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Mahabharata A Bitter, Generation Spanning Conflict Between Two Great Ruling Families For India S Most Precious Lands Forms The Enthralling Central Thread Of Mahabharata It Is This Sweeping, Shifting Struggle With Its Magnificent Cast Of Characters And Its Deep Moral Ramifications That William Buck Brings To Us In This Beautiful Retelling Of The Ancient Sanskrit Epic The Men And Women, Gods, Demons, And Animals Are Once Again Restored To Life As They Take Part In This Drama Of Savage Battle And Tender Love, Sensuous Celebration And Profound Meditation

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    This is a very bad version of the magnificent epic It s obvious that Rajaji was not a writer he was a politician, and he really has no way with words.The writing is stilted, awkward, the narration dry and just boring The Mahabharata is a simply magnificent story and this version does not do it justice Apart from that, the author insists on giving little moral lectures here and there This is one of the worst ver

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    I still vividly remember the very first time I read Buck s translation of the Mahabharata It was my first semester back to school after taking time off to have my son We lived in a large room that was a sort of add on to the side of my parent s church and doubled as the nursery on Sundays My husband was working nights while going to school full time I was trying to juggle a 21 hour semester at school while simul

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    If you ever start to feel like there s something special or unique about the Western literary tradition, here s a nice reminder that our background is kind of like the poor, illiterate, brutish cousin of a sophisticated, knowledgeable, emotionally wealthy woman I d read retellings of the M, but they conveyed nothing of the sheer joy of the whole this, John D Smith s translation abridgement retelling, manages to make clear just

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    One of the greatest epics of human civilisation, and a masterpiece of myth and legend As a result of its almost absurd scope and sheer length, I must admit to have merely skimmed this work twice , but I aim to fully read it one day.In the meantime, I am fascinated by these absolutely wonderful artistic interpretations More to be found here

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    The Mah bh rata is much accessible than, say, The Koran or Ta Hs eh and Chung Yung, though also much much longer the Penguin edition is 800 pages, and that is with two thirds of the text brutally summarized Of course, it helps that there is a plot as well as profound philosophical, theological and moral discourse perhaps the fairer comparison is with Homer where I think the Mah bh rata still wins.I did sometimes find it difficult to keep the

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Indian Oral Epics Mahabharata by Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa Original Review, 2004 06 18 Since Homer specialised in the in media res scenario, which modern screenplay writers, with their enormous initial back stories yes Superman and Spider Man writers I am accusing you, my friends still seem to have no concept of we need to recognise that Homer took for granted his audience s familiarity with

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    The Mahabharata is a philosophical epic that begins with the creation of the cosmos and brings us on a journey through the passage of all time Time is the essential element or was it actually about Dharma It s certainly not about the epic battle that was every bit as grinding to read about as the effect of war itself Naturally, an epic that was crafted by an entire culture and passed down through a lineage of oral storytellers is going to develop many storie

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    Good book as far as myths and legends go, but I wanted to kick the idiot king who kept saying, Well, if my son is misbehaving and his actions will cause a huge war, then it must be God s will and I can t do anything about it Then he d spend two pages after his son s idiot actions messed things up crying about how he should have done something.

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    I read it as a child, and it made me to believe that in all epics there will be a hidden hero, and in this too..there is Karna Most interpretations on Mahabharata characters are for Karna.I couldn t help myself in falling love with him, as a human,I would say he is the prominent character in this, his humanitarian concepts, his relationships as a friend, as a son and as a devotee of his father the ultimate energy source sun.After reading this, first thing I done was to sear

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    This is considered as one of the TRIO Epics of Indian culture.Besides its epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kauravas and the Pandavas, the Mahabharata contains much philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four goals of life or purusharthas This is considered as the grandhas which guides people to live a sociable life.The division was into 18 parvasPersonally, I feel i have no words to describe these Trio epics

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