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I know the world was a very different place when the events that took place in the book occurred, but I could still slap the face of the Nun who condemns the girls and women who come to the convent to be hidden away while they are pregnant and to give birth.
The girls and women who all surviveI cannot call it livingin the convent at Bessborough (the subject of a fascinating article on the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/...) are all unmarried and pregnant. This is enough to have them hidden away and punished needlessly when, in a time and society when sex education was not spoken of, young girls were seduced and men faced no repercussions for their actions.
June Goulding is a 22 yo nurse who comes to work at the Mother and baby home, unaware at the time of accepting the job, what the purpose of the home is. Girls/women have their children, breast feed them for 10 days and then are seperated. At 3 years of age, the mothers desperately seeking every opportunity to see their child, the children are adopted out, the 'lucky ones' going to Shannon Airport to be adopted by childless American couples. There is minimal medical careJune herself buys a simple heartburn remedy from her own money, and the Sister, a qualifed midwife herself, refuses to let June stitch the mothers who have torn during labour, or even send for a Doctor to assist at a difficult birth. June is horrified, frustrated and angry at this regime, but she cannot bring herself to leave the job because the women who come/are sent to the home need her.
June steels herself to deal with the Sister in charge, a woman who appears to have no finer feeling and certainly not the ideals of a monastic to my middle of the road Anglican mind. The women are so terrified of the Sister, they don't reveal when they are in labour until June is on duty, including leaving a light in the window of an unused toilet to alert her on her nights out that she is needed and to hurry into the home.
Amongst the misery and unhappiness, there are moments of light: kindnesses received and given amongst the women incarcerated there, their kindnesses to June, the joy of a safe delivery, the chatter when the Sister is back in the convent and can't punish the women in the home.
Overall not a happy book but one that demands to be read. My father was born there, its a truly amazing book A thoroughly depressing yet engaging read.

June is a young midwife in Ireland when she accepts the post of midwife in a home for unwed mothers. It was an honest read and must have been a challenge for June to write. She describes her role and her inability to challenge the ways of the home, without trying to paint herself as a heroit is quite clear that she was complacent, she was young and inexperienced and was tied up in the horrible well established system. It was a different era after all, one where religious figures were the highest authority and young midwives did as they were told. I particulary found her discriptons of the nuns 'after hours' interesting. You can't help but assume that women who did what these women did would be rotten and bitter to the core, yet after hours June gave us an account of the nuns that was playful and frivolous as they fussed like excitable teenagers whenever June had a date with her long time boyfriend.

Read this and be greatful for professional autonomy and a society that questions dubious practices! It is so vitally important that the girls' stories are given a voice and I think it is a very important book. I cannot rate the book since the writing style is not quite good, but I cannot help but feel that this should be overlooked in favour of the importance that these stories are finally heard. June Goulding, after all, was a nurse and not a writer.

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