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Conquering the Dark Axe (The Northern Knights, #2) The second book in Amber Dane s Northern Knights series had me intrigued from the very beginning Rourke s reputation as the Dark Axe was right on A dark character, with many issues to overcome, Rourke seems harsh and unlikable at first His treatment of Lady Alexa is almost unfathomable at timesyet, the author succeeds in turning our hearts around so much that we forgive him for his medieval abuse towards his betrothed Lady Alexa is spunky, fiesty and oh so likable I enjoyed her ability to stand up to such a scary man And the way she wields a sword Love it It s not often that we get to see women in the medieval romances able to stand up and fight Though a different era, she reminded me of one of my favorite characters, Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride and Prejudice No dainty lady was she.I am so looking forward to the third book in Ms Dane s Northern Knights series After reading the first two, I know she won t disappoint In fact I m sure she will exceed all my expectations Keep writing Ms Dane You have a loyal fan in me. A Match Made In Hell Stubborn And Defiant Hardened By A Lost Love Before, Battle Scarred Rourke Thorsson Accepts His Fate He Must Take To Wife The Sister Of His Dead Betrothed But The Fiery Saxon Hellion Has Not Accepted Hers And Fights Him Every Inch Of The Way She Possessed An Unbreakable Spirit None The Likes Of Which He D Ever Encountered And Rourke Is Determined To Bend Her To His Rule No Matter What It TakesFearlessWith Her Sister Now Dead, Strong Willed Lady Alexa Is Forced To Wed In Her Stead To One Of The Most Feared Men In Northern England The Dark Axe The Norman Warlord Demands Her Total Surrender And Bounds Her To Him In Ways Than One And She Vows To Kill Him Before Giving Herself Over To The Unbridled Passion He Ignites Within HerYet When Haunting Secrets Unfold And Old Enemies Return To Exact Their Pound Of Flesh, Alexa S Heart Is Tested And She Is Not Sure If It S Strong Enough To Save Them I ve been on a medieval romance kick for several months, and it s a pleasure to stumble on a book by an author I was previously unfamiliar with The Northern Knights series, so far, is a great world to disappear in This book in particular hit all the right buttons.First, the hero Battle scarred Rourke Thorsson had enough brooding and issues to draw me in He s gorgeous and what you d expect from a single minded knight his property was hard earned and his love is not available He s in no mood for a pain in the butt wife Or so he thinks.Lady Alexa had a terrible decision made for her After her beloved sister s death, and the death of her father, she s forced to marry Rourke in her sister s place What I adored about her characterization was the strength she possessed Not only was she a bit of a hellion, she could wield a sword When authors give their heroines a bitthan the damsel in distress trope, I m always paying closer attention to what happens between the future love birds.The passion between these two ramps up at an enjoyable pace Sure, the whole consummate the marriage so it s legal thing tends to have a been there, done that, feel I sort of accept I ll find that in novels like this and look past it So many twists and turns, and a few genuine surprises made me hate to sleep I needed to see how the story would finish, and I lost untold hours to push myself, happily to the satisfying end A great read and I recommend it for fans of this genre. 3.5 StarsThe story line was actually quite good This book was only a couple of bucks so my expectations weren t high but I was in the mood for some medieval romance warrior stuff It wasn t just about the hero and heroine falling in love.Alexa is the sister that was promised to Rourke Now that Alexa s sister is dead, the king has decided that Alexa will marry Rourke in her stead Only Alexa has been raisedlike a boy and has never intended to marry She won t make this easy on Rourke And Rourke has scars so deep he won t let anyone in A good chunk of the story is how these two try to hurt one another because they are scared how they feel and don t want to be vulnerable Another aspect of the story are that someone at Barnett manor is trying to kill Alexa or Rourke or both And yet another aspect of the story is that a part of Rourke s past that he thought long dead comes back and uses trickery and deceit into acquiring Rourke for his nefarious purposes At times the lengths that Alexa and Rourke went to hurt one another got tiresome They always regretted what they would say, but too many times the author noted that the characters were too mad to care at the time Overall, it was enjoyable. There s nothing wrong with a little smut now and then, and so when I found this book on a friend s Kindle during my miserable week at home sick with the flu, it seemed like the thing to do This may be the funniest not meant to be funny book I ve ever read I can only assume this was self published at the first draft stage and without the benefit of spell check I almost want to recommend this to people just to share some laughs The author clearly has some favorite adjectives which she has no qualms about using liberally I must have chuckled over the heartthrob s leonine hair at least a dozen times, and it s not a long book And then there s the dialogueI m not sure whether it s funnier when the author attempts a medieval Saxon dialect or when she reverts back to a modern dialect mid conversation Nay, the book twas too wack to be taken seriously. I can t believe I downloaded this book, and evenincredible is the fact I liked it.Cheesy self pub cover.Cheesy title conquering the Dark Axe But it was really good It reminded me of the bodice rippers from the early 80 s that I read as a teen,As you can guess from the title Dark Axe , the hero is an Uber Alpha male Medieval warrior.He has been hurt in love, and now is pretty mean and nasty,I cringed at some of the things he did to our poor heroine locked her in room, chained her to the bed, and semi raped her.This book is not for the faint hearted.I really liked that the heroine is not a stereotypical gorgeous damsel in distress type character.Cheap on Kindle, and totally worth it if ur in the mood for trashy romance. I read this out of order but would be fine as a stand aloneBut I immediately purchased Gem of Gravane after finishing this one and cannot wait for Darc s story hopefully we don t have to wait to longI was pulled into so many emotions while reading this which was just what I wanted Lately I ve gotten lucky with great reads This had it all a plot, villians, action, suspense, awesome Alpha male, romance well the type expected of those times I guess and literally heart renching moment s I loved every minute of it I do want to advise there are some parts where the displining was a bit harsh but I felt due to the circumstances I wasn t bothered by it at all Amber Dane is now on my fav list 0 Conquering the Dark AxeHere is another wonderful story by Amber Dane The Hero and heroine had to overcome being stubborn and learn to trust and love each other The story kept me on the edge of my seat The story was full of action between the lord and his lady that I didn t want to put the story down I have read all three books in the series and all of them are wonderful reading I must admit that I read the last one first because I didn t realize it had two stories before it Amber is a wonderful writer and always makes me feel like I am there watching everything that is happening I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have. I absolutely loved this book I loved the hero and the heroine, I love the medieval Saxon Norman setting, this is my absolute favorite setting to read in a romance Amber Dane s Conquering the Dark Axe reads like an old fashioned bodice ripper He actually ties her up to the bed and chains her to the bed when he thinks she will escape Loved it They have a lot of issues to work out and through a major portion of the book it seems like one wants to try and the other doesn t The book absolutely kept my attention, I can t wait to read the next book in the series Hot and steamy too, just like I like them Just WOW,this blew me away.Fantastic book and want

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