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Her Man From Shilo I love a good category romance full of cliches as much as the next person but this one was a bit over the top If you have ever read an Old Skool Diana Palmer Long Tall Texan novel, you can figure out the plot cliches fairly easily We have 1 An angry father who insists on a shotgun wedding when he finds his daughter in a compromising condition.2 Young innocent virginal woman with an older man Said daughter is 18 at the time of the marriage and the guy is 28.3 The hero who is secretly in love with the girl is a rancher who doesn t want her to regret being married and wants her to have life experiences Whatever the heck that means.4 Hero uses his money to pay her to go to college in San Diego and buys her a house and car.5 Seven years pass before they finally work out their problems.6 Hero has a controlling stepfather who wants him to marry for money.7 Hero presents wife thwart his plans and they share the same bedroom but not the same bed to convince the family that they are in love and have a happy marriage.8 The Big Misunderstanding trope is everywhere in this book The h h are both madly in love with one another but are afraid to tell each other because they don t won t to ruin each others happiness and dreams or some other sort of crap.9 The h h have sex but the hero apologizes because he wanted her to give her virginity to someone she loves, blahblahblah heroine is devastated because OF COURSE she loves the idiot hero.10 Another woman makes a play for the hero which of course the heroine sees before she goes riding frantically riding off on a horse through snow and ice.11 Said stupidity of riding through the snow leads to her being thrown off the horse with life altering injuries To say what kind would be a spoiler.These are only a few of the cliches that appear in the book They may not seem like very many but the novella is approximately 125 pages long Even though the novella is a series of cliches, the quality of the author s writing was good, and the character development was ok There were some formatting issues that made it difficult to tell when the author was using a flashback or the action took place in the present. Her Man From Shilo is a heartwarming tale of two people so in love that they go to great lengths, sacrificing their own happiness, in order to see the other one s dreams come true A beautifully written story with its emotional highs and lows that captivates you from the beginning and keeps you wanting to turn the page. Her Man From Shilo is an example of what happens when an author carefully weaves together past and present The story is delicately balanced between the present day battle Daimiana fights to prove to Raff that their marriage is worthy of a real shot, and the beautifully nostalgic flashbacks that provide the reader with the story of how two close friends fell in love before realizing it The characters personalities, the dynamic supporting cast, and the truthful take on how to fight for love in a society that doesn t always put that emotion first make this a beautiful, grown up love story. Her Man from Shilo is a warm and fuzzy story where love and sacrifice go hand in hand to create a beautiful and fulfilling HEA for two people who deserve to be happy for ever after The emotions are real, the storyline is good, the dialogue is engaging, and the characters are likable and well developed Overall the story captures your attention from page one This is a good, solid read.Recommended4 Stars I absolutely adore this author s voice and this story me flipping the pages Emotional and heart warming, I loved Daimiana and Rafferty and thoroughly enjoyed their journey. Read this book in one setting A super read A little different romance between Daimia and Rafferty A well developed story with great characters and settings A story with some of my favorite things Horses and oceans Liked it so well I bought her other book and read it in one setting also. Take a successful horse rancher that secretly yearns to be a photographer, and an up and coming choreographer that just wants to be living with her husband, and you have the mix for this excellent book.Rafferty Piece s family have no idea he married Daimiana Casey ten years previously Now he has problem, and needs Daimiana to help him not just solve it but get him out of a dilemma What he doesn t know is Daimee has her own agenda too She is looking to become a full time wife to the man she adores, with all the benefits being Mrs Daimiana Piece will bring, mainly Rafferty in her bed every night.Things come to a head when circumstances and misunderstandings combine to cause a melt down that has dire consequences.Beautiful descriptive writing brings Shilo to life, with characters you know and like and care about Their emotional highs and lows had me quickly turning pages, and I soon lost myself in their story A great book from a new author I look forward to the next one. Her Man From ShiloThey knew each other since she was four years old They married when her father caught them in a compromising situation Now seven years later his family, not knowing that he was married, wants him to marry another She is back in his life But is she there for ever Or will the OW cause problems Rafferty and Diamiana have been friends since she was a child She has always loved Rafferty and being caught together after a storm her father forces a shotgun wedding Rafferty helps her pursue her dream of college and becoming a choreographer He understands because he always wanted to be a photographer but family obligation makes him a rancher Several years later his stepfather wants him to marry a women he has picked for him or lose the ranch He has to admit he was secretly married over 6 years to Diamiana and brings her to the ranch as his wife Married in name only She has always loved Rafferty now she has the opportunity to make their marriage real a wonderful story that takes you from their childhood affection to the love she has for him Robyn Rychards takes you back to the past and to the future smoothly and you are drawn into the story and Rafferty realizing that he has loved her also all these yearstruly a story not to be missed. Rafferty Pierce S Step Father Has Arranged A Marriage For Him In Order To Expand The Family Ranch Just One Small Problem Rafferty Already Has A WifeDaimiana Casey Has Loved Two Things For As Long As She Can Remember Dancing And Rafferty Pierce Will She Be Able To Convince Rafferty She Doesn T Have To Give Up One To Have The Other With His Step Father S Ultimatum, Rafferty Is Forced To Reveal The Shotgun Marriage He S Kept Secret And With It Passion And Tension Erupt Will These Life Long Friends Be Able To Have What They Both Want Than Anything

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Robyn Rychards grew up in the granola bowl of the United States, Boulder Colorado, a town filled with fruits, flakes and nuts She considers herself a Jack of all trades master of none and has taught herself to sew, paint, play the piano, garden, cook, the list goes on But now that her books are published, she s thrilled to finally be considered a master of one At least as much as a person can b

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