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I was thoroughly convinced that Love s Awakening wouldn t come close to the first book, Love s Reckoning, but I quickly realized that was a wrong assumption Laura Frantz always writes such sweeping stories Ellie returns home from being finished at school, eager to do than be a pretty pawn in a marriage Though quiet and genteel, Ellie has a strong spirit From her to decision to opening a day school to her realization of her families abolitionist activities, the plot points of the story was beautiful and steeped in historical detail.Ellie Ballantyne might be my favorite lead of all of Frantz s book never did she imagine that she would fall in love with the son of her father s enemy Gentleman Jack is Ellie s opposite in every way, and their relationship is never easy or conventional Jack is a somewthat reformed son of the roguish Turlock family and is caught up in the schemes of his family, but longs to change Though the story is about their relationship, it is also about them as individuals They both carry their own burdens and must ultimately must make decisions that carry heavy consequences.I was so happy that Eden and Silas played a big part in the story I loved them in Love s Reckoning and was glad to see them back The other surrounding characters were multifaceted as well, especially Ellie s siblings I love how Frantz weaves hints of whats to come in the final book with Ansel s part in the story And I m not sure if Andra was supposed to remind me of the dangerous Elspeth Lee, but either way, I loved that slight similarity in their personalities though I don t think Andra would ever deliberate harm Ellie in the way that Elspeth did Eden.Frantz penned another beautiful romantic historical full of lush period detail the river landscape of Pittsburgh in the 1800s, the gorgeous details of Ellie s birthday ball and a climatic courtroom scene this has all of the elements that I look for in the historical fiction I read I am so eager to read the conclusion to the Ballantyne Legacy I almost didn t read the sneak peek in the back of the book I knew it would leave me wanting , but I read it anyway because I couldn t stand not reading it Superb world building, gorgeous historic details and a love story that both broke and repaired my heart Love s Reckoning will definitely be a favorite of the year This was my third try on Laura Frantz I liked the two previous books I read, but did not love them due to the slow start her books have But there was still something in her writing which made my want to try of her books This time I listed to an audiobook and really enjoyed her writing.Her books are rich in Historical detail, she gives you characters to love and not like and some action suspense scenes which is probably what makes me coming back to her.This story continued on Eden and Silas story which started in Love s Reckoning It would probably be better to read this series in order, but I read the first book a long time ago and forgot a lot of the detail, but the main points were summarized in a chapter when Eden informed her children of her past.The focus was on the Ballantyne family, who stood up against slavery, and who is a family who produces good fruit in their actions and who they are, vs the Turlocks who is for slavery, treat their slaves badly and are also trying to take the Ballantyne s down Then you have a Romeo and Juliet love story between Ellie and Jack Turlock, a villain who redeemed themselves and a loss of a favourite character Jack was a very likeable bad boy I loved how the author used Silas to make a difference in his life when he was still a teenager, and who saw the good in Jack vs just the bad reputation of his surname Jack was also a great example of stepping out of that cycle of bad decisions and deciding to create a different future by making better decisions A lot happened in this story and it is difficult to highlight everything If you haven t read Laura Frantz before, I would suggest trying this series The promise of blessing your generation if you follow God is clear in the Ballantyne s family s lives.Narrator The narrator delivered a very entertaining story and I enjoyed the scottish accents she gave Silas and Andra. Another beautifully written and historically rich novel from Laura Frantz This novel, 2nd in the Ballantyne Legacy series, tells the story of Silas and Eden s daughter, Ellie She s a Ballantyne through and through, but her heart is won by Jack Turlock, son of a man and woman who loathe the Ballantynes I haven t read many multi generational series recently, so it was lovely to delve into Love s Awakending The opportunity to revisit characters from a previous book 20 years later lends a story so much depth and all the cozy bonds of family you could hope for I found this story poetic, gripping, and also informative as it deals with the flight of slaves through Pittsburgh to freedom.I highly recommend this series I took a chance on another new author to me and it was certainly worth it This read was full of excitement, love, encouragement and unfortunately sadness Unwavering hope and trust in Christ certainly prevails itself in this read This book was some what like a roller coaster in life with it s many up s and down s I did feel like something was missing at the end of this book though and I think for me it was Chloe. The Path To True Love Lies Somewhere Between Two Feuding Families In The Spring Of , Ellie Ballantyne Leaves Finishing School And Returns To The Family Home In Pittsburg Only To Find That Her Parents Are Away On A Long Journey And Her Siblings Don T Seem To Want Her To Stay Determined To Stand Her Ground And Find Her Place In The World, Ellie Fills Her Time By Opening A Day School For Young LadiesBut When One Of Her Students Turns Out To Be An Incorrigible Young Member Of The Turlock Family, Ellie Knows She Must Walk A Fine Line Slaveholders And Whiskey Magnates, The Turlocks Are Envious Of The Powerful Ballantynes And Suspicious Of Their Abolitionist Leanings As Ellie Becomes Increasingly Entangled With The Rival Clan Particularly The Handsome Jack Turlock She Finds Herself Falling In Love With An Impossible Future Will She Betray Her Family And Side With The Enemy Masterful Storyteller Laura Frantz Continues To Unfold The Stirring Saga Of The Ballantyne Family In This Majestic Tale Of Love And Loyalty This Is The Ballantyne Legacy SUMMARY In the spring of 1822, Ellie Ballantyne leaves finishing school and returns to the family home in Pittsburg only to find that her parents are away on a long journey and her siblings don t seem to want her to stay Determined to stand her ground and find her place in the world, Ellie fills her time by opening a day school for young ladies.But when one of her students turns out to be an incorrigible young member of the Turlock family, Ellie knows she must walk a fine line Slaveholders and whiskey magnates, the Turlocks are envious of the powerful Ballantynes and suspicious of their abolitionist leanings As Ellie becomes increasingly entangled with the rival clan particularly the handsome Jack Turlock she finds herself falling in love with an impossible future Will she betray her family and side with the enemy Masterful storyteller Laura Frantz continues to unfold the stirring saga of the Ballantyne family in this majestic tale of love and loyalty This is the Ballantyne Legacy.REVIEW The second in the Ballantyne trilogy continues with action, adventure, and romance The Ballantynes continue to struggle with problems within the family as well as with their fellow Pittsburg citizens as they take their stance as Abolitionists Frantz again keeps your attention from the first to last page with a detailed and intense storyline Jack and Chloe Turlock come across as strong characters trying to escape from their family s legacy They each fight in their own way but life doesn t necessarily turn out as they had hoped Sadness and tragedy continue to haunt the Turlock family Well developed characters with all sorts of problems including even the minor ones add to the richness The story brings a depth of emotions, the joy of redemption, and the sadness of judgment woven through with Christ s love that shines just like the light in the cupola of New Hope that called out to family and wanderers I look forward to reading the conclusion of the Ballantyne Legacy. Ellie Ballantyne comes home from boarding school to find that her life has gone along without her and that her skills are not wanted by her siblings, so she opens a day school for young ladies One of her young student s is Chloe Turlock, the daughter of her family s old rival who has always been jealous of the Ballantynes Ellie finds her self growing and involved with the Turlocks, especially Chloe s handsome older brother Jack Will she be able to bridge the gap between the feuding families A fantastic addition to The Ballantyne Legacy that stands strong as a novel in its own right, but I would strongly advise against missing Love s Reckoning Both Ellie and Jack were strong and showed their mettle by breaking free of their family s prejudices Love s Awakening drew me in from the page, sweeping me away to a young America, fraught with taunt tensions running high and young men and women forging their own futures.Overall, an epic historical drama that took me with Ellie and Jack every step of their journey, and was nearly impossible to put down it really made me hate my homework than usual Ms Frantz brought to life a world from years gone by, that realistically brought to the life the struggles and heartaches of the human condition Highly recommend Disclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and testimonials in Advertising. I love words that take you by the hand and lead you deeper into the story what reader doesn t Love s Awakening is one such title I have been hording until just the right reading moment and that moment presented itself to me and it was so worth the wait I didn t expect anything less than what I received between the gorgeous covers of this historical romance Characters that brim with spice and spunk and a determination to do what is right in the eyes of God History is rich in filling between the cracks of the character s lives, but in a way that does that detract from the story at all but only adds to the fullness of every minute spent within the story.Ellie and Jack s love story is no conventional one fall in love with your father s enemy The town s professed villain And yet their attraction is so pure and so passionate Jack is such a noble hero with the burden of the world on his shoulders which I wanted desperately to see released And for Ellie to come truly into all her character s potential.There is never just one layer to a story like this Too many between characters, story world and secondary contributors to mention in one simple review and I can t begin to do the book justice I can promise it is fully worth the read. Elinor Ellie Ballantyne, just twenty years old and the jewel of her father s heart, flees finishing school and the matchmaking mamas of Philadelphia society, hungry for home and purpose She is determined to shed some measure of her sheltered upbringing and embrace the Ballantyne steel of her heritage, vowing to make her own way in the world But much has changed in her absence, and Ellie is ill prepared for the simmering tensions between the pro slavery and abolitionist movement, nor the depth of her family s involvement in the latter However, the greatest danger may hail from the most unexpected quarter losing her heart to the son of the enemy the engmatic, and wholly unsuitable, Jack Turlock.The rivalry between the Ballantynes and unscrupulous, whiskey making Turlocks hails from Silas Ballantyne s early days in Pittsburgh, becoming further embittered when Isabel O Hara, daughter of Silas s one time friend and mentor, marries into the Turlock clan in a fit of pique when Silas chose Eden as his bride And from that point, the die was cast the Ballantynes respectable and virtuous, the Turlocks and their famed hell raising ever a thorn in their and all respectable society s side.Jack would like nothing than to shed his family s unsavory reputation and start afresh But ever aware of what he s seen and done, he was resigned to the burden of his familial heritage of violence and deceit, until a chance encounter with Ellie awakens feelings he d long thought buried Ellie s innocence and guileless acceptance of him as he is awakens in Jack the audacity to hope for a finer, better life When his father and brother s plans threaten to destroy everything Ellie holds dear, Jack is left with a choice the life he was raised to or faith in the God the Ballantynes claim and His promise of redemption.While I like to stay current with favorite authors, it has been such a treat to lose myself in each successive installment of The Ballantyne Legacy without that pesky year long wait between releases Though the much loved Silas and Eden are absent for half the novel, their presence is ever felt, underscoring Frantz s thesis of the heritage of faith, inherited through generations.The Jack and Ellie relationship is not only one of my favorite tropes in romantic fiction adversaries to lovers but it is a gorgeously wrought exploration of inheritance and choice Colored with shades of Romeo and Juliet s warring families, Jack and Ellie s blossoming attraction is, at first blush, nought but an impossible dream Separated by a gulf of familial rivalry and distrust, political ideologies, and most crucially, faith, here Frantz sketches a love story all the memorable because of the transformative power of faith at its heart Love s Awakening has a two fold meaning Jack and Ellie, certainly, but also the agape love of one human being to another regardless of race or creed The sacrificial love those who claim Christ are called to live each day is woven throughout each page, as Frantz places her characters in the eye of the storm brewing over slavery The Ballantynes and Jack participate in the early skirmishes between pro slavers and abolitionists in Pennsylvania of the 1820 s seeds of the great conflict to come later in the century that would rend the nation in two As Jack quickly discovers, the Ballantynes abolitionist efforts are a call to action, a study in the cost, danger, and rewards of putting faith in action.Frantz has always delivered emotionally intense novels Her heart stopping romances are a hallmark of her work, as is her unparalleled ability to bring the past to life on the page, all on display here But in Love s Awakening, in the final oact of Ellie and Jack s story she delivers her most action packed epic yet It is no exaggeration to say that my heart was racing as I breathlessly turned the pages, eager to see the finale unfold in all its high stakes, cinematic grandeur Like it s predecessor, Love s Awakening is a story of inheritance, both for good and ill The Ballantyne Legacy is an unflinchingly honest study of faith and choice and the power of both to resound through future generations A stunning romance, suspense, and heartbreak this is Frantz at her finest I cannot wait to discover what s in store for the final Ballantyne installment Ellie Ballantine is homeward bound, finished with finishing school and fleeing the hounding of the Philadelphia Matrimonial Society She heads west toward her esteemed family s estate of New Hope Then runs headlong into a massive storm And Jack Turlock.As the son of one of the largest whisky makers in America, trouble is Jack s heritage He is familiar with the inside of taverns and the local jail than he is with any form of gentility But when he sees the stranded young woman in a Pittsburg tavern, he feels compelled to intervene Because once long ago, his neighbor, Ellie, crossed the creek and brought him a sheepdog pup to replace the one he had lost.Oh, I loved this book Especially Jack, who is stubborn and self loathing and incredibly certain that he doesn t deserve anything resembling joy in his life Along with the romance, the book centers around the hazards of the abolition movement in early America the very real peril for people helping slaves escape north at a time when the law both permitted them in Pennsylvania and dictated they be sent home The conflict throughout the entire novel is fabulous.Note While this book is the second in the series, I highly recommend it regardless of whether you have read the first novel. Love's Awakening

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