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Elven Silver Elven Silver Is A Collection Of Short Stories By Zardoa Silverstar, One Of The Silver Elves You Will Find Within These Pages A Western, A Detective Story, Parodies Of Popular Movie And Television Characters, And Re Imaginings Of Traditional Fairy Tales All Told From An Elven Point Of View In Zardoa S Wry Irreverent Pixie Style We Hope You Enjoy Them As Much As We Do The stories in Elven Silver were originally written to go along with the Elven Tree of Life for our Silver Elves website see and explore your magical being in our Elven Tree of Life In the Elven Tree of Life, there are different types of elves and faeries that you can come out to be and the bottom has choices of what kind of magic you wield So these stories in Elven Silver were originally written to go with those But then we realized that it would be far too much to read on a website, so we made the stories into a book We have also made the Elven Tree of Life into a book titled The Elven Tree of Life Eternal A Magical Quest for One s True S Elf, much like a choose your own adventure book, to use to explore your magical nature.Kyela,The Silver Elves Delightful narratives in modern settings told in the style of ancient folk and faery tales Always witty with unlimited imagination and impressive variation Supreme entertainment. Enchanting modern day fairy tales you do not want to miss reading

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