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Second Thoughts (Victoria Wilde, #4) What a wild ride This is the 5th there s a prequel d.5 and final installment in the wacky, wild and uber sexy Victoria Wilde series I have floved every minute of reading it and am going to miss all the characters I ve grown to love This is completely different from any contemporary erotica romance I ve ever read and that s a GOOD thing I will definitely be reading by the extremely talented Ian Dalton I think I ve learned from these books than any sex manual could ever teach me I can t say enough about how much I loved this entire series Good read I really liked these books My only complaint is the serial nature with all the cliffhangers Finally, in this installment we start to see resolution of storylines that have run through all 4 books Everyone winds up at some sort of end point. Wow wow wow I loved this book I want to say its my favourite out of all the Wilde books but I loved them all and can t pick a favourite but this was definitely the most action packed I have grown to love all the characters and will miss them all I hope for another book to find out if Jillian and Brian get that thing they mentioned in there last scene in the book Even though Brian Nash is concerned that without a job or any career prospects, he might forever be known as Jillian s younger boy toy, his first priority is to do anything he can to help his wife get through the highy televised trial that will decide if Jillian used his ex girlfriend Natalie as a character in her book without her permission Although Victoria is thrilled to be pregnant with her first child, she wonders if she made a mistake sending Jim away and into the arms of a woman she thinks would be better suited for him than she could ever be Rob, attracted to Bridget a woman he would like to get to know better, gets his wish when he finds himself entangled in one of the most awkward positions imaginable Second Thoughts is the fourth book in the Victoria Wilde series With many erotic authors spending so much time on the serious tone of their stories, a certain amount of realism can fall by the wayside Ian Dalton has mixed erotic romance and a healthy dose of humor with characters that are fun to get to know, relate to and fall in love with The openness, in which they share details of their sex lives, their bodies, and their broken hearts along with exploring new ways to pleasure each other, creates an entertaining background to these hot, sexy, heartfelt stories I have read and highly recommend this entire series. I have to admit, I was a little leery about reading an erotic romance series written by a guy But I was pleasantly surprised It was funny and HOT I am looking forward to reading from him wowweee I love this series and loved this book can t get enough of these characters Again another fab book in this series.the only thing I could fault was the constant use of the word dizzied maybe Ian was being paid extra for that word to appear again and again The Long Awaited Next Chapter In The Victoria Wilde Series, Second Thoughts, Is Part Romantic Suspense, Part Legal Thriller, Part Medical Drama, Part Steamy Erotic Romp, And Part Screwball ComedyVictoria, Jillian, Brian, Jim, Caroline, And Rob Are Back In The Page Next Chapter In The Victoria Wilde Series Who Will Prevail In The Brookhart V Grayson Trial Will Victoria Have A Boy Or A Girl, And Will She Finally Find Happiness Will Rob Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On With His Mysterious And Unstable Boss, And Will Brian Find A Career Will You Be Able To Get Through The Steamy Chapters Without Tossing Your E Reader To The Floor And Chasing Your Partner Around The Room The Answers To These And Many, Many Other Questions Are Found Inside Second Thoughts Loved this series worth the read So here I was, sitting at Wicked Girls Book Weekend author event, totally mesmerized by all these authors that I seriously fan girl over, when someone introduces me to Ian Dalton Luke Young To be honest, I had never heard of him So of course, the introducee explains that he writes these extremely erotic, oh so amazing books and I of course was like where do I sign up Funny thing was, at the author event, I won a signed paperback book of Friends with Partial Benefits by Luke which is the not so racy version of his Victoria Wilde Series.Trinity told me that she has read the first book, Inappropriate Thoughts, and as much as I was the one for steamy, I needed to get on this soon So, that s how I began my extreme love affair with all things Ian Dalton In the third installment, Revealing Thoughts, the crazy limber ex girlfriend shows up threatening to sue Jillian for her recently published book The Leg Thing This creates a significant amount of tension as Jillian and Brian prepare for their destination wedding in St Barts At the same time, Rob, Jillian s son, has started a new job and is living in a condominium where there appears to be half naked hot chicks at every corner Now, if it was me, I would have been suspicious As the wedding weekend approaches, Jim is coming with his now girlfriend Caroline, Rob is bringing an old girlfriend Laura, and Victoria is alone, suffering through a condition and situation that only Jillian is aware of It would be a Jillian and Brian situation if there wasn t someone getting naked, some deep secrets being revealed, and everyone getting it on like rabbits I think this was probably the funniest book in the entire series to me.Last but certainly not least is Second Thoughts Ian did a great job of wrapping up the story lines and really giving the readers what I think we all wanted We find out the outcome of the court case between Jillian and the crazy ex We learn the outcome of Victoria s secret and Rob finally starts to figure out that maybe things are not alright at his apartment complex and job To read the rest of the review, visit the blog at A Love Affair With Books.

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