backwaters Of The US Inspiring Fanatical Devotion And Murderous Revulsion As Its Members Conduct Their Own Machiavellian Version Of Sibling Rivalry, Geek Love Throws Its Sulfurous Light On Our Notions Of The Freakish And The Normal, The Beautiful And The Ugly, The Holy And The Obscene Family Values Will Never Be The Same

About the Author: Katherine Dunn

Katherine Dunn was a novelist and boxing journalist who lived and worked in Oregon She is the author of three novels Attic Truck and Geek Love, which was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the Bram Stoker Prize as well as the essay collection One Ring Circus She died in 2016.

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    Warning this review contains spoilers Read or don t read it accordingly I had a schizophrenic reaction to this book On the one hand, it had a profound impact on me than books even some truly great ones usually do On

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    They thought to use and shame me but I win out by nature, because a true freak cannot be made A true freak must be born Geek Love is an amazing book, audacious, moving, beautiful, substantive, creepy, upsetting, tragic

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    Whenever you read a good book, it s like the author is right there, in the room, talking to you, which is why I don t like to read good books Jack HandeyThis is one of the only books I plan never to finish I thought the writing was be

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    WTF On the surface, Geek Love has it all jealousy, betrayal, sexual objectification, and murderous revenge It s got a whole shitload of family drama topped off with a generous helping of physical deformities and possibly, possibly

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    Find all of my reviews at s a snow day today and since my tiny humans are to the point where my snow days are numbered since they aren t so tiny any longer I decided to stay home with them in order to read porn make cookies and hot cocoa and scream lov

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    This book was as good as I heard it would and better I love weird characters and twisted plot lines, but this went so far that it made me very uncomfortable And I love the book for that.The plot is simple and sick enough Al and Lil Binewski, a young couple madl

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    If David Lynch wrote a novel, this would be it This novel is repugnant, disgusting, and baffling I loved it Who d have thought that a book narrated by a bald female hunchbacked albino dwarf would be so beautiful The trials and tribulations of the Binewski family are sho

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    Book Circle Reads 26Close to the top of any literature lover s life list of lovely books Well, now, upon than a decade s passing, I can t say I agree with myself here.Rating 3.25 of fiveThe Book Description Geek Love is the story of the Binewskis, a carny family whose ma

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    Moderato Lightly strummed guitar Two backup singers who constantly refrain Sweet sweet, the freaks that you gave to meYou can t beat the geeks that you gave to meA handsome tuxedo wearing guy sings Take one set of Siamese twinsAdd a boy with only finsNo legs, no arms, he swims,

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    If the world is a carnival, then we were all born to be its freaks After all, when each of us arrived on the scene, naked and covered in blood and goo, we were unique specimens But soon after our births, a member of The Cult of Normalcy gave us a pamphlet and offered us the opportunity to blend i

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