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Crystal Kingdom Everything is at risk for Bryn, her life, her world and those she loves On the run, Bryn has done her best to stay off the radar, but Konstantin has found her, now what He claims to be on her side, to want to aid in her quest against evil, but isn t this the very man who did Mina s bidding Can she trust him Mina s brutal reign must end, but it will take a war, bloody, massive and brutal How can Bryn convince other kingdoms to join forces, put aside any differences and work together as allies Settle in and get ready to re enter Amanda Hocking s world of magic and mayhem in Crystal Kingdom, take a deep breath, you are going to need it for this wicked fast paced journey to rescue the masses from the evil machinations of one evil queen.Amanda Hocking has hit her stride again with Crystal Kingdom as she brings together old characters and new to come to the aid of one brave and determined Bryn Her heart longs for Ridley, but its duty over love, and with Konstantin by her side, she prepares for a future filled with death, destruction and hopefully rebuilding and re birth Will Ridley still want the new woman she has become Ms Hocking fuels her tale with suspense, intrigue and heart wrenching moments from unexpected places as action takes front stage to romance and the fight for good versus evil rages on Great writing, incredible characters, scenes that scream, This is real, you are here, and dialogue that will in turn give you chills and have you raising the battle cry I received an ARC edition from St Martin s Griffin in exchange for my honest review.Series The Kanin Chronicles Book 3Publication Date August 4, 2015Publisher St Martin s GriffinISBN 13 9781466850880Genre YA FantasyPrint Length 432 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor More Reviews, Promotions and all things Books visit Ice Kissed left with Bryn on the run, she s now on The Most Wanted List among the Kanin With no one to trust or turn to she finds herself aligned with fellow fugitive and gorgeous bad boy Konstantin Black Under the rule of the evil Queen Mina, the people of Doldastam are trapped under her tyranny Together Bryn and Konstantin travel all over the troll kingdoms seeking help to over throw her rule and to save Kanin trolls, but who would listen to traitors of the crown So I actually requested this ARC because of the gorgeous cover but I didn t know that it was part of a series because I m a doofus, which is why this is a little late Just to give you a heads up, I may have a little rant later on because this should have been the best book of the lot, the ultimate climax with the trolls at the brink of war but instead I found myself completely annoyed during certain events.This was slightly better than Ice Kissed, the drama, action and adventure was at it s highest, not only did we visit one Troll kingdom but two and it was fascinating to see how they all live and differ from one another For Bryn too much is at stake, her family and friends are trapped in Doldastam and if the trolls refuse to help her then there is nothing she can do.There was an excellent twist half way through which I totally didn t see coming and it completely turned the story on it s head I didn t enjoy Ice Kissed too much because we still didn t have any insight to the much bigger plot and who was behind it but I must say this was actually worth the wait The book was slow paced and therefore slow to reveal it s secrets but vengeance is a best dish serve cold in this case.Now for my rant, which is basically on the romance I wanted and needed of it, throughout the series the romance has been minimal and I understand the impending doom and we technically don t have time for it but in order for me to fully invest it I need some page space, well at least than one or two moments.Now for the real thing that bugged me Konstantin Black. People have made countless comments in their reviews about this series not having a love triangle this is technically true Bryn is obviously in love with Ridley and I m all for that, he was perfect for her BUT for some silly reason, Hocking decided to wait until the final book to spend 75% of it with lingering looks, touches, blushing and sometimes moments where Bryn and Konstantin are pressed against one another Seriously Why make him a love interest this late on He is a love interest maybe not on the scale of Ridley but come on Bryn spend years of her teenage life being in love with this man and now she knows he s innocent and he gorgeous and all the rest of it I don t think I would have been bothered by this if she didn t spend 75% of the book making me fall in love with the bad boy jackass, for them to share a kiss and then Well let s not go there, what was the point To me this was a complete waste of time and still annoys me right now, but maybe that s because I have a problem with bad boys Surely someone can see my point though Argh.Overall it was a good end to the series but just not great We lose a few beloved characters but I think I will remember this series for the vivid world building in a brilliant fantasy world about trolls and Konstantin 3 To have the entire series published within a few months of each other in no easy feat so I think I will be checking out some of Hocking s other work and will hopefully not be heartbroken by the male leads.Literary ly Obsessed The Kingdom She Loves Has Turned Against Her Can She Save It Before It S Too Late Bryn Aven Unjustly Charged With Murder And Treason Is On The Run The One Person Who Can Help Is Her Greatest Enemy, The Gorgeous And Enigmatic Konstantin Black Konstantin Is Her Only Ally Against Those Who Have Taken Over Her Kingdom And Threaten To Destroy Everything She Holds Dear But Can She Trust Him As Bryn Fights To Clear Her Name, The Kanin Rulers Darkest Secrets Are Coming To Light And Now The Entire Troll World Is On The Brink Of War Will It Tear Bryn From Ridley Dresden, The Only Guy She S Ever Loved And Can She Join Forces With Finn Holms And The Trylle Kingdom Nothing Is As It Seems, But One Thing Is Certain An Epic Battle Is Under Way And When It S Over, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same It is so contradictory that life can be the worst it s ever been and the best it s ever been all at once It s strange how love can blossom even in the darkest placesOkay,first of all,there is so much foreshadowing in this book that I pretty much knew what s going to happen who s going to die etc.But that doesn t mean that it was easier for me to cope with all of those things.I loved how we got to see the whole Trylle Kanin squad here,I really enjoyed those parts.Bryn is same as always,I love how she doesn t want to abandon her friends and family,but let s be honest Konstantin gave her a few very needed life lessons You act like all the Kanin are saints and everybody else is a sinner, Konstantin said harshly Those Omte soldiers down there are just following orders,the same as the Kanin And you don t have any qualms about killing them I shook my head It s different It s different how Because they re not like you Because you didn t grow up with them Konstantin shot back Proximity doesn t make some people worthwhile than others, Bryn When it comes to supporting characters,I really liked Ember s letters.Ridley was great,too.It was so sad to hear what happened to him when Bryn escaped in the previous book.But let s talk about the real star of this book.TILDA.She s is too bad ass and amazing to handle.Seriously.The endingHmm,I knew what was going going to happen but I was still sad and heartbroken.Goodbye,Kanin Chronicles view spoiler Long live the King hide spoiler DNF 35%Yes, you can understand the book without the prequels but I really don t recommend it Why Well, let s say that it took 35% of the novel for things to get going because the author has to recap the other books Thing is, I m not talking about for it to start getting interesting , I m really talking about to get going By the way it looks, I don t even think that the first and second book were very excitingIt s flat, slow and just overall pretty monotonous You feel absolutely no connection with the characters and there isn t anything to spice up the story Therefore I m sorry to say that I just can t do this any I m out. WHY THAT WAS SO CRUEL My heart cannot take this.Amanda Hocking absolutely rules I recommend this series to everybody Just incredible. Loved this series And was awesome to see Wendy and Loki again although I wanted to see even of them I loved Bryn and Ridley but my heart also went out to Konstantin Good ending to the series. FUCK YOU JUST F U C K Y O U.I should be giving you a one star rating ONE STAR, you ASSHOLE OF A BOOK.I am SO FUCKING ANGRY.OH YES, I KNOW HOW THIS WORKED IN YOUR HEAD, AMANDA HOCKING Hmm yeah, I have to finally work on the love triangle I laid the foundation for throughout the whole first two novels Now I just have to think of what to do when the two guys actually meet and what is going to happen after the war Hmmm I just love both Ridley and Konstantin with Bryn, and I can t choose But Ridley and Bryn have been annoying the entire series since they couldn t be together for major problems, and now that they have sorted their shit out I really don t want to set them apart so brutally in the last 50% of the last book But at the same time Bryn loved and now again loves Konstantin, and Konstantin loves her And this is so good romance Okay, calm down Think about the characters Bryn would never abandon Ridley so quickly, it wouldn t be coherent with her and with the story She loves him so much now and I don t have time to create a true problem between the two Unfortunately Konstantin hasn t even kissed Bryn or confessed yet, so he can t be a treat It s too late.WTH I placed myself in a really shitty problem.Okay okay, I know how to resolve this, I just have to think a little Oh OH This is a great idea Why haven t I thought about this earlier One of the two has to die, so Bryn doesn t refuse any of them This is genius Hmm Ridley lives so they can live happily ever after Konstantin dies because of his love for Bryn So he s a hero Perfect You can t do this to me I hate you I HATE YOU I hate you You made me fall in love with Konstantin and then you KILLED him You re a murderer CHANGE THIS SHITTY ENDING RIGHT NOW Maybe tomorrow I ll calm down and write a proper review But right now I really can t See what you did to me, Amanda Hocking I LL GO CRAWL IN BED TO CRY.Several days after I think I m ready to write about this book without screaming.It was actually very good, like the previous two But finally we have some big explanations about what s going on, with incredible big plot twists even right at the beginning of the novel The things here were so complicated, there were intrigues and lies everywhere Not kidding.An important thing is that, with Bryn and Konstantin on the run, we get finally to see a lot of the troll world I was super pleased with that It was really interesting.And c mon, I got to see my Loki again 3 swoon And if Loki hasn t changed a bit same brat as always Q Wendy is now a real queen, and knows how to deal with the problems of her kingdom and of the other tribes She s almost unrecognizable if I think about Switched She went through a massive character growth.And there s the war It was really good, with a lot of what the hell moments Also, a lot of good characters die I can t think about one in particular or I m going to start crying again.I think that at the end it was kind of a bittersweet ending, everyone has been parted from some people they loved The only couple that remains at the end is the Bryn Ridley one It s so unfair And Konstantin Can we talk about him Him and Bryn would have been an amazing couple my OTPPPP , but I couldn t care less if the author d have decided to let him liveOverall it was a really amazing book Not the conclusion I was expecting, but a great one nonetheless It was full of funny things, drama, friendship, love and non ending problems, and it kept me on the edge of my sit for some days Keeping me from studying too. Right off the bat, I wanna admit that I had no idea this was part of a trilogy when I requested it from NetGalley I just saw Hocking s name and clicked it immediately.In my defense, there was no mention of previous books in the description, so I just assumed this was the start of a new series And you know what happens when you ASS U ME something You end up with marshmallow fluff, hardening at an unbelievably rapid rate, all over the inside of your microwave Amirite What Was there another analogy or something My point is, I went into this with a lot of missing backstory A Lot.But I will give Hocking credit, I felt like she did a great job recapping the other stories, and I didn t feel as lost as I could have By the end, I think I had a pretty good grasp on the overall plot of the other two books The problem was, I didn t care much for the actual plot.It wasn t bad, just middle of the road But, by the end, I just wanted to be finished with the book, so I could tick it off my to do list Again, this could quite possibly be because I wasn t fully invested in the outcome of these characters, due to not having read the first two of books And I haven t read her Trylle trilogy, either Some of the characters from those books appear in this one, since this appears to be a spin off from that world I said that to say this, fans of those books may find this one to be much interesting than I did.So, there s a Troll world living within our world And they re split into several different kingdoms.Bryn is a high ranking tracker from one of them, but because of events that have transpired in the other books, she s been framed for treason murder, which has landed her on the kingdom s Most Wanted list.In order to save her friends, family, and true love, she ll need to find out who is really responsible for the conspiracy She teams up with unlikely allies, forms unlikely friendships, uncovers secrets, and tries to save the day Ta da Having not read the other books, I don t feel right rating this lower than 3 stars, but I m not going out of my way to recommend this one to anyone, either ARC provided by NetGalley the publisher. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Crystal Kingdom by Amanda HockingBook Three of the Kanin ChroniclesPublisher St Martin s GriffinPublication Date August 4, 2015Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from Goodreads Bryn must decide follow her head or her heart Thrown into a world of suspense and intrigue, Bryn now has to fight to clear her name But she s not alone With help from the Trylle including Finn Holmes she s on a quest to discover the truth.With her life and her world on the line, will Bryn be able to risk it all What I Liked Possible spoilers if you have not read Frostfire or Ice Kissed But I think I kept things vague enough about this book particularly You re on your own, in terms of books one and two.I rather enjoyed this book I had hoped that this book would be a bit better than the previous book, Ice Kissed, which I gave three stars I found that one to be a little boring, which wasn t a problem with this book This one was nearly a hundred pages longer than the other two books, but the length didn t show at all This one picks up right where Ice Kissed left off Bryn is on the run, as she is a wanted person in Doldastam, among the Kanin tribe She flees, and is tracked down by none other than Konstantin Black She and Konstantin work together to try and rally support from other kingdoms, but it isn t easy at all They will have to turn to unexpected sources for help, as well as fight on their own for what they lost and what they will lose.This conclusion was one of high energy, but a slow build high energy It felt like another novel in the series, but it was clear that the stakes were very high throughout the book I kind of liked how Hocking set this up The pressure didn t feel super high, though it really was War is brewing from Kanin, and the danger is inescapable Bryn is on the run and needs amnesty and an army, but she doesn t want to take on the very people of her home, her fellow Kanin trolls So much is at stake, but something must be done about the deception and false accusations and schemes and betrayals in the Kanin royalty.Bryn is such a kickbutt character I mean, a lot of YA heroines are kickbutt in their own way, but Bryn is physically and mentally and emotionally strong She is constantly steeling herself for difficult decisions, or trying to save everyone And when she s frustrated, she does push ups Sometimes she runs laps too, but push ups That s hardcore And she proves herself to be a kickbutt character over and over, taking on the Omte giant ogres head on, protecting her loved ones, even fighting with and for Konstantin Black.I feel like I understand Konstantin , after reading this book He was made out to be a villain in Frostfire, which he kind of is he tried to kill Bryn s father But we find out that, as he said throughout the series upon meeting Bryn in unfortunate circumstances , things aren t as they seem, and Bryn doesn t know everything that is going on in I felt bad for Konstantin, though he isn t innocent by far The plots and twists in this book are surprising and shocking and not too predictable, which is good I didn t see most of them coming I love the direction Hocking takes the story, with all the traveling and visiting the different kingdoms and whatnot We get to see some characters from the Trylle trilogy, like King Loki who has not changed a bit and Queen Wendy, Finn Holmes and his wife and kids Remember, this Kanin series is occurring like six ish years after the Trylle trilogy.The story is very engrossing and I never felt bored as I was reading I had no problem zipping through the 400 pages I love Bryn s character, the strength of her personality I liked Konstantin he becomes a friend to Bryn, even though he was once her enemy Other character pop back into the story, like Ridley, Tilda, and Finn Ridley isn t as present in this story, but when he is, emotions leak off the page All kinds.Which leads me to the romance Bryn spends about a third of the book missing Ridley, feeling pain every time she thinks of him She doesn t know that he was taken and tortured after she escaped When he and Tilda find Bryn, he seems cold and distant It s his own way of dealing with what happened to him, but it hurts Bryn Nevertheless, I like their relationship, despite the obstacles in this book They grow stronger even as they hurt each other and come back together and hurt each other and come back together There are one or two hot scenes in this book, prepare yourself There is NO LOVE TRIANGLE Konstantin never was a romantic player in this book I saw someone say something about that, and I can t agree with the statement There is no love triangle Konstantin and Bryn develop a strong friendship, but Bryn has no romantic feelings for Konstantin The ending is slightly sad there is a shocking death, though I somewhat expected that person to die , but it s a satisfying and happy ending overall Like I said, there is a big death, and other people die too, but I think the ending is a good one I like the ending a lot This series ends so well.What I Did Not Like I wish for a happier ending for some people, but they ended up dead, so I guess they can t get their happy ending But that happens in books involving war, especially in conclusion novels The deaths didn t bother me too much though I just wish a certain character or two could have gotten a nice ending Maybe death is a nice ending though.Would I Recommend It I liked this book a lot Frostfire might be my favorite, or maybe this one The series stumbled a tiny bit with Ice Kissed, but overall, the series was great I enjoyed the Trylle trilogy too, and this spin off series did not disappoint Interesting take on trolls and changelings Rating 4 stars Hopefully I ve not only kept this review vague, but I ve also somehow convinced you that this is a great book and a wonderful conclusion novel Not an easy review to write But a great book about which to write a review I m interested in seeing what Hocking has next for readers

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