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Stay Out of the Bathroom (Gooflumps #2 1/2) No One Not His Parents And Certainly Not His Kid Sister Can Make Joe Kohler Put Down The Toilet Seat Not Now Not Ever But Then The Bully Of The Bowl Meets His Match First The Toilet Refuses To Flush Then A Stomach Virus Brings Joe Head To Head With The Beast, And The Seat Comes Slamming Down Joe Escapes Being Beheaded In The Bathroom, But He Realizes Too Late That The Toilet Isn T A Toilet After All By That Time, He S Been Taken Aboard An Alien Spaceship

10 thoughts on “Stay Out of the Bathroom (Gooflumps #2 1/2)

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    This was actually a surprisingly amusing take off on Goosebumps It followed the silly template laid out, but took it a little bit farther The dialogue was inane, the humor a little bit grosser It went

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    Gooflumps differs a little bit from Goosebumps in that its story is visceral although there are still supernatural entities involved, the book is open in dealing with the egresses of human waste It was better t

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    What a cringy book this was it was suppose to be a parody of goosebumps but felt like one of the many knock offs that came out around the same time.The humor was forced and the story was just not intresting even if I was

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    I will say this much, at least this book was entertaining in an over the top way I mean, the title alone should be indicative of that, so it was a pretty entertaining romp of a read as a kid.

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    Read it just for the novelty of it Quite enjoyable.

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    It s A Parody Of Goosebumps Stay Out Of The Basement

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    Haha, I remember these I had forgotten all about them Probably because of how terrible they were.

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    I didn t expect much from this book, it being a spoof and all, but it was awesome

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