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Διδαχή τών δώδεκα ἀποστόλων Most Christians Believe That Everything About Jesus And The Early Church Can Be Found In Their New Testament In Recent Years, However, The Discovery Of The Gospel Of Thomas And The Reconstruction Of The Q Gospel Have Led Scholars To Recognize That Some Very Early Materials Were Left Out Now, Due To The Pioneering Efforts Of Dr Aaron Milavec, The Most Decisive Document Of Them Al, Namely, The Didache Did Ah Kay , Has Come To Light Milavec Has Decoded The Didache And Enabled It To Reveal Its Hidden Secrets Regarding Those Years When Christianity Was Little Than A Faction Within The Restless Judaisms Of The Mid First CenturyThe Didache Reveals A Tantalizingly Detailed Description Of The Prophetic Faith And Day To Day Routines That Shaped The Jesus Movement Some Twenty Years After The Death Of Jesus The Focus Of The Movement Then Was Not Upon Proclaiming The Exalted Titles And Deeds Of Jesus Aspects That Come To The Fore In The Letters Of Paul And In The Gospel Narratives In Contrast To These Familiar Forms Of Christianity, The Focus Of The Didache Was Upon The Life And The Knowledge Of Jesus Himself Thus, The Didache Details The Step By Step Process Whereby Non Jews Were Empowered By Assimilating The Prophetic Faith And The Way Of Life Associated With Jesus Of NazarethMilavec S Clear, Concise, And Inspiring Commentaries Are Not Only Of Essential Importance To Scholars, Pastors, And Students But Also Very Useful For Ordinary People Who Wish To Unlock The Secrets Of The Didache Milavec S Analytic, Greek English Side By Side, Gender Inclusive Translation Is Included As Well As A Description Of How This Document, After Being Fashioned And Used CE Was Mysteriously Lost For Over Eighteen Hundred Years Before Being Found In An Obscure Library In Istanbul The Study Questions, Bibliography, And Flowcharts Enable Even First Time Users To Grasp The Functional And Pastoral Genius That Characterized The Earliest Christian Communities

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    A must read Writings of the early church are often ignored but highly needed for perspective on the solid doctrines of the faith that we often forget in our modern denominational squabbles If doctrine is a tree, the modern church is in the leaves too often We need to get back to the trunk and build from there.

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    Like Clement s epistle to the church at Corinth, The Didache is something everyone even slightly interested in Christian history ought to read It takes only 20 30 minutes, though it s not a bad idea to get a book with multiple translations and go through it a few times It s very likely this catechism like document

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    Early Christian writings giving instructions to followers of Jesus Very insightful to see how the earliest, probably first generation, followers of Jesus thought about following the Way of Christ.

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    Nothing provocative or life changing In fact, it seems the authors of the Didache simply cut and paste snippets taken from the New Testament and pasted them into this collection of customs, rules, and regulations Perhaps this was intentionally done since most of the early church didn t have the full canon of Scripture in the

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    Best book from the early church that I have ever read Every Christian should read this book at least once in their lives for a well listed set of Christian ethics Covers everything from everyday guidelines to the method of baptism to the Eucharist to many of the heresies that we still see around us today Jesus Onlyism, Prosper

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    I read this because Hughes Oliphant Old told me to in his book Guides to the Reformed Tradition In the Didache I found quite a few things interesting First, that the Catholics are two office Second, the manner in which they took the eucharist, which shows us how the early church likely would have taken the sacrament Although the

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    I give the didache 5 stars i DONOT give this translated version than 1 star it is contemporary and too modern for my liking i do not like its language i prefer texts to be translated as close as possible to the original language not like this wishy washy be warned.

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    Rather fascinating historical document that I would definitely recommend for anyone wishing to gain insight into the early church beyond reading Scripture.

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    This is possibly the APOSTLES doctrine that the early church adhered to It didn t make scripture because it had than one author.

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    Short n sweetIt was indeed short and it covered many points that are Biblical The language was written in an older English style.

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