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Speak Love I really enjoyed this book after Jessi Connolly gave an Influence Network class on speaking life which provided me an excellent foundation for me to explore the topic , especially with this book Speak Love is definitely targeted for middle school or high school girls, which I didn t know I was looking for something to go a little bit deeper than this book did, but it touched on some great points I loved the Scripture that Downs used throughout every chapter and will definitely go back to those verses This book would be great for a middle school or high school aged small group This book didn t meet my expectations of what I thought it would be, but is an incredible book with a life changing purpose. Speak Love is a practical yet engaging guide for girls and young women who seek to use their words for building up and encouraging others While the book is geared mainly toward readers in middle and high school, it s a valuable source for anyone looking for ways to share love, adjust attitudes, and perhaps mentor a younger friend from a Christian perspective I know I would have benefited loads from reading Speak Love as a teen, but I also just love reading anything by Annie Downs because she s been an inspiration to me as a writer Her writing style invites you into the pages as if you were sitting down in person and having a conversation, sharing stories from your lives, and having a heart to heart about how our words affect not only people around us but also ourselves and our self esteem Annie Downs offers godly, scriptural wisdom, as well as humor, and she delivers the truth with exhortation and conviction Aside from the content itself, something I greatly appreciate about this book is its format There are twelve chapters divided among three parts These sections makes it a neat, short book that one could easily read within a month or two I only took a year because I let myself get distracted by life and other books, yet this proves another asset of the format it allows a reader to set down the book for a spell and then return to it months later with ease At the end of each chapter is a sort of activity section, which reviews the main Bible memory verse from the chapter Memorize the Word and lists additional scripture references Read the Word , journal prompts Journal Your Words , and ways to put words into action Use Your Words At the end of the book is one of the most enjoyable appendices I ve ever found, complete with additional book titles, websites, and even recipes.I got this book knowing I wasn t within the target audience, so while I didn t feel as personally invested in some of the points as I would have been as a teen, I still read with the hope of passing along such wisdom to other young people in my present or future life And besides, we can all use the reminder to speak love to others, and that loving words come from loving thoughts, the source of which is our loving God. Through Funny Stories, Scripture, And A Challenge That Could Help You Change The Lives Of Every Person You See, Tweet, Or Message For The Better, Annie F Downs Explores The Difference You Can Make When You Speak Love To Others, To God, And To YourselfDo You Still Remember A Mean Comment Someone Made About You Online Does Something You Said To Your Friend About Your Other Friend Haunt You Sometimes Has Your Day Instantly Gotten Better Because You Received A Compliment That S Because Everything We Say Has A Lot Of Power Even The Things We Tell Ourselves Annie Downs Has Learned This Lesson Firsthand As Both A Reformed Mean Girl And The Recipient Of A Lot Of Hurtful Comments Herself, And She Knows We Can Break The Cycle Of Harmful Words And Make A Difference If We Decide To Focus On Speaking Love Positive, Honest Words Instead Through Truthful And Very Funny Experiences From Her Own Life, As Well As Examples From The Bible And Every Part Of Life, Annie Shows The Amazing Changes That Can Happen When We Send Positive Words Out Into The World And Believe Them About OurselvesSpeak Love Is The Perfect Gift For Young Women AgesAnd Up Who Are Ready To Speak Love And Speak LifeLooks At The Ways We Speak To Ourselves, To Others, And To God And How Choosing To Use Positive Words With Each One Can Change Our Lives, And The Lives Of Those Around UsHas A Companion Devotional, Speak Love Revolution, That Contains Thirty Days Of Encouragement And Tips, As Well As Journaling Space To Record Your Speak Love Journey From WORDS So powerful, so life giving, so very important to the heart and life of young girls In a world saturated in words, communication and messages there still not enough girls speaking love and being spoken love to that is why I was so excited when I finally had a chance to read the book, Speak Love The Speak Love book and devotional journal by Annie F Downs is a great resource for those of us involved in the lives of teenage girls, helping them to understand the importance of communication to God, others, and themselves Not just another positive affirmation book or quick self help book about love yourself , Annie F Downs, writes a book that is scripture centered and real While the title would at first seem to just address the spoken, it actually thoroughly and systematically address all the various ways girls communicate Starting off with four very strong chapters on our communication with God I absolutely love these first four chapters, after recently finishing a series in my own group about prayer I am continued to be amazed at how many students really do not fully understand how God is and how to communicate with him The second set of chapters and the core of the book is speaking love to others , including chapter 9 addressing communication to celebrities The fact that is included, in my opinion, is brilliant It is so needed and so overlooked in so many resources and books written to young women Especially for someone working with 6th 8th grader girls, this is HUGE Whether we as, adults completely get it or remember, our students have access to celebrities through social media and it affects them The other chapter that is evenimportant that I absolutely appreciated was the next chapter about talking about God to others The wraps up with two final chapters, that are oh, so very important about speaking love to yourself Once again not a cheesy positive affirmation approach, Ms Downs, just soaks her final words in Biblical, scripture advice and love Now for the Speak Love Revolution 30 Day Devotional As if the book itself was not enough, which it absolutely is The companion devotional journal is the double extra awesome layer on top Each of the 30 days worth of devotional readings are again on the mark Bound is a very attractive purple cover, it makes the perfect take along to school or wherever a girl might be going These two books are truly inspirational books for the girls in your ministry, that could transform the way they communicate to God, others, and even themselves The perfect gifts for Christmas or as a girl s study to start off the New Year I just finished reading this book with my High School Girls Life Group I started this group for High School Girls back in February of 2016 We met once a week usually and discussed the book chapter by chapter While this is written from a Christian perspective, it holds truth and encouragement for all young women, from middle school to post college I loved the topics in the book I loved Annie s writing style She writes as if you are sitting down at Starbucks s enjoying a mocha together Annie offers practical advise on guys, friendships, social media, self confidence, and event family matters She is honest, and never comes across in a condescending tone in any of the advise she gives I know all of the girls in my life group enjoyed the book I gave each girl a journal and ask that she write about her experiences, as well as her thoughts on the books All of the girls had positive remarks on the book The discussion questions and journal prompts make this a perfect read for any small group or book club setting We loved the discussions that came from Annie s writings In fact, we loved them so much that we are going to start reading Annie s book Perfectly Unique this fall. I read through this book with about 10 girls I teach at my church I loved it They loved her writing style and sense of humor, but it was also full of truths we all need to hear I highly recommend for teenage girls. I began reading Annie Downs s blog just before this book was released so I had a lot of intro to it before actually purchasing it And after Ms Downs wrote a beautiful post about speaking words of encouragement and love over Miley Cyrus after her infamous VMA performance , I knew she was onto something big are too many mean voices in this world, and too many are women speaking hate over other women SPEAK LOVE is a call to action for all of us to love ourselves enough to see our own beauty, to love each other enough to end bullying, and to love the Mean Girl so much that the cycle is finally broken This is a plain spoken book by a young, fresh, honest author whose vivacious voice just might start a revolution SPEAK LOVE is a must read for every teen girl and every young woman and every mother of a daughter It s also a book for anyone who wants to see a change in the hurtful speech of this day I highly recommend This book is written to teen girls, so I was willing to overlook phrases the author uses to connect like totes adorbs , etc I thought it was a great book, and I m already planning to go out and buy two additional copies one for my daughter, and one for her small group leader Not only did it speak truth, it was full of discussion points, action plans, journal prompts The only thing I didn t really appreciate was the whole pray Jesus into your heart chapter, which I disagree with doctrinally, but I felt the rest of it was spot on It not only covered mean girls and bullying, but how we speak to our parents, our siblings, boys, etc I wholeheartedly recommend it for the teen tween girls in your life if not to read themselves, for you to read and discuss with them.Would I recommend this to my BFF Yes.Would I recommend this to my teen daughter Evenso. Original review here s world is one of constant communication, and seldom can you find yourself in a state of absolute isolation This incessant and never ending saturation in ideas and conversation has many upsides, but it also has far too many downsides Many teens in this day and age find themselves inundated with the influx manyfind themselves being bullied within it In Annie F Downs book Speak Love, cyberbullying is just one of the many topics she covers Her overall point is to speak words that give life wherever we go, and to avoid words that give death.Speak Love starts out a bit slowly Downs covers how communication with God is key before communication with others can reach a peak of love and constructive language The entire first part of the book is dedicated to prayer, reading the Bible, connecting with God, and staying in relationship with Christ Focusing so centrally on a relationship with God is applauded, for in today s culture, focusing far too much time on outside sources draws our eyes away from Him should we let it I speak from experience when I say that distraction is prevalent and easy to fall into Downs does a good job on getting to the core about why a relationship with God is so vitally important to one s own life.The second part deals in the area of using our words to speak love hence the title and how when we are right with God, then things will iron out and we will begin to see where we are not speaking love Downs handles real life issues such as Mean Girls, celebrities being people, cyber interactions, and our own words in such a way as to make the reader feel everything is conversational and never accusatory Her tone never comes off as snobbish or as if she s speaking down to us That in itself I appreciate However, I found myself wandering over asides that only muddled the flow of her writing Once she gets going, Downs has a nasty habit of throwing in side comments and unneeded information that chops up the smoothness in her writing I understand the conversational aspect I disagree with the need for conversational to muddy up its own waters by way of too much conversation.Throughout the entire book, Downs puts in Scripture that emphasizes her point and reveals the absolute Biblical need for words of love and life I find no fault with this In fact, I think that in terms of this being categorized as a Religion Spirituality book, the Scripture that Downs puts in stays relevant to everything she s saying unfortunately, not all inspirational books do the same, driving irksome prickles under my skin every time I see it done Downs gave me no prickles The only thing I would recommend for next time is that she keep her translations to a minimum The NIV served her absolutely fine in most cases, and every time she threw in the parallel verse from The Message, the only thing it did was muddle up the flow of her manuscript.Let me continue in this vein Near the end of the book, Downs started to become a tad repetitive in her points and what she was saying While the encouragement to young women across every spectrum was great, the third part of the book drew far too heavily on parts one and two A short conclusion would have sufficed in wrapping up her points and bringing them about to a tight close Instead, Downs meanders back and forth with things we ve heard already and probably three or four times, to boot Should a second edition be released, I would suggest revisions to tighten flow and cut massive repetition.Downs message in Speak Love is a well needed one that is being broadcast, if you will, from every corner in the fields of encouragement Teen girls will find her conversational tone warm and inviting, and no doubt they will take away everything they needed to hear when the last page of the book turns With minor adjustments and some heavy editing for future editions, Downs book will come into its own as a powerhouse of encouragement to whomever reads it. I am going to be honest I pre ordered this book because of the awesome pre order swag that came with that Sorry BUT then I got an idea for having a teenage girls class at my church I am currently still pondering how to go about this and put out a call to my Dream Team sisters about books to use or read to get ideas for this class and someone again mentioned this book So I went on Netgalley because waiting another whole month just wasn t going to work for me when I needed to work on this idea NOW And it was available for review I requested it, downloaded it, and read it Half way through this book I emailed the author which I would normally only do with Holley, Kayse, and TeriLynne and sang her praises And found out that she went to one of my high school s rival schools, grew up in the next town over from where I grew up, and is only a year older than me so it is completely plausible that I have probably met her at some point in our growing up years or at least seen her By now you are probably wanting me to stop rambling and tell you what this book is right This book is Speak Love Making Your Words Matter by Annie F Downs.This book is about using your words to build each other up and not to tear each other down This book reminds you that your power is in your words This book is about loving yourself and also loving others This book was not written for the target audience AT ALL This book was written for EVERYONE Hey, I told Annie this sorry but too many close connections you are now Annie and we are friends from one email but hey go with me on this in the email I sent her She is pretty awesome I though that I was going to read this book and just get ideas for class topics from it But I don t think that will work The brilliance of this book is that it is a perfect class book It has memory verses, discussion questions, and homework journaling built in I am going to use it for my proposal for this class.I will say that while this book is awesomely amazing she leaves out some important stuff When she talks about becoming a Christian she only mentions asking Jesus into your heart There isn t really any mention of repenting or baptism And guys that is important Both of those things are commanded of us Jesus says repent AND be baptized So while yes, you need to ask Jesus into your heart and keep him there, you also need to ask for forgiveness and be baptized like he commanded of you Thus reveals I problem that I have with most of my favorite writers these days but I digress.So this is the part where I say go buy the book GO BUY THE BOOK but I am also going to say this if you have a teenage girl I would say boy because so much applies to them but it was directed at girls this would be a great gift for them I would even venture to say a girl who is in the fifth grade up OR is you are in charge of a small group at your church for teenagers or for grown women yes, we need it too it would be a great book for your next study The pre order swag is probably all gone as this book comes out on August 20 but you can still try here or if it s after the 20th then the book is still worth the cost You can buy the book at all major retailers I was provided with a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for my review All opinions are my own.

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