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Train Wreck 3.5I picked this up after hearing the author speak at a local engineering as in aeronautic astronautic association meeting because my library didn t have his plane crash book So even though my dad was an engineer as in railroad for years, I actually started reading this on a bit of a whim i.e I m not a railroad buff, but I know people who are I do like a good science book, after all, and this book has a moderately delightful amount of science But let s face it, I was really in it for the wrecks And with the exception of a chapter or two, the author did a really good job balancing the two I still get sleepy just think of the science stuffed Gravity chapter yawn He d start off with a interesting wreck or two then go over the physical forces underlying mechanics that were involved Dramatic and informative One of thewonderful things about this book was that it included a profuse number of illustrations YAY so for once I don t have to whine about that Those definitely helped me understand lots of railroady things I d never encountered before Mind you, there weren t many photographs but I found the few black and white wreck photos that were included to be unhelpful I had no idea what I was looking at.However, the author did win my nerd of the year award for including both American standard AND metric conversions after every single measurement in the book Maybe the publisher intends to only publish this one edition for the entire planet and the author wanted to cover all his measurement bases Still, NERD Finally, despite the fact that I enjoyed it, I m sooo happy to finally finish because it was derailing heh all my other reading Trains Are Massive With Some Weighing , Tons Or When These Metal Monsters Collide Or Go Off The Rails, Their Destructive Power Becomes Clear In This Book, George Bibel Presents Riveting Tales Of Trains Gone Wrong, The Detective Work Of Finding Out Why, And The Safety Improvements That Were Born Of Tragedy Train Wreck DetailsCrashes In Which ThanPeople Were Killed Readers Follow Investigators As They Sift Through The Rubble And Work With Computerized Event Recorders To Figure Out What Happened Using A Mix Of Eyewitness Accounts And Scientific Explanations, Bibel Draws Us Into A World Of Forensics And Human Drama Train Wreck Is A Fascinating Exploration Of Runaway Trains Bearing Failures Metal Fatigue Crash Testing Collision Dynamics Bad Rails

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