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Unequal Affections This Pride and Prejudice what if starts out one third of the way into the original novel at the pivotal moment when Mr Darcy proposes to our heroine Elizabeth Bennet This scene contains some of Jane Austen s most brilliant dialogue revealing two protagonists so totally at odds with each other that we cannot see how they could possibly end up as a loving couple by the end of the novel Mr Darcy begins In vain have I struggled It will not do My feelings will not be repressed You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you He then proceeds to explain how he loves her against his will, against his reason, and even against his character Insulted by his prejudice against her family, appalled by his injustice towards Mr Wickham and angered by his part in separating her sister Jane from Mr Bingley, she finalizes her refusal by proclaiming that he was the last man in the world whom she could ever be prevailed on to marry While Austen sets up the moral and romantic conflict firmly, in Unequal Affections, Ormiston chooses an evenchallenging path Her Elizabeth has not made previous declarations about marrying only for love or exhibited her strength of mind by refusing the proposal of the odious Mr Collins The reader only knows her Elizabeth from this proposal scene forward Though her Lizzy does not like Mr Darcy anythan Austen s, she will consider marrying without affection for the benefit of her family and chooses to delay her reply by asking for time to consider his offer We now have an optimistic Darcy following her back to London where she is staying with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner Under pressure Elizabeth seeks the counsel of her aunt who of course points out the pros and cons of the alliance Within two weeks she accepts his proposal Darcy is ecstatic Elizabeth is resolved She will be the mistress of a grand estate and the wife of a proud and arrogant man Can she learn to love him, and will her love humble him The majority of the narrative now unfolds back at Longbourn, her home in Hertfordshire Darcy takes up residence nearby at his friend Bingley s estate of Netherfield and visits Elizabeth under the close observation of the Bennet family, whose members he abhors If anything will test his love, his resolve, and his willingness to change, it will be one month in the Bennet household Each of the family members has their turn Mrs Bennet with her endless prattle, Mr Bennet with his lack of guiding presence, Mary with her sermonizing, and Kitty and Lydia with their dangerous fixation on officers, resulting in a family conflict that may fracture his desire to marry Elizabeth forever Pride and Prejudice what if s have dominated Austenesque sequels for the past several years Starting with established characters and plot, they take a left turn in a new direction allowing for an intriguing fantasy Readers of Austen s classic can now experience beloved characters faced with new impediments before they earn their happily ever after If you are comfortable with change, creativity and the possibility that they may act outside of Austen s sphere, I highly recommend them.Because there are now so many authors writing in this sub genre, be prepared for crossover plots They are inevitable, and readers who know of Abigail Reynolds , Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy Last Man in the World, will be concerned that Unequal Affections may have been influenced by this novel Be not alarmed, madam, on receiving this warning, by the apprehension of its containing any repetition of those sentiments While the premise and launching point are identical, the remainder of the plot is wholly unconnected.I was duly impressed with Ormiston s command of Regency era language and social context They are her strongest accomplishments She builds solid, endearing characterizations revealing an acute understanding of Austen s characters Some readers will be happy to know that the romantic tension was held in suspense almost until the last page While I commend her extensive vocabulary, I found her pacing off Scenes were too long at some points slowing down my interest, and her choice to play out two thirds of the book in the Bennet s drawing room became as painful to Darcy as it did for me As a debut novelist she shows bright promise that will develop with time and guidance.Complex, intriguing and romantic, Unequal Affections will be one of those novels that you must readthan once to fully understand why it is so compelling There are certain parts that will annoy you and others that will compel you to continue Exhibiting these dualities is what makes for memorable fiction You won t forget this one for a long time.Laurel Ann, Austenprose 4.5 glorious stars WOW Just WOW I was already a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice Like it s my favourite and I have read it three times already I think I even memorised some of the lines from the novel Which is weird considering I am never able to remember my business class notes Nada Then when I was mulling over my thoughts of how I wanted to readabout Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, and low and behold Goodreads my darling recommended me this book It was just lovely Goodreads knows about my preferences in books so clearly it s kind of scary Because when I read the blurb, I literally shouted, YES This is what I wanted The whole book is based on a simple question, What if Remember the scene where Mr.Darcy proposes to Elizabeth Bennet If you don t, let me jog your memory In vain have I struggled It will not do My feelings will not be repressed You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you He then proceeds to explain how he loves her against his will, against his reason, and even against his character Insulted by his prejudice against her family, appalled by his injustice towards Mr Wickham and angered by his part in separating her sister Jane from Mr Bingley, she finalizes her refusal by proclaiming that he was the last man in the world whom she could ever be prevailed on to marry The What if here is What if Elizabeth really thought about the marriage proposal rather than outright rejecting him So the story continues as it is till chapter 34, where Mr.Darcy proposes to Miss Elizabeth Bennet in the Hunsford Parsonage, where she doesn t reject him nor does she even say how much she despises him Then what would have happened if she accepted him We get to seeof Mr.Darcy He is portrayed the same as he is in the original The same arrogance, cold aloofness Having trouble speaking with people he doesn t know nor does he care His struggle in accepting the Bennet family Overcoming his cold behaviour He is outright not changed just because he declared his love, but takes time to know Elizabeth s acquaintances who he deems unworthy I still prefer Colin Firth as Mr Darcy but this is the gif I could find on short notice meeting my criteria And Elizabeth Bennet s struggle to come to terms with her impending marriage to a man she doesn t even love which she disclosed to Mr.Darcy when he proposed Thus starts the month long courtship with lots of bumpy rides And I really liked what the author did with George Wickham s character at the end He got what he deserved And Lydia is as annoying as ever It may be a retelling but reading the original you maybe be expecting something quite similar to happen any moment but don t waste your time This is completely different yet same in some ways The author understood the characters wholeheartedly and didn t try to stray them off character The suspense of romance was with us till the end And the classic scenes were altered but still they were immensely enjoyable I seriously adored this book My favorite Pride and Prejudice retelling till date Sometimes the pacing seemed a bit off but in general I was in love with the plot and the characters Love love love this book I could just grab it and sleep with it Yes people books are my teddybears Deal with it I highly recommend READ THIS BOOK And for people who follow Mark Twain s quotes on criticism against Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, you ll can go suck it. When Elizabeth Bennet First Knew Mr Darcy, She Despised Him And Was Sure He Felt The Same Angered By His Pride And Reserve, Influenced By The Lies Of The Charming Mr Wickham, She Never Troubled Herself To Believe He Was Anything Other Than The Worst Of Men Until, One Day, He Unexpectedly ProposedMr Darcy S Passionate Avowal Of Love Causes Elizabeth To Reevaluate Everything She Thought She Knew About Him What She Knows Is That He Is Rich, Handsome, Clever, And Very Much In Love With Her She, On The Other Hand, Is Poor, And Can Expect A Future Of Increasing Poverty If She Does Not Marry The Incentives For Her To Accept Him Are Strong, But She Is Honest Enough To Tell Him That She Does Not Return His Affections He Says He Can Accept That But Will Either Of Them Ever Be Truly Happy In A Relationship Of Unequal Affection Diverging From Jane Austen S Classic Novel Pride And Prejudice At The Proposal In The Hunsford Parsonage, This Story Explores The Kind Of Man Darcy Is, Even Before His Proper Humbling, And How Such A Man, So Full Of Pride, So Much In Love, Might Have Behaved Had Elizabeth Chosen To Accept His Original Proposal Oh, Lizzy Do anything rather than marry without affection Jane Austen, Pride and PrejudiceIn this what if variation of PP, our author asks the question what if Elizabeth didn t refuse the Hunsford proposal What if she was honest with Darcy regarding her feelings of surprise and being completely unaware of his regard He actually thought she returned his feelings and was expecting his proposal The story progressed as Darcy attempted to ease her mind and offered to give her time when she left Kent and returned to her London relatives During that time, she thought about what she wanted, what she needed, the future needs of her family the entail , and the fact that she probably would never have another opportunity like this again She accepted his offer and they went about the daily routine of him courting her and trying to win her love If equal affection cannot be, Let theloving one be me W H AudenThe above quote describes Darcy completely as this was the most romantic Darcy I ve read in a while I loved how the author used the senses to convey emotion through the use of a sensuous look, the pursing of lips, the slowly lowering of lashes, the gentle light touch, the use of enticing, intimate and seduction maneuvers between DE without ever being sexual The play on the sensual was most amazing I swooned at his speech with her, as he described his desire and love for her My heart melted and yet she continued to guard her emotions with an iron resolve I wanted to shake her We all know him to be a proud, unpleasant sort of man but this would be nothing if you really liked him Jane Austen, Pride and PrejudiceIn canon, it was Elizabeth s refusal of the Hunsford proposal that set Darcy on a journey of self discovery and to the changing of his behavior, and his attitude toward Elizabeth s connections, her social standing and her relations Since he didn t get that set down, he was as he always was, haughty, rude and unpleasant when in society at large, butso when in the company of her relations and neighbors, because they didn t mean anything to him and were decidedly beneath him Top that with her already dislike of him due to his separating Jane and Bingley and his treatment of Wickham She didn t ask him about either situation, and he didn t tell Had I been in love, I could not have beenwretchedly blind But vanity, not love, has been my folly Jane Austen, Pride and PrejudiceIt took Elizabeth forever, Forever, FOREVER to figure out that she was in love I suppose when the only up close examples of marriage she had ever seen were her parents and her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner, I imagine it was hard for her to know what real love was However, I think this took too long It could have been trimmed a bit Elizabeth was beginning to get on my nerves I felt the author was messing with Darcy and I was starting to become rather protective of him He was showing himself and his love at every turn and jumping through every hoop that Lizzy threw his way She, on the other hand, was hateful and approaching mean at times in her treatment of him I didn t care for that one bit In nine cases out of the, a woman had better showaffection than she feels Jane AustenElizabeth was expert at hiding her emotions and feelings, especially when she was mad or upset Charlotte s words hadmeaning when Darcy discovered Elizabeth s original dislike for him He was devastated Lydia you stupid, ignorant cow I simply do not have the words She was so careless and let slip that Lizzy despised Darcy and within his hearing I thought this would be the straw that finally broke the camel s back I thought it was over Man this was hard to read Darcy s emotions were in tatters, his heart bleeding as her words cut him to the quick I felt awful for him I wanted to cry Wickham The failure to inform or reveal Wickham s evil ways has always been a thread of contention for me Because Darcy failed to inform Elizabeth, Meryton, the Bennets or the world at large Wickham was allowed to roam the countryside creating mischief at will There were several scenes that frightened me to the point that I held my breath It could have gone really bad had Darcy not intervened The only saving grace was the epilogue Oh, Wickham, you should always read the fine print That s what you get for not asking questions He got what he deserved. I have read many retellings of Pride Prejudice now, many of which have portrayed Darcy as not really proud and disagreeable but merely misunderstood I had forgotten that he does start out as proud and disagreeable in PP and that he had character flaws that he had to work to overcome to be the man we all know and love and admire so much In this retelling Elizabeth does not tell Darcy in his first proposal all the things she does not like about him what he did to Jane, his treatment of Wickham nor of her feelings about his pride and selfish disdain for the feelings of others These offenses, rather than being revealed in one intense proposal scene, are revealed slowly through their engagement period Not a lot of action occurs in the book, it isthe slow development of character which propels the story along This book was intense and introspective It took me on a journey with Elizabeth and Darcy as they both examined their minds, hearts, motives and character flaws and slowly grew closer to each other and into better versions of themselves This book inspired a lot of personal reflection for me It was hard to read at times because for the first time I saw some of Darcy and Elizabeth s character flaws in myself I didn t always like Darcy or Elizabeth nor did I like some of the feelings the book inspired in me But the very fact that it did make me feel and examine myself and compelled me to keep reading was the sign of a good book Wedding Day Vignette I read most of the longer than a sentence or two reviews onand have to agree with many of the positive comments This book is excellent It is one for which I would warn you that you will want to read slowly and contemplatively And I read it in one day, starting early in the morning and ending late in the evening PLUS it is one I will re read.The premise that Lizzy doesn t refuse Darcy at Hunsford but instead asks for a week to consider is one which is difficult to swallow BUT this author does a credible job of having Lizzy display a different reaction, knowing that she also has suspicions about his interference in Jane s and Bingley s life and that he sabotaged Wickham s chances for a happy life The fact that she doesn t love him while the knowledge that he does love her are first and foremost in considerations for both parties And how contradictory in the light of the advice Darcy gave Bingley Oh, the author does a wonderful job here of putting the onus where it belongs and having characters consider who is responsible for the final decision and outcome.I had tears as Lizzy, late in this courtship and after observing how Darcy removes himself emotionally from socially interacting with her friends and family, so expertly humbles him by relating acts on the part of Sir Lucas, her aunt and her mother Don t judge a book by its covera lesson for all here And while ODC is open about much of what they feel and have observed, they both have some secrets, which eventually come out and have to be dealt with There are points in this story at which you can wonder if we are going to get our HEA Both Elizabeth and Darcy reach a point at which they consider if they are fair to make each other keep their word to marryboth wonder at how the other can put up with so many affronts, so many rude comments, so many in each family not happy with this engagement.As others have said there are no new characters and the story follows much of canon But the step by step process of really getting to know each other, of learning to be open and also accepting each other with good and bad traits displayed is very well done here And we also read some realities about other characters, i.e., Mr Bennet accepting his role in the whole dowry debacle and in changing his mind about Brighton.Well done and despite the high price a book not to be missed. 10 1 18 I ve pretty much stopped counting how many times I ve read this It s an audiobook go to when I can t make up my mind what else I wanna read.Third reading 10 26 16 I m officially changing my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars, as this has become one of my not so guilty pleasure stories The audio book is fabulous, and it makes the raw emotion of it all that muchintense I think I originally rated it down a star because there wasn t as much external conflict to make the story exciting, but that s honestly what I ve come to appreciate about this one Elizabeth s and Darcy s respective internal struggles are plenty compelling enough My favorite scene is near the end during the dinner party where everyone is talking over each other, and Elizabeth and Darcy finally start to truly come together It s masterfully written.Second reading 4 20 16 I think I enjoyed this eventhe second time, and the audio book was very well done.First reading 7 3 15 I enjoyed this variation on the story Elizabeth and Darcy approached their engagement and marriage in a very logical, mature, grown up fashion It made for a rather low conflict story, but that s not always a bad thing I read this in an afternoon all in one sitting, and I d recommend it for anyone who wants a low key PP fix. At some point in every PP fans life they will ask did Lizzy really love Darcy And after a few days of soul searching and reading they will decide yes, of course Lara Ormiston runs with that question and creates an incredible book.This is a PP variation where instead of Lizzy s famous set down of Darcy, following his proposal at Hunsford parsonage, she asks for time to think about it Yes every one knows that Lizzy and Jane have sworn to only marry for the deepest love but Lizzy is clever and knows that Darcy loves her very much and that she may never meet another man who loves her that much.What comes next is a very compacted PP set mostly in Meryton It is a fascinating look into the thought processes of Darcy and Lizzy How Darcy goes from the proud man to the kind man and how Lizzy falls in love with the last man in the world whom I could ever be persuaded to marry We also see how Darcy s almost constant presence at Longbourn changes all the members of the Bennet family.Time compressing PP is tricky and Ms Ormiston makes it work perfectly My only minor disappointment was that the book ends at the wedding and this is a story where I want . I thoroughly enjoyed this one a very intriguing and interesting Pride and Prejudice retelling, a kind of novelised thought experiment and character study, full of little details and fantastic writing Very compelling and good fun I d highly recommend. 4.5 stars A Challenging Courtship Full of Concealment and ConflictTYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL VariationTIME FRAME Darcy s Proposal at Hunsford through early June epilogueCHARACTERS A very Darcy and Elizabeth centric story, but all our old friends make an appearanceSYNOPSIS What if Lizzy didn t say no What if, after hearing Darcy s insulting proposal, she focused on his surprisingly ardent love and passion instead of her previous judgments and impressions about him What if, Lizzy felt Mr Darcy s marriage proposal was too advantageous for both her and her family to hold up against her dream of marrying for love WHAT I LOVED To Win Her Heart Elizabeth is honest with Darcy at his proposal, she admits to having no affection or love for him And Darcy is determined to change that but the poor man has the cards stacked against him He doesn t know Elizabeth s feelings, he doesn t know that she despises him, is offended by his manners, or holds him at fault for breaking up Bingley and Jane and ruining Mr Wickham s future Seeing Darcy try so desperately to win Elizabeth s love made my heart melt Observing his confidence and perseverance diminish into bleak and despairing awareness throughout their courtship was heart wrenching and intense I enjoyed seeing his honesty when discussing his decision and their aftereffects with Bingley Conceal and Avoid While Elizabeth is honest about her lack of affection for Darcy, she remains mum about the very important offenses she holds against him Even though she realizes her former opinion of Darcy must be wrong, she makes a conscious effort to not bring up Bingley, Wickham, or her initial dislike At first I wasn t so sure this disguise and falsity were true to Elizabeth s character make up, I thought for sure she would bring up her issues and speak her true mind in any of her private conversations with Darcy But at the same time, I can understand how Elizabeth, in light of keeping things amicable and pleasant with her complicated and not so pleasant fiancee, would want to avoidtension and skirt around all hot button issues It s Going To Be a Bumpy Ride Once engaged, Darcy and Elizabeth embark on a month long courtship at Longbourn With no refusal and no letter, their courtship hits a lot of bumps in the road As a reader, we knew what the bumps would be, but we didn t know how and when they would come I loved seeing their relationship witness develop slowly on page Each bump would reluctantly be addressed, canvassed, and smoothed out one at a time And to add evendrama, all these delicate issues were being discussed around the Bennets with limited privacy and freedom Oh boy Characterization I really felt the essence of Jane Austen s original characters with this variation Ms Ormiston beautifully and skillfully captured Lizzy s arch and playful manner towards Darcy, Darcy s aloof and disdainful manner towards the Bennet, and Darcy s oblivious cluelessness about Lizzy s feelings When it came to a character s conversation, tone, and manners, it always felt spot on in this novel.WHAT I WASN T TOO FOND OF Pacing Truly a minor complaint But at some points the pacing did feel too slow and some scenes too drawn out It did get better at the end though CONCLUSION Turbulent emotions, evocative prose, and reverent characterization Unequal Affections is a Pride and Prejudice variation not to be missed If you are riveted to love stories fraught with complications, changing affections, and undying hope, you will love this variation I highly recommend

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