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Apocrypha The Apocrypha Consists Of The Books That Are Found In The Greek Version Of The Jewish Bible The Septuagint, The Earliest Complete Version Of The Bible We Possess But That Were Not Included In The Final, Canonical Version Of The Hebrew Bible For This Reason, They Were Called Apocrypha, The Hidden Or Secret Books, And While They Formed Part Of The Original King James Version Of , They Are No Longer Included In Modern Bibles Yet They Include Such Important Works As The First Book Of Maccabees, The Wisdom Of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus, And The Stories Of Susanna, Tobit, And Judith, And Other Works Of Great Importance For The History Of The Jews In The Period Between The Rebuilding Of The Temple And The Time Of Jesus, And Thus For The Background Of The New Testament These Works Have Also Had A Remarkable Impact On Writers And Artists Beyond This, They Are Often As Powerful As Anything In The Canonical BibleThe Translation Into Contemporary English Is By Edgar J Goodspeed

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    The Apocrypha formed an integral part of the KJV Bible of 1611 But the Puritans discredited it and by 1629, it was no longer considered a part of the Bible Most of the books have never been found in any Hebrew form at all However they were in Greek as well as Latin earlier on To me it s almost like a sequel to my favorite book And even though it can t be called the inspired word of

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    I actually really ended up enjoying reading the Apocrypha I didn t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did Especially the additions to Daniel I ended up doing a paper on them and the I read, the I appreciated those books.A few books were terrible I don t think they were as helpful as they have been considered through church history Though maybe if I studied them , I would have liked

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    This is a very readable, modern feeling translation of the Apocrypha even today Each work has a a preface summarizing the text and giving context The work s introduction by Moses Hadas feels insightful on the inter testament works as a whole as trying to make sense of the Chosen People understanding why they suffered so much Generally, these works do much to set the scene and give exposition to the Ne

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    I think I love this than any other parts of the Bible I ve read This particular version is highly readable, obviously translated with great care.

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    I always need to read books like this than once It s kind of like the bible you can always reread it Kind of like complicated literature, I think Some of the material in these pre New Testament books is good, some of it is questionable I m interested eventually if seeing if some of these writings are reflected in the understanding of Messiah in the gospels since there is the four hundred year silence between accepted pr

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    I spent nearly a full year fully immersing myself in the Apocrypha books and enjoying the process immensely, whilst enriching myself with something rarely studied.This book was an excellent, scholarly guide throughout, with good historical background, and a fine contextual introduction.This was the first English translation attempted in 400 years, which is brave, and admirable, and I m proud to brandish it on my shelves.

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    Really interesting, especially for those who have not grown up in a Catholic background, thus reading this for the first time Still full of good wisdom and captivating stories.

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    Pretty good.

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    These are the books that were in the Greek version of the Jewish Bible but not included in Protestant Bibles I read them out of curiosity It was interesting, but I doubt that I will ever read them again There was history, fiction, advice, poetry, etc I was glad to read about the origins of Hannukah.

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    The Apocrypha, has several stories that are still considered essential to western canon and cultural development even if they re not officially recognized in several sects of Christianity or Judaism.I actually enjoyed many of the passages than some of the canonical biblical books Several stories are fable and wisdom driven, though you will still find the standard denigration of women and slaves Overall, it may not be a necessary component of biblical texts to read unl

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