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Mad Maudlin (Bedlam's Bard, #6) Eric Banyon, better known as Bedlam s Bard, is finally about to graduate from Julliard and enter the Real World and so, with the help of a psychiatrist who specializes in the problems of magicians, he s finally coming to terms with his past But a spur of the moment trip In the Bedlam s Bard series, after Spirits White as Lightning Our hero, Eric Banyon, is still at Julliard His apprentice Bard Hosea has been chosen as a guardian Eric tries to make peace with his past only to discover that he has a younger brother, whom his parents are also trying to turn into a prodigy Meanwhile, something or someone is praying on the homeless children of New York. Enjoyable urban fantasy by someone who knows how to write it in her sleep Eric Banyon is trying to figure out how to deal with his bad parents, whom he hasn t seen in a decade or Meanwhile, his apprentice Hosea is trying to understand about the Bloody Mary who haunts the homeless children he meets and they both must battle the typical evil protagonists in this kind of book preachers and New Age cultists It s not a deep read, but the characters well, the good ones are very likeable. A lush and fascinating story, despite the few geographical gaffes I really like the ongoing characters and look forward to about the new ones. This is the 6th book of this series I like seeing how Eric and his friends get themselves into, and then out of, trouble. Good solid storytelling, very gritty and real, one of my favorite urban fantasy series I highly recommend these. The Bedlam s Bard series is one of my favorites It s set of books that I read again and again Eric Banyon, a group of Talented friends, elves in New York City, and written by Mercedes Lackey andbeginning with book 4 Rosemary Edghill It s hard to get better than that IMO The bad guys are really bad as they are in the entire series and in this one there are a slew of them, not just one Some of these characters are introduced in 4 Beyond World s End so I recommend starting the series at least there if you aren t going to go back to the first book I read 4, 5, and 6 before going back to read the first 3 of the books and I m glad I did it that way It meant that I got to meet a grown up, mature Eric before I read the backstory. Eric Banyon, Better Known As Bedlam S Bard, Is Finally About To Graduate From Julliard And Enter The Real World And So, With The Help Of A Psychiatrist Who Specializes In The Problems Of Magicians, He S Finally Coming To Terms With His Past But A Spur Of The Moment Trip Home To Boston To Visit His Parents Brings Him Trouble Than Even Eric Thought PossibleMeanwhile, His Bardic Apprentice Hosea Has Discovered That The Young Homeless Children In New York S Shelters Have Created A Bizarre Mythology About A Demon Called Bloody Mary Who Preys On Young Children And Somehow Bloody Mary Has Taken On An Independent Life And Now Stalks The Streets Of The CityAnd For Some Reason, She S After Eric As Well First read in 2008, again in 2009, and rereading it now.This offtake on elves deals with loss, addiction, and the effects of power on those not equipped to deal with it It touches on the plight of the multitudes of homeless children, runaways from unbearable situations, and suggests some possible solutions Overall, a great book of social commentary. This is one of my favorites of the Bedlam s Bard books I like all of them they re books that I ve kept and that I re read And I just discovered that this has a spin off if you like this book, you should definitely read Arcanum 101.

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