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The Scarlet Tides (Moontide Quartet, #2) The Moontide Has Come And The Leviathan Bridge Stands Open Now Thrones Will Shake And Hearts Will Be Torn Apart In A World At WarA Scarlet Tide Of Rondian Legions Is Flooding Into The East, Led By The Inquisition S Windships Flying The Sacred Heart, Bright Banner Of The Church S Darkest Sons They Are Slaughtering And Pillaging Their Way Across Antiopia In The Name Of Emperor Constant But The Emperor S Greatest Treasure, The Scytale Of Corineus, Has Slipped Through His Fingers And His Ruthless Inquisitors Must Scour Two Continents For The Artefact, The Source Of All Magical PowerAgainst Them Are The Unlikeliest Of Heroes Alaron, A Failed Mage, The Gypsy Cymbellea And Ramita, Once Just A Lowly Market Girl, Have Pledged To End The Cycle Of War And Restore Peace To UrteEast And West Have Clashed Before, But This Time, As Secret Factions And Cabals Emerge From The Shadows, The World Is About To Discover That Love, Loyalty And Truth Can Be Forged Into Weapons As Strong As Swords And Magic

About the Author: David Hair

David Hair is the author of The Bone Tiki, winner of Best First Novel Young Adult Fiction section at the 2010 NZ Post Children s Book Awards The Bone Tiki and its sequel The Taniwha s Tear are fantasy novels set in New Zealand David is a New Zealander, who has worked primarily in financial services He has a degree in History and Classical Studies He has lived from 2007 to 2010 in New Delhi,

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    I loved this and there are so many reasons why A full review will be coming super soon but suffice to say it s in my top 10 of the year, very near to the top Marvellous Okay, so here is my actual review now that I have had some time overnight to process my thoughts on this pretty incredible series I don t unders

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    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum up The Scarlet Tides and the first things you ll see are several gorgeously illustrated maps depicting the world of the Moontide Quartet Needless to say, the maps became indispensable to me while I was reading I ve never come across a fantasy series with such a comprehensive and detail

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    I expected to really enjoy The Scarlet Tides as Mage s Blood grew on me quite a lot as time passed, but I did not expect the awesome novel it was, so much so that at least temporarily it jumped to my 1 sff spot of the year and 2 overall of course time will tell if it will stay there, but The Scarlet Tides has really everything yo

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    3.75 s which is what I gave book one I do love the historical fiction side of this story building in elements of the crusades along with politics, religious zeal and intrigue with the magic which in itself has a historical fiction origin.

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    Long but rarely boring, a 200 page climax, and improving on everything that made Mage s Blood so good s no secret to anyone that follows me that I really enjoyed David Hair s first adult fantasy novel, Mage s Blood In fact, I m pretty sure I read the entire 700 page doorstopper in about 2 days Hair began what is now one of my favorite and one of t

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    This book was incredibly powerful It is action packed, which never hurts It had character development finally characters I did not care too much for are important to me it has plenty of twists The story is extremely well written and explained It is powerful really it kept my attention locked in It is also worth noticing that the audiobook is incredibly goo

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    The best climax I have read since Words of Radiance So goodso good

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    Fantasy Review BarnThe Scarlet Tides, second book of the Moontide Quartet by David Hair, fairly non surprisingly picks up where the first in the series left off This is both completely obvious and slightly telling you see I found the second half of the first outing infinitely better than the first So picking up from that point is obvious from a narrative angle and also a ma

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    Well, there was a ton of graphic sex in this sequel, so that was weird I would think that one book would be pretty much like the other, but it s kind of funny to picture this author reading a bunch of criticism Sure wish he d spice it up with some sex scenes and the author taking it as a challenge You want sex scenes I ll show you sex scenes because there was such a stark difference

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    The Scarlet Tides by David Hair is a fantastic romp in fantasy fiction Magic, betrayal, conquering kingdoms, falling kingdoms, assassinations, moral conflict, lack of morals, and flying carpets One cannot go wrong when they add a flying carpet to their story While Mage s Blood was very slow in getting to the meat of the story David Hair was wanting to tell, by the end of the book the story b

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