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A Battle Won A Thrilling Story Of Nautical Warfare Kirkus Reviews From The Author Of Under Enemy Colors WinterMaster And Commander Charles Hayden Is Given Orders To Return To The Ill Fated HMS Themis As The British Fight The French For Control Of The Strategically Located Island Of Corsica, Where His Captaincy And Military Skill Are Stretched To Their Utmost As He Finds Himself At The Vanguard Of This Brutal Clash Of Empires

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    Well, this has been a disappointment I absolutely loved the first book in this series and was expecting of the same in its sequel But I have been let down by the tack this story took I never was a fan of the storyline into Haydn s personal life and especially his romantic intentions Even in the first book I found it an awkward portion of the book and this installment just makes it worse

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    An exciting 4 Star Adventure Another wonderful entry into the saga of Captain Charles Hayden This second book in the series takes our hero back onto the vessel Themis, the location of adventure and mutiny the first time around Still without an official posting as a Captain, Charles Hayden is posted to the ship to take a convoy across the waters too late in the season The trip is filled wit

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    A age of sail fiction I adore Captain Hayden He is a wolf at sea and a lamb on land, an officer and a gentleman, a good man who is constantly beset by the worst luck but somehow he always prevails So far I just want to hug him at every turn lol The author is a master of setting up these complex situations that leave you on the edge of your seat until the final word Past that, even, for this

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    ReviewI already knew that Sean Thomas Russell could write, what I was surprised about again was the differing nature of the stories with the story, this truly was a multi layered book Normally you will have plots and sub plots in a book, and you will have threads that pull together at points in the book like fine stitching, and this book in most respects was the same, and yet different On the

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    The just released, A Battle Won by S Thomas Russell, is classic nautical fiction vivid, fast paced and full of drama, both on sea and land Master and Commander Charles Hayden is a gifted naval commander with extremely bad luck In the previous book, Under Enemy Colors, he found himself serving aboard HMS Themis, a frigate with a tyrannical captain and a mutinous crew Now in A Battle Won, instead

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    Great REad

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    I m sad to say I ended up being slightly disappointed by this sequel to the first work in the series, Under Enemy Colours There is no doubt that this series can achieve great moments When this book set its mind to it it can be amazingly atmospheric and engaging For example there is a chapter set on a slowly sinking frigate and the writing during that chapter was so captivatingly eerily it had me shi

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    I know it s a bit of a cliche these days to call someone writing in this genre an heir to Patrick O Brian but I think Sean Thomas Russell deserves this epithet at least a little, as he is developing these characters nicely into what I hope will be a long series of Charles Hayden books Commissioned again with temporary command of the frigate HMS Themis, a ship no post captain wants because of its mutin

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    A Battle Won by Sean Thomas Russell is the second novel depicting Charles Hayden aboard frigate Themis Much of the book is based on actual historical events, which always makes for a better reading in my books even when some actual historical figures have had to give way to fictional heroes filling their shoes.Overall, I found this novel even engaging than I did the first one and I d be happy to recomm

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    The first book in Russell s Charles Hayden series earned four full stars from me losing the last one due to an on shore, half baked romantic subplot that felt ham fisted in what would otherwise have been a perfect age of sail narrative A Battle Won, the second installment in the series garners a 3.5 for similar reasons, while also suffering through middle child syndrome Hayden is back, reunited with his c

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